Sunday, November 8, 2009

Punkins, Chock-or Tweating & a Desginer's Dream

Okay, okay, I's been a while. And to be honest, and in my defense, updating the blog has been on my to-do list for the last week or two, and it is one of those items that just keeps getting bumped over from day to day. When I started this blog, I never wanted it to be a chore, and it still isn't. I LOVE to blog, I really do. But honestly, WHERE in the world has the time gone in the last few months? I went to write a check yesterday at Cotton Patch and almost fell on the floor when I asked the ladies for the date and they told me November 7. Wait....wasn't yesterday my birthday? I mean, I honestly feel like I have been in a fog for the last few months with the world happening around me and not noticing. Does that make sense? I mean, I remember my birthday weekend, getting ready for Halloween, Halloween occurring and such...but REALLY, is it November? My, oh my.

As for the blog, my high-strung personality cannot STAND for me to wait forever between blogs. Many reasons, but mostly I end up with so much to say and wind up writing a novel that most ppl probably don't want to read! But, here you go anyways, I can sometimes be sit back and keep reading and you might just enjoy yourself. :) Also, as I was laying in bed the other night trying to remember if I emailed a customer back for real or just in my head I came up with an amazing idea. I need a USB cable that connects my brain to my brownie-goose email inbox and also my blogs and website. I would be so stinking efficient that I would blow even my mind. There are so many times when I sit down at my email and think, "wait, I KNOW I emailed her back...right?" Of course I did, I emailed her back in my brain while sitting in traffic or running or sewing, or better yet...while laying in bed trying to fall asleep but slowly stressing myself out. I update the blogs this way too. I mean, I can write an entire blog post while I am in the shower. But finding the time to sit down and actually type it all out...well, that poses an issue. Oh well, I need to stop with the rambling and get on with my business, right?

First up, Halloween. Louisa wanted to be a "pink pincess." Which was fine with me since I was so worried we may end up being Dora or Max & Ruby or something that I just cannot handle more of. I made her one of those fun "no-sew" tutus that are super easy and way fun and put it with a birthday hat that I covered with fabric while fighting with the glue gun and all of those dumb strings that come from everywhere and don't go away. She of course, LOVED it and said that she "is da mos bootiful pincess der eber was." She of course, is very modest. NOT. We had a Halloween party that the UMC Alliance threw and that was way fun, and then we all went chock-or-tweating at a friend's house since the average age on our street is about 73. Not really, but there aren't as many kiddos in our neighborhood, plus it was so much fun to go as a group with similar-aged kids. They just melted me as they all looked so cute and would get so excited over a sucker or some sweet tarts and such.

Louisa CRACKED me up, as usual. She would RUN up to the house with her bright pink ("no Mommy, is fusha" thanks Fancy Nancy) pumpkin and get to the door and holler "chock or tweat." Meltable, absolutely. Then, thankfully she said thank you each time and would then RUN back down the driveway and say "otay, wets go to anober houws and get more cany." Precious, just precious. Although I took pictures, it is just one of those things that I just never want to forget. I hope that those images have embedded themselves in a part of my brain that refuses to be over-taken by work, grocery lists and such. If you want to see all the pics, click here to look at my FB album.

Oh, and the pumpkin patch. I guess I could've cut & pasted this one so that it was chronological, but well....let's just get creative and out of order instead. Thanks to a Dora book about picking the "perfect" pumpkin for a pie, the entire time Lou was insistent on just one thing. "I get to pick owt a mall punkin, Daddy you hab to pick out a big punkin and Mommy, you get a medum punkin. And dat will be perfeck." Of course, she enjoyed the hay ride and seeing the animals too(not NEARLY as much as her momma did...I am still thinking of maybe opening an exotic animal business so that I can have all those fun animals and maybe take them to kids bday parties and such, just gotta get Byron on board). Here is a link for ALL the pics.

Now for my FAVORITE part. My sewing room. It is DONE, I repeat DONE. I moved in last weekend and let me just tell you how in LOVE I am. Good thing, since I spend so much time in there. I still have some peg-boards to hang over my big cutting table so that I can hang things up for the first time, and then from there on out have them clutter up my cutting table even though they have their own spot. That is just how it will go. Also, I guess I should have taken pics before I moved in since that was probably the ONLY time it will EVER be clean, but what fun is that? Also note that there will ALWAYS be dog food bags in my sewing room pics. My horses, ahem labs, eat so much that I just recycle their food bags for my trash bags. How green of me? Right! I have a french door that opens to the bag yard and I have been loving it lately as I have been able to keep the door open and enjoy the beautiful days while I sew. I also now have a tv in there, which works out great since I LOVE Food Network. Maybe one day I will be a chef, hmmm.... Here are just a few picks. Mind the mess, but remember my motto, A CLEAN SEWING ROOM IS AN INEFFICIENT SEWING ROOM. Love it, and cannot thank my AMAZING husband enough for all of his hard work. I know I brag about him all the time on here, but I mean, he really is just about as wonderful as they come. I remember when we first met, I decided that he was wonderful and awesome (and I mean this as awe-some) and then a few months later when he got accepted to med school I remember giving him a card that said something to the effect of you NEVER cease to amaze me. It is still true to this day. Just amazing. Even if you have already done this before, you have to go back to this link to watch the progress from extra room to wonderful sewing room. Here are just a few of the finished/worked-in progress. Get jealous...right? :)

Until next time....hopefully it wont be as long. :)


Julie, Mitch & Chapman said...

Amy, you're sewing room is amazing!!! I am so happy for you. You deserve it. I can't wait to come and see it in person. : )

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Your sewing room is crazy cool!!!!! I am glad to hear someone else admit they write blog posts in their head in the shower and lay awake at night driving themselves crazy thinking of all the things that need to be done. Thanks, LOL! I thought I might be the only crazy one

lnichols said...

It looks awesome!

Rebecca said...

Ames, so glad the sewing room is finished, it looks great. Also glad to hear someone else is forced to watch Max and Ruby, the thing that bugs me the most is, where the heck are their parents?!?!?!?!! Mom thinks Farmer McGregor got them.

Playing Sublimely said...

Hey Amy!
Just now getting to my blog since my post over at Edie's place..thanks for stopping in and laughing with me about the sewing...dont you just love a sewing party :)! Oh and btw, i am moving into your sewing it, love it, love it!!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love your blog , your stash , and your Halloween stash..way to go!!

Amanda said...

Your sewing room is amazing. I am so glad you are getting to do something you love. You think is is hard to finf time to write blogs now, but what are going to do start your business with exotic animals and become a chef? I think is will be a quarterly newsletter. I just wanted to say as well that I love reading your blog- it is very entertaining. I admire your ability to speak toddler. :)