Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

Thank goodness Louisa has my temper and attitude (hence why we get along so well, haha) because that is just about all she has from me. She is her daddy's child, all the way. I mean, they are just stinking alike. They look just alike, they act alike, they talk alike, they make the same facial expressions, etc. I mean, the only difference in me talking to Byron vs. talking to Lou, is that Lou talks back to me and pushes my buttons ALL the time, thanks to me. :)

Anyway, this past week has been about the worst week for Byron and work since like the first month or residency. AWFUL. Since Sunday, I have seen him for maybe 2 hours tops. I mean, awful. So, we planned a family date night last night so that we didn't forget what everyone looked like. Hehe. Well, I will spare everyone the disasters of us trying to find a place to eat and such. But we had rented some movies and I made us a palette on the floor in the den and we all snuggled and watched Enchanted (with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.......WAY cute movie by the way). Well, as I was getting all the things together and making a last minute bathroom trip, my two peas had made themselves comfy in the den. I walked in and almost fell out as I saw this, and HAD to grab the camera to capture my two peas being in their pod. I mean.....seriously, feet propped up and all. I just love them.

In other words, I know that I have been just about as slack as possible with the blog and I hate that because I feel so overwhelmed now sitting down and trying to catch up everyone who cares. It has still been crazy-mad here with brownie-goose. I am waiting for things to calm (haha) before the storm of Christmas comes. My goodness.

Louisa is just a little ham. This child is a mess, mess, mess. She keeps me entertained all the time. Never a dull moment. And her speech is just a bit out of control. Honestly, I am not even stretching the truth when I say she talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she falls asleep. ALL THE TIME. And the things that come out of her mouth are just unbelievable. At first I thought of keeping a journal of them, but seriously...I would be writing in it all day. Just a few of the more memorable ones over the last few weeks:

1. One afternoon while grocering, she told me, "Mommy, you shouwd be a witch for hawloneen becaws you were so mean and scarwy dis morning." Yeah, thanks sweetie.
2. We were going to the fabric store the other day, and I didn't want to tell her and listen to her protest the entire trip in the car, so I told her it was a suprise. She was back in her seat just a jabbering and I heard, "ohhhhhhhh my gawsh. dis is gonna be sooo awesome mom." Wow.
3. We were outside of Target the other day and there was a lady lighting a cigarette, and I could just see her mind going and couldn't stop it. Then, it came out. "Mommy. Shame on dat lady. She knows better dan to put fire in her mouwth. It is hot, hot. Shame on you lady!" This was one of the times that I didn't die of embarrassment while she told a grown-up her business. I was proud of her and hoped that the lady realized when she had a two and a half year old telling her her business that it would make an impact. But then again, we are in MS where EVERYONE smokes.
4. I was watching my friend's little boy Chapman the other day and we were changing his diaper before he took a nap. And here goes Louisa with the anatomy lesson. "Oh no Mommy. What is wrong wif Chapan's who-who?"

Oh, and for the grand finale. Yep, it finally happened. Phoebe and I were sitting at lunch the other day when Louisa just busted out with "Sh$t." Loud enough for all to hear. This was hard bc on the other side of the booth I could see Phoebs about to fall out from laughing so hard and trying to be quiet about it, and I was trying to get on to her and tell her it wasn't a nice thing to say, but I could barely keep a straight face. Here we come 4-letters. Yikes.

I have never met someone who can literally push every button that I have in like 5 minutes, but the next time I turn around just melt my heart away. And I finally hit the mush the other day that I thought would NEVER get me. I realized she was growing up. And fast at that. I mean, I always told myself I wouldn't be one of those moms that freaked out when they realized their child wasn't a baby anymore, but I totally folded. She isn't a baby anymore, and she will be the first to tell you that she is "a big gurwl. Not a beby!" Where has the time gone?? As I am thinking of how sweet and grown-up she is, she is now yelling at Mallard and all I hear is, "NO mawward. Get way from me. You are inerupping my edcation." FYI - she is at her "desk" (compliments of Happy Chappy) coloring and thinks it is education. Where she got that is beyond me.

Well, it sounds as though I am about to be the referee between a fiery toddler and a stubborn chocolate lab. So, let me post pics real fast of the cuteness and then I will be on with it. Until next time.....

I caught her talking to Daddy on the phone. The conversation went like this. "Hewwo Daddy. Are you at hospiwal? Are you oprating? Are you come home? I be reaw sweet for Mommy." And then I choked.... I mean, seriously look at her talking with her hands. Hilarious!

I asked her to put her Daddy's shoes away. Once again, two peas....there are so many shoes belonging to those two dispersed throughout the house.

I don't know why, but I love to peek in on her when she sleeps. I just can watch her sleep all day. Maybe because it is such a rare occasion, but it just melts me in an instant.

The other day was a day for firsts. Her first haircut, and her first bubble bath. She preferred the bubble bath. So did Murray, the cat is brave and LOVES to be in the bathroom during bath-time.

This next one I could just look at all day!

Here is little lefty Picasso with her "edcation." Aunt Sandy sent her a package with all kinds of princess stuff (including markers which she isn't usually allowed to have, but it is never too early for some spoiling from Aunt Sandy...I know this first-hand. :)) Once again, tray from Happy Chappy.


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Awe, I know how you feel bout having Daddy gone so much and also bout having a daughter that takes so much after her Daddy!!!! Your pics of the bubble bath are tooooo cute. Hope you get caught up soon and can get some calm around there

The Fab Five said...

love all of this! i could eat her up! and i know some days you want to eat her! she is precious!

kerisullivan said...

too stinking cute!! and let's not go thinking she is alll like Byron. I can so picture her in latin 3 class getting sassy with her teacher in a few years. Some of that sass has to come from you!

Penny Ginn said...

I'm glad to see that Byron wasn't sucking his thumb while watching the movie. (Though with a week that bad, I would've been tempted!)

Did Lou have her pointer finger crooked at the cigarette lady as she fussed, aka Uncle Harvey?

I sure do miss that little stinker. Gotta do a return trip sometime soon. You don't have to convince me that she talks sun-up to sun-down ... I've seen it first-hand!