Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Utter Chaos

So, I knew that I needed to sit down and blog, but just couldn't seem to find the time, until today my sweet Aunt Sandy texted me to make sure that I was still okay since I hadn't updated, and well...that was a sign for me to get to it. Things have been crazy nuts here. My average bedtime lately is 1:30 or 2:00 am and there STILL aren't enough hours in the day. My business brownie-goose is hopping, and that is great...but it keeps me busy. I am about to post some pictures of the guest room that has been taken over by my sewing just to give some of you an idea of how flustered I am. For, I might can take the cake on A+ personalities and control freaks. I am about as OCD as they come, and am so high-strung that I just cannot sit still. I have finally come to terms with this, and no longer try to be relaxed, because it just isn't me. But I am HUGE on "a place for everything and everything in it's place" so you will see by the next few pics just how crazy I may feel right now. NOTHING is in it's place. In fact, it doesn't even have a place. Excuse the mess in the pics, but I am happy to say that the guest room/sewing headquaters for now is just about the ONLY room in the house that doesn't have sheetrock dust. :)

I so often wish that I had mice and birds like Cinderella that would come and help me to sew. :) Until then, I can just dream. But, all my spare time when Louisa is sleeping is spent in front of my sewing machine (Thelma) and my serger (Louise) and then in front of the computer where I spend way too much time with emails. But, business is good and in these cannot complain.

The sewing room renovation is coming right along as well. We had originally thought it would be finished by now, but you know with renovations, you always double the original budget and time-span, and thankfully since we are so not rich (we are not poor by any means, we just don't have much) we managed to stay on budget, but the timing is another story. :) Byron is on ENT's busiest rotation which keeps him away from home, and when he is home, he is sleeping, or sleep-walking or has his heads stuffed in what Louisa calls "boring books." So, he got it primed and painted this last weekend, still needs another coat, but it is getting there. We put up the galvanized tin ceiling 2 weekends ago and I am so in love with it. I wanted this room to scream "me." I wanted to do things that I would never do in any other room of the house. I need a room to keep my creative, inspired and it is a bright turquoise, it will have dark trim, and NOTHING that is expected nor traditional. It will be funky and fun, just what brownie-goose headquarters needs. Here are a few pics of the updated room, and you can click here if you want to see the whole album so far.

Last weekend we took Louisa to Wellsfest, one of the local music festivals that the town has. We went last year and had a blast, and had another one this year. The highlight was the pony rides. Lou actually participated this year and I cannot even get over how proud of her I am. She is such a scardey-cat when it comes to things, and she rocked this. Maybe Byron will buy her a horse one day. Hehe. After the festival, we had 2 more birthday parties to go to. Needless to say, she was tuckered by the end of the day. So much that she couldn't even make it to her big-girl bed (by the way, that will be another post on it's own once we get her room settled, her new room is going to be the guest bedroom and her old room will be Bryon's office, so hence more chaos to look forward to, urrggghhh!), she passed out in her chair. This is her Daddy's child ALL the way.

Here are some other pictures from the day, but click here to see the entire album.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

House For Sale

Nope, unfortunately it isn't ours, and we aren't moving yet. 3 more years, we can make it.

This is my friend's house and although I REALLY cannot even think of her leaving Jackson, I will try and help her sell her house and hope she stays close. My sanity needs her. :)

This is in Avalon which is off of Old Fannin. It is a GREAT house and decorated so cute and honestly the definition of move-in-ready. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and it has a split floor plan. She has high ceilings, a seperate dining room and eat-in-kitchen. There is a covered porch out back with a privacy-fenced back yard. Double car garage, corner lot and the neighborhood has a clubhouse, work-out room and pool.

$197,500 and call her at 601.672.5354 for questions or an appointment to see.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of those Moments...

