Monday, August 3, 2009

"ummmhmm. otay mommy"

This afternoon, as I was trying to explain to Louisa the "rules" of dance class (since she will be starting tomorrow), this is what I ended up with. A child that stripped off her clothes, however leaving her panties on so that I couldn't "see her pribates," and stared out the window and sang while I tried to talk to her. Hmmm. When I was finished explaining how we must listen to the teacher, and do what she says, and pay attention, blah, blah, blah, I asked her what I said, and she said, "ummmmhmmm. Otay Mommy." Not a word, I tell you. Seriously, is there even an attention span there? I mean, my goodness. Or, am I that boring? And by the way, that last question is rhetorical, thank you. Well, all in all, I got some gorgeous pictures. And no, I don't have my camera on me at all times, only blackberry. However, I had just taken a bunch of pics for brownie-goose and still had my camera with me. So, hopefully we will do good in class tomorrow. We have all the accessories. Which reminds me of my Grandmom Kay who once told me a story about going horseback riding when she was a little girl. I was fascinated and asked her if she liked it and she laughed and said, "Oh no dear. I didn't ride the horse. But I sure did look sharp in all my gear." Well, Grandmom Kay, this one is a tribute to you since Lula Kate will be decked out to the max for her dance class. :)

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LeeAnne said...

ADORABLE!!! I can't wait until Emie is old enough for dance class! I can't wait to see pics from her first day. Oh, and Collin calls it his "pibates", too!