Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are Still Alive

Yikes...an entire month since a post. Sorry to all, but we are still alive and kicking, just busy bees. I can't really say that not much has gone on, because we all know with a drama-queen toddler there is never a dull moment, especially in 4 consecutive weeks. I will probably spare everyone the novel that would occur if I tried to fill you in on everything that has gone on lately, plus...I just don't feel like typing all that much.

First of all, I want to say how lucky I feel that I am. My last post, in which I poured my heart out about what to do with my business brownie-goose, I was AMAZED at the number of people that reached out to me and gave me their two-cents. Some people I don't even know (and when I tried to go and stalk you...you had private blogs, so sad) and I just don't know if I can even begin to express how it makes me feel that people care enough to leave me a comment, or even email me with what they think. Although I had pretty much had my mind already made up, it really helped me to battle the demons when people told me things that further supported my decision. It is funny too, because so many people that I stalk along their blogs and such and people that I have only met a time or two (or maybe not even, I just stalk their blogs) give me their thoughts and it is like they are my long, lost friends. Byron picks on my with my "internet friends" but yall are great, seriously! So, ending the cliff-hanger, I am scaling back...don't know how or details and such, but my heart told me so.

Okay, since the weather channel has now issued a tornado warning in my area (we all know how I am a weather channel GEEK) I think I will start to wrap this up, plus...I am really not in the mood to blog anymore since this post has been interupted by a certain spit-fire a few times. Here are some pics from when it snowed here recently. Again, you know you live in the South when you dress your child in oven mitts to send her outside in the "snow." Until next time...

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Penny Ginn said...

You had SNOW?! Is that common for Jackson; especially that early?!