Okay, so I am having one of those moments right now in which I am so overwhelmed that I am just spinning wheels and cannot sit down to commit to doing anything. This happens to me every now and then, and I think the reason it is happening right now is because my house is a wreck and I don't want to clean (usually that isn't the case for me since I love to clean), my sewing orders continue to back up and I am trying to be okay with what a friend of mine in the business told me about not worrying about catching up ever, my toddler is I think trying to phase out her nap which is just NOT okay with me, we are leaving town tomorrow with a house that I don't know if I mentioned about how much of a disaster it is or not and we have people staying here to watch the dogs, and I am just done. As we would say when I worked in the Pathology Grossing room, bag me, zip me and label me as "DUN" done. So, instead of doing anything worthwhile, I am sitting down to blog to hopefully redirect my energy. I would love to go for a run to help, but since I just downed 2 cups of afternoon coffee, I can for-see the vomiting that would occur in someone's bushes.

So, the sewing room is coming along. Not where we had hoped it would be at this time, but there was a "small" (I am almost choking on my coffee at this point) issue with the HVAC which I mentioned previously. They finished it up today, and it is so much better that I just can't stand it. Awesome. Byron is out there right now framing out the closet and my desk that will be around it. I think more of my problem today is anxiety. I am so ready for my sewing room to be ready, but kinda anxious about trying to organize my stuff. I mean, I have 2 closets FULL of fabric. I mean, I am sure I am going to find things that I had long forgotten about. If my stupid OCD didn't cause me to want everything "just right" I think I could get on with it, but the OCD control-freak in me is a beast. Since I am feeling a bit like I am writing stream of conscious-style now, I will try and stick with the point. Here are some pics of the new HVAC unit inside and the lovely platform that it is now resting on on the outside.

MUCH better, right?

It is getting there. Byron has been working so hard and I am so lucky to be married to someone that can go to the hospital one day and rip out someone's voice box to spare them of cancer and then the next come home and build me a new room. I mean, how awesome is that? We have built up the floor so that it will be level with the rest of the house since there will soon be a door to it from the den. Byron has closed up one of the previous doors, jacked up the other 2 doors and installed a nice exterior french door for me to look outside while sewing. We also hung insulation the other night, which Byron is STILL itching. Here are more pics of the progress if you are interested:

I mentioned that we leave town tomorrow. Byron is taking me to the beach for my birthday. Louisa is going with us, so I know that we will enjoy it. I mean, toes in the sand and sunshine on my shoulders, not to mention an ice-cold Miller Lite in my hand will make it all better, right? As I am typing I am listening to Louisa scream that she "sept good and doesn't want to stay in bed no mo" (although she hasn't been asleep the entire time she has been in there for her nap) and Byron's reciprocating saw (which is the WORST noise ever) chewing through the wall and I just can't do it. I have to get up, find my earplugs and either get to it, or just continue to wander the house in circles just kinda wishing I was up to some good.

Until next time...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Once again, are we being Punked?

So, yesterday I turned 30. A big event, right? I tend to think of it as just another day, I have never really been a huge birthday person. However, Byron surprised me! For all of you that know me, you know how much I HATE surprises. Cannot stand them! I think it has something to do with me being a control freak, who knows. But, he told me we were leaving the house at a certain time, dropping Louisa off at the babysitters and then going to dinner at a place that came highly recommended but he wouldn't tell me. Ouch. First of all, I thought we were just going to eat Mexican (which I could never tire of) so I was instantly "put-off" in the whole control thing. I mean, what did I need to wear, who would be there, WHERE were we going and what kind of cuisine, etc. But, I did my best to suck it up and enjoy myself and try to steer clear of the anxiety of not knowing something. Ugh. So, before I get into this story, let me just start with some explanations. Jackson, MS is a place like no other. This town is different than any town I have EVER lived in. It is not somewhere that I want to stay, but it is doing just fine for the time being. But I mean, I just don't get this town half the time. We went to a restaurant that came recommended for the food, the atmosphere and the dining. Well, I will say the food was good, the atmosphere DEFINITELY kept us talking and laughing and the dining....well, hmm. Just keep reading. I have posted a blog before about a restaurant in Jackson that we went and ate at that came highly recommended and we left HIGHLY disappointed and confused. If you want, you can check that out here. Once again, I will not name the place, but for those of you that have been there, I am sure you will recognize it.

