Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oops, chronilogical what??

So, as I was going through my camera this afternoon I realized I still had the pictures from my birthday weekend when Byron treated me to a weekend at the beach. So, you will get to enjoy them now, and let my 30th birthday live on. :) Oh, and excuse the exposure issues on the above pic, my camera didn't want to play nice-nice with the lighting of the thunderstorms to get our only family pic. He is excused though, because he is AWESOME otherwise. :) Operator error, usually is.

Byron asked me if I wanted to go to the beach for my birthday weekend, which is just about the same as asking a dog if they want a bone. Of course I did! We couldn't score a babysitter, so we decided to take Lou along, which in the end I am so glad we did because I know she had a good time. We went back to Perdido Key, where we went earlier in the summer with some friends. Let's just say, rain, rain, rain was the theme of the weekend. We got to spend like 2 hours MAX on the beach. It was fine, because there really isn't anything in the world like putting your toes in the sand. Whether you are in a bathing suit or not. I grew up on the beach, and being land-locked for so long is hard. But we made the best of it and went "junk-tiquing" one of my FAVE past-times and got some great finds. So, all in all, we were away from Jackson, I turned OFF my brownie-goose email inbox from my Blackberry and we had a good time being a family.

Here are just a few pics...

The weather was rough, bad storms that brought in some serious waves and winds. Lou was not having the water this time due to the waves, but at least we tried. I mean, look at this face! Shame on me for still taking the pic. Hehe.

And while I am shaming on me, how about this next one. I really don't like this picture of me since it makes my face all splotchy and my hair is blowing and showing off some serious forehead, and I seem to be caught in the bad part of my laugh, but the look on her face is PRICELESS. We found a small fiddler crab (they are white on this beach instead of brown like they are on Tybee, the beach that I grew up on) and she just wasn't liking it. That is one thing I can say for Louisa, she does have some fear in her which I think is a good thing.

Here she was laughing SO HARD at Byron pretending to fall down, over and over. Apparently it didn't get old to her. :)

The next few are just some I love.

and this one, I ADORE!

Until next time...

PS - turn it up to hear my new music, I am in love with this girl's voice after I saw her on Saturday Night Live the other night. I could listen to her sing all day. I think you might enjoy the tunes. :)


Penny Ginn said...

I love the way even her little toes are gripping Byron when he's carrying her into the waves!

Paula Prass said...

Beautiful Family!