Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye Nasty Green Trim, Well....kinda

Don't you just love him? I sure do.

Okay, so I don't know if I have said this before or not, but I hate to paint trim and doors. So, going into this last reno project that I did solo I really tried to have a good attitude about it. That good attitude lasted for the first 5 minutes, or half of a door....and did I mention there were 10, yes count them, 10 doors in the hallway. Needless to say, the hallway project is done (well, aside from my "new" door that needs to be hung, and that is just not something I can take on solo and changing out of the electrical switches and such....and let's not even go there with me) and I am so far over it that it isn't even funny. But looks good so far, right?

I started to paint on Thursday, ALL day and I am not exaggerating here I painted the Behr paint & primer in one that was GUARANTEED to cover in one coat and stick to whatever surface I wanted (oil OR latex) over that nasty old green trim and doors. Well, it was obvious within a few brush strokes that the one coat coverage could go ahead and be thrown out the window, 4-letter word tantrum #1. And, my initial latex over oil-base test passed with flying colors, so I thought, "you know, it will be okay, I will just paint 2 coats....that is always better than 3, right?" And so I painted, and painted, and painted, and painted and did I mention that I hate to paint trim and doors? Finally the trim was all covered. See below (ps - you can also tell that I had some toddler help which is never productive)

I washed my brush and supplies and collapsed on the couch to try and muster up some energy for the girls-night that I had later that I could just hear the glasses of wine calling my name. Well, Byron got home JUST in time for me to leave and I was showing it off to him so proud and all, and then he asked...."is it sticking?" Let me just preface this first with some history of my husband and painting. He is a perfectionist at painting, I mean, he could be a painter...but he isn't. PERFECTIONIST....in the amount that if you ever thought you did a good job painting, don't paint with Byron. I cannot even begin to give him a hard time about being a perfectionist without risking calling that sweet, wonderful kettle black, but anyways...I think you get the idea. Well, so of course I told him that my initial test passed and I was all excited but sad that it wouldn't cover in one coat. Then, almost with thunder crashing outside, he asked "have you tried to scrape it with your fingernail?" Ummmm...no. Haven't tried that one, but as I did, the UN-THINKABLE happened. It scraped right off with NO difficulty. So Home Depot...you will see me again soon with my receipt, gallon of paint that falsely advertises and temper. Just hope those 4-letters don't squeeze themselves out of my sailor mouth. I am sure that under regular circumstances, that Behr paint works just fine. In fact, my sister swore by it, and then another of my friends did as well. Byron and I are famous for one thing, our luck. And let's just face it, it isn't good luck. Our motto is, "if it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all." And, I am not trying to gather sympathies here, it is just the truth. With our luck, the paint that I tried to paint over is probably some stupid hybrid oil paint that, well I don't know...I can't even get into it right now without elevating my blood pressure. Anyways, I went against my better judgement and painted a second coat (not of the Behr this time because I no longer want to see that crap on my brush anymore, instead I went with an old, trusted friend....Valspar from Lowes) over the primer/paint and thought, you know what....this will make it all better. Byron agreed with me, only because I think he saw that I was going to go over the deep-end if he told me I had to strip it all off in the accord that we have 2.5 years left here, and before we move out we will just re-touch the areas that need be. And, I am thinking with a toddler, 2 labs and a non-graceful woman of the house....we may be repainting it all. Then, yesterday got to the fun part - color. I LOVE color, and I love to paint color. For the first 5 minutes that is. In our house (good thing I prefaced this post with the perfectionism that is my husband and painting, now this will make perfect sense) we have a paint hierarchy that is in place. Byron cuts in and I roll. And that is how we roll, literally. My hand isn't as steady as my surgeon counter-parts, which makes perfect sense for me to do the rolling. Well, since I was flying this one solo, I anxiously took on the part of cutting in. I can honestly say I gave it my 150%. Mostly because I knew a careful, perfectionist eye would return home later from the hospital to inspect it. Well, about 5 minutes into it I realized that this was not going well, I was over it and I had already spent my allowance of 4-letters. Thankfully the toddler was not in ear-shot. Long story short, since I seem to be fairly wordy today it is just about the worst paint job that I ever remember doing. Byron was super sweet and said it looked fine (through gritted teeth and clenched fists) but I know better. Oh well, right? I am over it, I don't want to see another paint brush for another few days (unfortunately I still have the den and Louisa's room) and don't want to talk about it. Bottom line, it looks WAY better than it did before I started, and that is all I care about right now. Oh yeah, it is hard to tell in the pics, but I love the color, really I do...but don't ask what it is because it was a gallon I found in the garage that I had used to prop something on to spray paint so I can no longer read what it says on the lid. But, it is a brown-gray which is a fave of mine, goes with everything...especially white trim that needs a third coat, any takers?

Now, for the fun part. I think I have blogged before about Old House Depot, if not....let me just tell you my utmost LOVE and OBSESSION with this store and everything in it. It is an architectural salvage store and everything in there is old and worn and "characterized" and right up my alley. If I had money and didn't live in a 50's ranch, I would redo my entire house in elements that I found in that place. So, I went there to find a door since I have been wanting a pretty door to put at the entrance to the hallway since the one I have now is just dull and boring. After numerous times of falling in love with one and then realizing it was the wrong size, or too much work, or too many holes, etc. (I really will spare you all the details on this one, but let's just say I was there for a total of probably 2 hours) I finally found the one that was perfect. Isn't it lovely?

It has a history, which just makes it all the better for me. It has been loved and abused, and now it has found it's home with me. It is propped up in the breakfast room for now until Byron can switch the hinges around and then hang it, but it makes me happy just walking by. We wont talk about the fact that I have to paint one side of it for now, since I just cannot even go there, but I am hoping that once it is in place it will make the hallway all the better.

I am just looking at the clock and realizing I need to shut my mouth, or stop my fingers from writing so much as I need to get in the shower so that I can pick up the spit-fire from mother's morning out in time. But, have NO fear...there are more renos in the future and if you are lucky I am sure to write lengthy blogs on them. I mean, you might even learn a thing or two from me. Mostly how NOT to go about things. :) As I just posted the pics and really looked at them, I realized that now I need to remove all the doorknobs and paint them a color that goes better than the "aged brass from the 50's" with the white. Groan and sigh. Oh and one more thing, if you are a reader and are possibly wanting to buy my wonderful house in 2.5 years, don't worry...it will all be perfect for you. :)

Until next time....

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Nora said...

Amy, you did a great job with all that painting, and I love how it turned out!