Okay, so we get downtown...Clue #1, there is NOTHING in downtown Jackson. Well, there is this restaurant and on a run-down street that quite frankly I am scared of parking my Honda, it is lined with Mercedes, Lexus SUV's and BMWs (which for you non-Jackson dwelling folks is the norm for driving here). So, I am thinking this is going to be a good place. Now, we walk in the door and I am all about a hole in the wall place being good to eat, but this was taken to a new level. It just looked dingy and filthy. And it was jam-packed FULL of those people I like to call "V..." (which I will also keep to myself) It was tiny, and while we waited for a table I asked the hostess where the bathroom was since I didn't seem to see any doors there except the exit and the kitchen doors and this is when it all went downhill. This is how she replied, and I am not even kidding. "Yes, just go outside to the security guard and he has a key and will let you in." I'm sorry, am I at the 7-11 or am I at a fancy restaurant? Well, I had to go, so I found the security guard and followed him OUTSIDE of the place half a block to a shady door right beside a foul-smelling dumpster and he said, "for 70 years folks were walking straight through the kitchen to go to the bathrooms until the Health Department put a hold on that." Hmmm. Well, he opens the door and there is a giant stairwell that just screams "welcome to a crack house." Here is a picture (yes, I took pictures, it was THAT bad, however I will warn you...although I LOVE Sambo my BlackBerry, he is not my Nikon) of the stairwell, looking down to the door on the street. Yikes.

So, you get to the top of the rickety staircase, I mean, I had to put my foot sideways on some of the steps they were so skinny and steep, this is what is in front of you. NOT even kidding. Have you ever seen such skinny doors? I mean, I just about didn't fit. What about the filth!!!

Here is a close-up of the entrance to the ladies room, sure is welcoming...isn't it?

Okay, I am now in the ladies room (no sink might I add, that nasty thing is in the hallway) here is a picture of the amenities, the lovely window over the toilet, and even better...the 3 padlock on the inside of the door to keep who knows OUT and once again, OHHHHH the filth.

I mean, are you freaking kidding me? When I showed these pictures to Byron I thought he was going to fall out of the booth (onto the filthy floor, might I add). Are they serious? And, how about for the handicap people? Certainly they don't make the elderly hobble up that staircase. So, as for atmosphere, we had a great time laughing about the bathrooms and shantiness. The food was good. Byron had a delicious redfish and I had a shrimp and crab stuffed flounder. But I mean, at $20-$30 a plate, don't you think that a fresh coat of paint could be afforded? Or, not to mention expanding into the adjacent vacant building to create a bathroom? Even more so, Byron and I are both convinced that there really HAD to be another bathroom that we just weren't made aware of....I mean, there HAS to be. I know those "V's" are using those bathrooms...

On another note - great news about the HVAC. They are coming out on Wed or Thur (that is the only bad part since it REALLY puts us behind schedule) and fixing the job. I am so excited. The guys are super nice, do a great job and really seem to want to work with us, so that is wonderful. Will let you know when it is all said and done...

Friday, September 4, 2009

30 years ago today....

Savannah had its last hurricane hit. Hurricane David blew on it, and with it...came me. Yep, that is right. Born in the middle of a hurricane. Maybe that is why I love storms so much. Who knows. But I went online last night because I was interested in seeing what the hurricane looked like, not to mention for some strange reason I am obsessed with aerial photographs, especially if they involve storms. I realize the photo says Sept. 3, but it was difficult to find one that looked great on the 4th. Here is one when it is right OVER Savannah, but it isn't near as colorful and pretty.

