Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ants in my Pants

So, I cannot sit still. Ever. And, I wonder where Louisa gets it from. I have been this way for as long as I can remember, and I really wish that sometimes I could just turn off the switch...but I think somehow it is connected to my super-type A, control freak, OCD mannerisms and I am afraid at what may happen if that was removed. I mean, I have finally come to terms with this personality trait a few years ago, and seriously I think I wrote the book on Type A personality, I mean...I HAD to because no one else would have done it the way I wanted. See, yikes.

Anyways, I am finished up with my sewing for brownie-goose right now. Well, I have an alteration and then another order which I don't know what the customer wants yet, but basically I am done with sewing. Let me just tell you how GREAT it feels to not have turned on Thelma & Louise the last few days. Wonderful. I still have to go in my sewing room often just because I love it and it sings to me and makes me happy, but have been giving the girls a much needed rest. I have been doing a lot of work to the websites though, so if you happen across one that I haven't officially debuted yet or if you are on one and it looks a mess....just ignore for right now. So, onto the next project. :)

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house. It is not my dream house, nor is it Byron's, but it will work for the time being. And most of all, (knock on wood) it is structurally sound...which is more than we can say for the 30+ other houses we looked at in Jackson. But, renovations are just much harder now than they were before. When we lived in Georgia we had a new project going on all the time. And we enjoyed it. Now, it becomes more of a chore because Byron NEVER gets time off or even gets to come home at a decent hour, the toddler, the tight money situation, the lack of motivation, the overwhelmededness, did I mention the todder? Well, as you can see I am totally able to justify why we haven't gotten done with the house. We are very close, but with our beloved house on Boulevard in Macon, we finished everything the week before the house went on the market, so we really didn't get to enjoy it all. And that is something we both agreed we would do differently with this house. But, a 50's ranch just isn't my idea of fun and I really NEED the higher ceilings and abundance of windows. This house is just dark. Always. But, we don't have the capabilities to re-light the thing as needed, so I will just continue to dream about my gorgeous house that awaits me back in Georgia somewhere with tall ceilings, a large, wide center hallway that takes up square footage, floor to ceiling windows with glass so old you can barely see out because it is so wavy, wood floors that you can see the wear and tear, creaks and groans when the house just is, old woodwork that you just can't duplicate anymore, floors that are so uneven that when you drop something it rolls, etc. A girl can dream, right? Makes me think of my farmhouse that I lived in in Savannah when I graduated UGA. LOVED that house, with all its faults but the one that stands out to me is the front doorknob that it never failed when you were in a hurry it would always fall off when you were trying to get in or out. It is funny now, not so much then. Kate, remember that?

So, once again I have rambled. So I will get to the point. Today starts my home-improvement project. Up this time is the hallway, the den and the guest bedroom that is going to become Louisa's room. I am not looking forward to any of the projects to be quite honest because they involve not only painting trim which I hate, but also oil-based trim that must be primed (I think priming and second coats are a waste of my precious time), plus 10...yes, I sad 10, doors in the hallways alone and let's face it - does anyone enjoy painting doors? I think not, but if you are out there, contact me ASAP. The den has a large wall that has wood paneling, the real kind that I just feel guilty covering in paint so we are going to try and stain it white (and I have done a test section and looks like it may need a few coats, groan) and a large built-in on the opposite side that I would love to just tear out since I don't like to dust all that crap anyways. Anyways, I need to stop writing because I am sure I have lost all my readers (well, maybe not you, Amy) and I need to be honest in saying I am just coming up with things to write so I can procrastinate more. Here are some pics that hopefully I will post in a few days with new ones that knock your socks off. :)

The hallway, notice the lovely shade of days-old throw-up green that the trim is. When was this a good idea? Sorry Mack & Mara, but was it really even a cool color back then?

This will hopefully be my saving grace....hopefully since it was $35 a gallon and I just think that is ridiculous for paint. If not, I have already threatened the salesperson at Home Depot.

The wood paneled wall and then built-ins. Forgive the mess, my toddler fired my maid last week.

Time to get to work. :)


sashyjane said...

Sounds like your dream house is our old one in Shawnee. And you're in luck! It's for sale :)

amanda said...

Amy, I am never bored by your posts. I read them like a great novel. Details are my life, I want every one.

Meredith said...

I have used the primer included paint a couple of times now and love it! Hope all goes well for you! I just got done painting all the trim in a room here and I hate it too, still have to do the back of the door :(