Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Warriors

WHAT a weekend. Let's just say that I had the most fun with Byron and Louisa and got the most done! Let's also talk about how my body aches and am covered in bruises and bumps and bug bites. Our backyard seriously doesn't even look the same. I am so impressed. To try to keep from rambling, let me separate into days.

Friday - sod delivered at 10 am. I was so excited to see the humongo truck (it was HUGE) that delivered our grass. I was also so excited to see the grass,

but little did I know that I was going to be WAY more excited about seeing the empty pallets.

While By was still at work, I put Louisa down for a nap and got to finish raking out all the dirt that he had tilled the night before. Since it poured down rain all night like it was it's job, the dirt was nice and heavy and hard as all get-out to move, but it got done. One area was so muddy and sloppy that my shoe got stuck in it while I was walking. Crazy.

Byron got home around 4:30 and we got to it. Thankfully, my sweet neighbor watched the crazed Lula so we could get stuff done. Of course, there was NO way to put the sod in the backyard on the pallets. You can only access our backyard by a small brick path that is JUST wide enough for a wheelbarrow, so we made about a bazillion trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow.

Who knew that grass was so heavy too! I mean, the first rectangle of sod that I picked up to put in the wheelbarrow almost put me out. So, we laid and we cut and we wheelbarrowed and we sweated and we grunted and we laid and we cussed and we finally got the job done. However, originally we were going to order 3 pallets, and let me just tell you how happy I was to not have had that 3rd pallet. Of course, the yard still needs it - but neither of us could've managed another pallet when we got finished. Towards the end we were so tired that we kept tripping on our own feet, it hurt me to blink and we were moving SO slow. But, we got the job done and were super excited. I can honestly say that my skin was brown. I had mud in my bellybutton from sweat and dirt. It was foul. I turned the bar of soap a nice shade of black. Gross. I sent Byron on a beer run after the showers and he got home and we both were so spent that we didn't even finish our beers. Pitiful. My body ached. I laid in bed and didn't even want to move to breathe. I mean, HOW in the world do people do this for a living? Like, I am okay knowing that I have another pallet ahead of me, but if I knew I had to wake up to that every day, I just couldn't do it. Also, I really don't want to pick up another rake again any time soon. I just want to cuss it out every time I walk by it now. Yikes. Anger management, please.

All raked and ready to go...

How pretty is the insta-yard?

Saturday - we got up and groaned. Hehe, well - we weren't as sore as I thought we would be, but we weren't spring chickens either. We went plant shopping and of course the plant that I had my heart set on the lady at the nursery told me that it wouldn't last all year and that it wouldn't come back. Well, I know for sure that a neighbor in Macon planted the same plant and it was there for the entire year and a half that we were after they planted, so... But, I guess she is the expert, so I got mad and we only bought 2 and then changed our plans. Uggh, whatever. It is purple fountain grass and it kicks booty.

We also got some flowers for Louisa to plant in the flower boxes that Byron built onto her playhouse. She loved picking them out. We got her some impatiens and begonias, and when I asked her if she wanted pink begonias, she said, "yes, I wanna eat be-donuts." And later, she just shortened it to donuts, and that is what she calls begonias. Too cute.

We also bought some pine straw which I am convinced must have had some gold hidden in it somewhere due to the price, but it sure looks good. We planted, and to be honest I was dreading it a bit. However, I don't know if it was because we had been doing backbreaking work all week, or I am just used to digging in Georgia clay, but it was so easy. I was surprised that we got all of our plants planted in record time. Of course, we don't have enough pine straw, but whatever. Maybe we will get that with the 3rd pallet. I mean, whose backyard is this?? :)

Here is my little helper, wearing my "groves."

Sunday - Byron worked on some clean-up and the columns of his shed. Seriously, he may be the only person that I know that has architectural details on his shed. I, on the other hand, painted the interior of Lula's playhouse. A nice bright pink, white and the back wall is a chalkboard.

It turned out super cute and I cannot wait for her to be old enough for me to make her go outside to play and tell her to come inside for lunch. Hehe, maybe not. But, I remember as a child having to play outside and only being allowed to come in to potty or eat. So, I turned out semi-normal, so Lou should do fine with this too, right? Before I wrap up this Sunday, let me just vent about the paint guy at Lowes. I debated on whether or not to even bring it up, but since it still makes me angry to think of it, I will blog to get it out. So, this guy who mixes paint that is all of 24 years old of course immediately assumes I am an idiot since I am a girl in Lowes. Uggh, I hate that. Anyways, so he keeps trying to tell me all these things, in the meantime Louisa is being AWFUL and screaming and pitching fits in the buggy. She is standing up in the back of the buggy because I allow her to do that sometimes. I mean, I am her mom and I can make up the rules. Anyways, as this guy is getting on my nerves because a.) he thinks I am renovation-retarded and b.) he clearly doesn't realize that I cannot focus on the B.S. coming out of his mouth bc my child is misbehaving, he has the gall to say, "Mamm, you may want to have her sit down in there. Kids may fall out if they are standing up like that." I know that my ears turned red instantly (this happens when I get mad) and I think I saw smoke come out of my nose, and I know I must have given him some serious daggers with my eyes, because he changed the subject. But, SERIOUSLY??? Did he just give me parenting advice? I mean, as my friend Phoebe says, "I've got this." I mean, I am her mom. I let her do this. If she falls out, it is my fault. Ugghhh. I am so angry still that this does not even make sense. But, to avoid the teeny-bopper giving me more parenting advice, I had Louisa sit in the buggy just to make nice-nice. Well, later on, Karma showed her nice head as Louisa was sitting on the paint can in the back of the buggy and the lady ringing me up didn't even ring up the paint. I didn't realize until I was in my car looking at the receipt. I mean, I just laughed and thought, see...there you go Mr. Parenting Advice Giver Although You Clearly Don't Have Children. Some people will say, he was just trying to be nice and helpful, but those people need to beware and not mention that to me. :)

It is hard to get a picture of the entire yard since it is so big, something that is great sometimes and not-so-great others. :) But, click this link to go to my album that has all of the pictures of the backyard, from start to finish!

Wow, did I really just write a novel?


The Fab Five said...

soooo, did you pay for the paint?

Brandy and John said...

Yay!! I'm back into the blogging world :) LOVE the fam picture! Super cute