Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

And let the BOOT CAMPS begin!

For all of you that may actually know me (unlike my stalkers which continue to add up and that makes me super happy) and want to say, "no you are tiny, etc." I don't want to hear it. And not because I think I am all that...I most certainly am not, but I think that all of my fellow petite friends will know what I mean when you try and complain about weight, size of clothing, etc. People write you off and get mad. Just because I am short (4'11" for the record, and that is on a good day) doesn't mean that I don't struggle with weight/size issues. In fact, I think it is harder when you are short because a few pounds, jiggles, "softness" and flat-out rolls show up quickly. When you are short, you start to look rounded quickly. And not well-rounded at that.

I have been fortunate up until the day that I got preggers with Louisa to have a kick-booty metabolism. I used to really be able to eat what I wanted. I still can, but with undesired circumstances. I guess it really didn't help that I put on a whopping 40 lbs with Louisa. She was a big baby for me, but at 7 lbs 11 oz it didn't quite justify all the 40 lbs. I mean, I ate what I wanted. A Snickers a day, sweet tea by the gallon (after the first trimester of not touching a drop of caffeine, you know how it is with that first baby), Checkers which had a drive-through conveniently located between my house and the Children's Hospital where I worked, The Bears Den (a Macon rest that you MUST visit if ever in the area, tell Mrs. Betty I said hello), am I making my point here? Well, after having Louisa and struggling to get the weight off (I still haven't gotten all 40 of it off, but I think the rest is here to stay) and then the worst of all...turning 30, my metabolism just isn't what it used to be. It really stinks now to not be able to eat like I would like to. I mean, I LOVE to eat. Thankfully, I LOVE to run as well...but since I have taken a small hiatus from the running in the past few weeks - things are starting to jiggle and shake and gross me out.

And plus, it just wouldn't be the New Year without the resolution of a diet, right? Hehe. No diets here. I don't believe in them, but I do need to get my rear in motion if you know what I mean.

PS - Pay no attention to the pepperonis or amount of dressing on the salad in the above picture. It was added simply for texture. :)

Until next time...

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Carol said...

I totally understand!!!! I hate getting those looks & being told to shut up!! My budha belly is not cute!!!