Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Night the Lights Went Out

We all know the song by Reba, but I could only wish to be back in Georgia when the lights went out. Although, not really in the context of that song, but oh to be back home again. Well, the lights went out in Mississippi the other night, and yes, I am actually writing a blog on it. Why? I don't know. I think I am procrastinating doing more work on my brownie-goose sites, but who knows.

I was sitting at the computer the other night working on editing HTML codes (which I am fairly new to and am still not warming up to one bit, too bad I don't have the money and relaxed personality to pay someone to do my sites) when out of the blue everything went black. Even my computer with my unsaved work, bitter...yes. Then the beloved sound of a transformer blowing. It was so loud I am surprised that it wasn't in my direct backyard. And of course, it was dark (although it was only like 5:30) and Byron wasn't home and I wasn't prepared, not to mention I had my nose in Dan Brown's latest all day so was a bit spooked anyways. Oh yeah, and then Louisa...bless her. She has a flare for the dramatic. Have you ever gotten this impression of her? I always joke that she is not going to be an actress, only because she is way more dramatic than that. I think the child needs to go straight to Broadway. She would fit RIGHT in. But then, that would make me a stage mom, something I plan on NEVER being (never say never, but I am serious this time). Well, it scared her, rightfully so, but all I wanted was to be able to find my phone (the one time it wasn't at my side) and a flashlight before I did anything. So, luckily I had a head cold earlier in the week, and I have this strange fascination with looking at my tonsils when I don't feel well and so I knew there was a flashlight on the bathroom counter. I found it and immediately found Louisa who was frozen in place playing in her kitchen with the most awful petrified look on her face. It almost brought me to tears. I quickly got her consoled and then found Sambo (my crack...ahem, blackberry) and called Byron and told him to get home ASAP.

He did, thankfully, but I was sad. I had a big dinner planned for him since he had a huge presentation the next day. I had baked a ham, made some delicious Savannah red rice and some green beans that no longer resembled a vegetable after all the bacon mixed in. Thankfully, my cook top is gas and the ham was already done, but put a damper on the night. We did, however, get to have a candlelight dinner, a tried and true candlelight dinner,

but there was nothing romantic about it. The dogs were spooked so therefore not leaving our sides, Louisa was so wound-up and couldn't stop telling Byron about the "tranforma dat bwoed up in da backyawd," Murray (the tabby cat) kept running throughout the house growling and let's all face it...we just couldn't see. How in the world did people do it back then? Crazy, props to them though. At least we got to use most of Byron's utility lights. Hehe. PS - when I edited these pictures, I realized how nasty the sides of my pots looked. I debated on whether or not to share with the world, but figured what the heck. I am not perfect, my pots are old and nothing to brag about, but I love them and they work for me. Maybe someone out there that reads will be rich and feel bad for me and send me some of that pretty turquoise stone-ware that I see in the stores that I cannot even imagine being able to afford. If you are out there and reading, contact me ASAP and I will get you a list of needs. :)

And at the point when I was taking pictures it was still kinda "fun," well, not really fun - but I cannot think of the word. Only I know the word I am looking for is the exact opposite of how un-fun it became when it was a few hours later, we still had no power, it was getting quite frigid in our house and I was forced to read Dan Brown by candlelight, talk about some spooky stuff. I almost passed out and wet my pants when the power did come back on because it scared me so!

If you are wondering why the lack of Louisa pictures lately, she is honestly striking against the camera. She isn't staying still or even cooperating for pictures, so instead...I will post pictures of my other children. The ones that don't talk back. The animals LOVE Christmastime. Mallard especially loves to grab the ball-shaped ornaments off the tree and bring them to you in hopes of play-time. Murray loves to sleep on the tree-skirt, and Lucy, well, Lucy is just sweet and good and happy all the time. Well, every year the animals get presents too. Of course. Well, they have learned over the years to snoop under the tree to find theirs and smell them. Sometimes Mallard will even go as far as starting to rip the paper on his. I didn't have the camera ready when they initially went in for the snooping, but was able to catch a few later on. What can I say, they got it honestly. :)

Until I write again...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Amy, you are always good for a chuckle, thanks! Sorry you guys had to go an evening without lights and heat, that would have scared the !@#$ out of me too!!!!!!! I don't judge you for your pots and pans, by the way, at least you are cooking which is more than I can say most days.

The Fab Five said...

I love your posts.... they always make me smile. I hate when the lights go out too..esp if the kids are not in the same room... i hear "MAMA!!!!"