I think I remember Mom saying that I rolled on in during the eye of the storm. What great timing I have always had. :) I also remember Mom telling the story of the poor nurse that asked her and Dad what they were going to name me (mind you, this is back in the days when you didn't have ultrasounds to find out) and the nurse suggested "Wendi" since it was so windy outside and my Mom protested stating that "she would NOT have a child named after a fast-food restaurant." Thanks Mom, I DO really appreciate that one. :)

In other news, we are having a meeting tonight with the HVAC guys about what to do with our new gargantuan HVAC unit. Will update on that, and Byron's vacation starts tomorrow so hopefully we are going to get some good work done, drink some beer in the backyard and kick booty with my new badminton set, and then off to the BEACH next weekend. Wahoooo!

Just a little Louisa update. I don't know if I am going to be able to take her in public anymore. While we were at Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday, there was an obese man that walked by us throwing away his lunch and Louisa said in her sweetest little non-inside voice, "Nook Mommy, dat man has a big old beby in his bewwy!" Yikes, yep she really said that. To make it all worse, he heard, and then as I was trying to have a talk with her and discuss how we all look different, etc, etc and how it may hurt people's feelings if we talk about our differences, she turns to him (since of course he is still sitting in his seat bc he has a milkshake) and says, "I reawwy sowwy dat I hert yo feewings." I mean, Lou, just let it go, okay? Well, thought I was over and done with that for a while until today we were checking out at Target and the turkey says to a lady that is in a wheelchair, "Nady, you are too big to be in dat strowler." Oh Sh$t. I mean, Lou...please just shut your mouth. Thankfully, I was getting my receipt as that one came out of the mouth and so I quickly apologized to the lady, got the heck out of dodge and just wanted to cry. I mean, I didn't think these were things that I would have to deal with until she was like 4. I am not mentally prepared for this right now, so I guess in the mean-time we will just be hermits in which she cannot embarrass me as she speaks her mind. Sigh.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Heavy Sigh, and UGGGGHHH!

Warning, another renovation blog...

So, let's just say that all is not fun tonight at the Norris house. It should be super fun and happy since my sewing room was wired for electricity and a new HVAC unit was to be installed, can do. Here is a little background.

The room that will be the sewing room housed the split-unit heating and air that supplied the "office" (which is half of the sewing room) and the den. It has never really worked well, but works. It will blow you out of the room in the winter, but the air part is sub-par. Anyway, since it was so bulky we decided to have a quote on replacing the unit with one that works better and takes up less space. We got a few quotes and decided on some guys that were great. They were going to put in a package unit that would feed the den and sewing room and add some duct work and decrease the amount of space that the unit took up inside. Little did we (and they, according to them) know just how much space the duct work would take up. So, at the end of the day...we just paid someone to come to our house, take out the unit that was working okay and taking up a little room, and replace it with a unit that works great and takes up an enormous amount of room. I mean, this unit takes up almost twice the amount that the other one did. Seriously. I haven't seen Byron that angry in a while. I mean, we will make do...since we really have no other choice, but for once would just REALLY love for something to go as planned or easily for us. I am not going to complain forever, but just one thing, please. Dr. Smith always tells me to be careful what I wish for, and maybe I should be, but I am just plain old frustrated. We were also going to build a little deck/porch off the back of the sewing room, but now there is no point since there is a unit out there that is the size of a small helicopter that would make it just about as pleasant to sit on as sitting next to a speaker at a concert. Oh well. Just another day in the life.

Here are some pics to let your jaws drop. We have come up with a plan B, and who may be way better than plan A would have ever been, but still...I am just frustrated.

Here is the old unit, I wish I had a picture of this from the same angle as the new one so you can really appreciate it, but I don't. But none-the-less, trust me on this one, it is smaller than......

this fancy new unit shown in this picture below. The picture following is the small helicopter that has landed to stay in our back yard.