Friday, January 15, 2010

Cabin Fever

I can honestly say that I got cabin fever. I KNOW for sure that my sweet labs did. But, what else do you do when you are a Southern girl and for 2 weeks straight the highest the temperature gets is 36 degrees. I mean, that is just wrong. If I want cold, I will go up north or somewhere that it is cold. I don't want it to come and find me.

Oh well, it did, and I really shouldn't take it too personally since we all suffered through it. My ferns have taken up permanent residence in the bathtub in the guest bathroom. Murray (the tabby cat) loves it because she can easily go in there and eat my ferns. Seriously, WHY do cats do this to themselves? It has happened with every cat that I have ever had. They eat the plants that we have repeatedly asked them not to, and then within 5 minutes, they are throwing up. Gross. It is okay at my house though, because the dogs make a bee-line when they hear Murray vomiting to see who can get there first to eat it. Gross, right? But less clean up for me. Yep, I just admitted to that. But, we all were finally able to go outdoors yesterday without a thousand layers of clothing on. Sweet Louisa was FINALLY able to play on the swing-set that Santa brought her. I felt like a 2 year old walking out the door with the biggest smile on my face and just soaking up the sunlight. It was great. Many smiles to follow.....

How 'bout them apples?

Now, on to more of what is consuming me lately. I am trying to find humor in living in a house that is undergoing renovations. Well, I hate to even use that term since my new friend Amy over at Playing Sublimely is really showing me up with her "cute carpenter husband" and the gorgeous renovation that her house undertook. Actually, if you enjoy home renos, you should really start to stalk her too since she is starting to go room by room in the entire house. It is fun, plus....she has the best name ever. Just saying. But seriously, as I am sanding, priming, etc. thinking I am doing tons of work, she is tearing out ceilings and adding walls and such. Mary Poppins would call her "cheeky" but I know better. She is fun and secretly (well, not anymore) I am jealous. :) There are a few walls in this house that I could stand to lose.

But I have moved on to the den now in the "reno" process. And it doesn't seem to be treating me any better. I mean, it is like the dark cloud of do-it-yourself is hanging over my head. To save you all the hoop-la involved, I will just use a few choice bullets to give you a grand synopsis:
  • 100 grit sandpaper, and lots of it. WHY you may ask. Well, I ask too. I just do not see the need in 5 layers of polyurethane on woodwork, especially built-ins. It is just wrong. Especially when you jump the gun and try to prime before sanding. Gag.
  • 100 grit sandpaper AGAIN. Because apparently there are more than 5 layers of polyurethane.
  • Third coats on built-ins. That one calls for a 4-letter, or two. Or, well....we all know my mouth. A sailor could learn a few things from me. Ooops.
  • An entire wall of real wood paneling that probably needs sanding too. Lovely, just what I want to do.
So, does that sum it up? There actually is good news though. The coat of paint on the walls, is going to be just fine with one coat. And Byron actually agrees with me on this one. How awesome is that? Loving it. I will give a few pictures, but will be saving the finale for the end and maybe I can do something fancy like Amy. :)

On a positive note, I have a fun weekend ahead of me that involves some delicious home decor fabrics that I have been drooling over for quite some time and am so excited that I finally had a color palette to use them. Lots of pillows need making and I already got a head start on some curtains that I stole the idea from one of the magazines I read at Byron's Mom's house over Thanksgiving. I was a bit nervous introducing Louise (my serger) to burlap...but it went WAY better than I thought. And hey, I can say that I finally made something that I saw in a magazine. I cannot tell you how many pages I have ripped out and said my infamous, "ohhhh. I can do that" and just set it aside. Not this time, I brought it.

Until next time...

Okay, so this one is an I went through and did my "editing" (I am not an English major, just looking out for the obvious) I was looking at the pictures of the back door and realized that it looks like we live in the hood with all the locks. We don't, but the sweet lady that we bought the house from suffered from dementia and I think that they had to lock her in as there are dead bolts all over the house. Also, if you click on some of the pics you can see how the walls are no longer touching the trim and such, no one is playing nice-nice anymore. If you live in Jackson, you will understand this. However, if you are looking to buy my house in 2 years, let me go ahead and tell you since I have already done the homework....(knock on wood) we have one of the VERY few structurally sound houses in Fondren. Trust me. We looked at close to a bazillion.

Peace out.


Playing Sublimely said...

Okay, I LOVE those fabrics too! I cannot wait until you are done with that room so that we can see the finished product! And thanks so much for the shout out...I laughed at the thought of being "cheeky" it! I have been waiting to mention your blog until you opened up your orders again, you beat me to it! I have just fallen in love over here :). Talk to ya soon!

sashyjane said...

OH!! I saw those curtains in BH&G (I think) too and thought, "I could do that." I'm sure yours turned out MUCH better than mine will. I can't wait to see the big reveal.

Playing Sublimely said...

I love that you are liking the tour, how bout progress on your sanding, stripping, painting, etc???