Friday, September 4, 2009

30 years ago today....

Savannah had its last hurricane hit. Hurricane David blew on it, and with it...came me. Yep, that is right. Born in the middle of a hurricane. Maybe that is why I love storms so much. Who knows. But I went online last night because I was interested in seeing what the hurricane looked like, not to mention for some strange reason I am obsessed with aerial photographs, especially if they involve storms. I realize the photo says Sept. 3, but it was difficult to find one that looked great on the 4th. Here is one when it is right OVER Savannah, but it isn't near as colorful and pretty.

I think I remember Mom saying that I rolled on in during the eye of the storm. What great timing I have always had. :) I also remember Mom telling the story of the poor nurse that asked her and Dad what they were going to name me (mind you, this is back in the days when you didn't have ultrasounds to find out) and the nurse suggested "Wendi" since it was so windy outside and my Mom protested stating that "she would NOT have a child named after a fast-food restaurant." Thanks Mom, I DO really appreciate that one. :)

In other news, we are having a meeting tonight with the HVAC guys about what to do with our new gargantuan HVAC unit. Will update on that, and Byron's vacation starts tomorrow so hopefully we are going to get some good work done, drink some beer in the backyard and kick booty with my new badminton set, and then off to the BEACH next weekend. Wahoooo!

Just a little Louisa update. I don't know if I am going to be able to take her in public anymore. While we were at Chick-Fil-A on Tuesday, there was an obese man that walked by us throwing away his lunch and Louisa said in her sweetest little non-inside voice, "Nook Mommy, dat man has a big old beby in his bewwy!" Yikes, yep she really said that. To make it all worse, he heard, and then as I was trying to have a talk with her and discuss how we all look different, etc, etc and how it may hurt people's feelings if we talk about our differences, she turns to him (since of course he is still sitting in his seat bc he has a milkshake) and says, "I reawwy sowwy dat I hert yo feewings." I mean, Lou, just let it go, okay? Well, thought I was over and done with that for a while until today we were checking out at Target and the turkey says to a lady that is in a wheelchair, "Nady, you are too big to be in dat strowler." Oh Sh$t. I mean, Lou...please just shut your mouth. Thankfully, I was getting my receipt as that one came out of the mouth and so I quickly apologized to the lady, got the heck out of dodge and just wanted to cry. I mean, I didn't think these were things that I would have to deal with until she was like 4. I am not mentally prepared for this right now, so I guess in the mean-time we will just be hermits in which she cannot embarrass me as she speaks her mind. Sigh.


Carol said...

OMG!! Louisa is a trip! Did they man even say anything? Tell the wheelchair lady give you the look of death?

Tori Hayes said...

Weisa is hilarious!! She always makes me laugh out loud. I love it:)