Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of those Moments...

Okay, so I am having one of those moments right now in which I am so overwhelmed that I am just spinning wheels and cannot sit down to commit to doing anything. This happens to me every now and then, and I think the reason it is happening right now is because my house is a wreck and I don't want to clean (usually that isn't the case for me since I love to clean), my sewing orders continue to back up and I am trying to be okay with what a friend of mine in the business told me about not worrying about catching up ever, my toddler is I think trying to phase out her nap which is just NOT okay with me, we are leaving town tomorrow with a house that I don't know if I mentioned about how much of a disaster it is or not and we have people staying here to watch the dogs, and I am just done. As we would say when I worked in the Pathology Grossing room, bag me, zip me and label me as "DUN" done. So, instead of doing anything worthwhile, I am sitting down to blog to hopefully redirect my energy. I would love to go for a run to help, but since I just downed 2 cups of afternoon coffee, I can for-see the vomiting that would occur in someone's bushes.

So, the sewing room is coming along. Not where we had hoped it would be at this time, but there was a "small" (I am almost choking on my coffee at this point) issue with the HVAC which I mentioned previously. They finished it up today, and it is so much better that I just can't stand it. Awesome. Byron is out there right now framing out the closet and my desk that will be around it. I think more of my problem today is anxiety. I am so ready for my sewing room to be ready, but kinda anxious about trying to organize my stuff. I mean, I have 2 closets FULL of fabric. I mean, I am sure I am going to find things that I had long forgotten about. If my stupid OCD didn't cause me to want everything "just right" I think I could get on with it, but the OCD control-freak in me is a beast. Since I am feeling a bit like I am writing stream of conscious-style now, I will try and stick with the point. Here are some pics of the new HVAC unit inside and the lovely platform that it is now resting on on the outside.

MUCH better, right?

It is getting there. Byron has been working so hard and I am so lucky to be married to someone that can go to the hospital one day and rip out someone's voice box to spare them of cancer and then the next come home and build me a new room. I mean, how awesome is that? We have built up the floor so that it will be level with the rest of the house since there will soon be a door to it from the den. Byron has closed up one of the previous doors, jacked up the other 2 doors and installed a nice exterior french door for me to look outside while sewing. We also hung insulation the other night, which Byron is STILL itching. Here are more pics of the progress if you are interested:

I mentioned that we leave town tomorrow. Byron is taking me to the beach for my birthday. Louisa is going with us, so I know that we will enjoy it. I mean, toes in the sand and sunshine on my shoulders, not to mention an ice-cold Miller Lite in my hand will make it all better, right? As I am typing I am listening to Louisa scream that she "sept good and doesn't want to stay in bed no mo" (although she hasn't been asleep the entire time she has been in there for her nap) and Byron's reciprocating saw (which is the WORST noise ever) chewing through the wall and I just can't do it. I have to get up, find my earplugs and either get to it, or just continue to wander the house in circles just kinda wishing I was up to some good.

Until next time...

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