Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Tis the Season

Warning...I wrote a novel. Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

First of all, I am going to vent about something. Only because it is top on my mind and maybe if I get it over with I can get on with it. Make sense? As I tell my husband on a daily basis...there IS a method to my madness.

Painting....still. After the hallway fiasco I realized that what I thought would be my saving grace (the behr paint and primer in one that was promised to do the trick no matter what) actually failed me miserably, I had a bad mood going into painting the guest room which will soon be Louisa's "big-girl" room. So, I did what was natural, I told Byron it would be his job. Well, then I realized that if I left it up to him it would be May before it was started on, not because he is a slacker...only because his employer refuses to ever let him leave the hospital. No bad feelings there at all.....

Well, fast-forward to Christmas Day, and toys spread literally on every flat surface in the house. This is when my OCD took over and said "you have GOT to get Louisa's room ready so that all of the toys can go in there and you don't have to look at them." I mean, this is a good idea since the previous guest room is twice the size of her room now, but who am I fooling....we all know the toys will be everywhere still, but in theory...

So, after I realized that the latex-based primer (even the suped-up fancy Behr) won't hold a candle to the crazy hybrid oil-based lacquer that is on the trim throughout our house, disguised as oil-based paint; I knew I would have to go to Byron's "old faithful"

Mr. Zinsser oil-based primer. This stuff paints like glue but covers like nothing you have ever seen. I think I have told everyone before about how I feel about priming (waste of precious time) but then add in the oil-based hoop-la and I am just mad already. But, I put on my big-girl panties and got to work. Let's just say that I am not sure exactly what occurred, but I think it may be equivalent to the awful effects that come after some sort of high that crazies get when they sniff things like white-out and spray paint. My head began to hurt so bad that I felt my pulse in my ears, I couldn't stand up straight and my nose and throat were on FIRE. I am not one to quit until I finish (i think bc it has something to do with my crazed-A+ personality) but the guest room is half-way primed...and it will remain that way until who knows. I honestly think that I have lost a few brain cells. I mean, the fumes.....oh the fumes. So, here is a snapshot of what I left. Yes, the trim and bookcases are painted yellow. Remember, the people that built this house had crazy taste in colors, all the walls were white and the trim was either mustard yellow or thrown-up pea soup. Lovely. Maybe that is the only colors that were available in the hybrid lacquer back then.

Now, onto the reason for the season. Hopefully I have not lost any readers just yet. My parents came into town for 4 days and then Byron's mom came to town for 3, and then we drove to Louisiana to stay with Byron's Uncle Doug (Uncle Duck now, thanks to Lula) & Aunt Janice for a day. Needless to say, we all had a great time, and Louisa is now in boot camp after too much time with the grandparents. You know how they all of a sudden just lose all sort of discipline that they ever had. This is in no way against the grandparents, since I remember my grandparents having the same effect on me....but now I am on the flip-side and realize the effects. But a great time was had and Santa was great to Louisa whether or not she was borderline naughty list. He got her a swing set, which comes with a great story. We went with a metal set since the wooden ones are extremely out of our budgets, plus she already has a wooden mansion, I mean playhouse. Well, one of the days when my parents were in town we were driving to Kosciusko, Mississippi to purchase one since NO ONE carries them for like months before or after Christmas. Anyways, the day that we planned to assemble, we had awful weather, including tornado watches which are always fun when you plan to have unassembled metal poles just lying around in the yard. By the time the weather "passed" the cold-front had moved on in and so Byron and I were in the freezing cold, wet, sloshy yard (thanks to like 9 inches of rain) trying to assemble a swing set in the dark. Not a fun time. I think I emitted my allowance of 4-letters for the next 10 years in a matter of 2 hours. Oh well, she loves the swing set and as soon as it isn't 2 degrees outside we will get to go and play on it.

Santa was by far the best to me, which is great since I think I have been very good this year. Minus some tantrums, fits, cussing-spells, etc. He got me the lens for my camera that I have been drooling over for about a year. So, warning....I may have tons of pictures in my posts now as I love the way it takes photos. I mean, I don't even see things this crisp with my own eyeballs! Now my camera REALLY never leaves my side. :)

Okay, Byron is home from the hospital super early (this never happens) so we are going to try and take the doggies for a walk since they are deprived during daylight savings or whatever the curse is that makes it dark early. Here are a TON of pics, without words, of the last week or so. The landscape pics are of Byron's family's land in Louisiana. It is breath-taking down there. It reminds me a bit of Savannah, my hometown which is quite possibly the most gorgeous place on earth. They live on the bayou and have cows and crawfish ponds and tons of oak trees. Beautiful. Alligator infested, but beautiful.

As I edit, my sweet, sweet husband is in the guest room priming with that awful smelling primer so that it can get finished on time. It seems he understands that I will soon begin to twitch uncontrollably if the house doesn't get in some sort of order. Or, he is just ready to have his very own office which will be in Louisa's old room. So, off I go to fix one of his favorite dinners so that he can stumble out of the room in a drunken, fume-induced high and eat a yummy meal.

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Ok, Amy, you really do make me laugh! And only because the fact that we both curse like sailors, but you admit it just kills me!!!!!!! That lens really is amazing. I totally forgot to send you a Christmas card, so be looking for that in mail some time after the New Year, LOL

lnichols said...

merry Christmas and Happy new year! What kind of lens did Santa bring you? Glad you are back on the blogging wagon

Penny Ginn said...

Great lens! Oh, I mean great photographer!

I really like the pic of Louisa where she is doing chicken-lips while her cousin (I assume) holds the chicken.