Saturday, January 9, 2010

Calling HGTV

I have gotten to the point in which I will no longer not post pictures on my blog because the background of my house is a mess. Know why? Because it is a constant mess and disaster area, and I am slowly (did I say slowly) trying to let it go. It is hard, and I am not sure exactly how to go about it all, but I am gonna give it my best. Any suggestions are always welcome.

So, here goes. My house is a nutcase right now. Why? Well, we moved Lou into her “big-girl” bedroom today. These were fun times that have left everything that was in the guest room strewn throughout the rest of the house. I don’t have many pics of Lou in her new bedroom because she told me, “Mommy, I’m reawwy not in da mood for you to be taking pictchas of me, otay.” Yes mam, your highness.

So, instead I will give you plenty of pictures of the rest of the house so that you can be so jealous that yours doesn’t look this way. I mean, who DOESN’T want a mattress in their kitchen?

This is what the floor of Lou’s old bedroom looks like now.

It is now going to be Byron’s new office. He is super excited, since he does like to have his own space. I mean, you can’t blame him living in a house of girls. Well, our brown lab is a boy…but sometimes he is moodier than all the girls put together. So, I guess the office is our next project…but we still have to repaint/stain/etc the den and guess what……………………the hall has to be repainted. YES, the one that I just did that took me days on end. Let’s just say that if I came face to face with the man who invented the Behr paint and primer in one… wouldn’t be very pretty. Look at this just peeling straight off. Gross. I am sorry...but it doesn't look to me like it will cover anything...latex OR oil dear Mr. Home Depot.

Not to mention….look at it peeling STRAIGHT OFF THE paint can, I have never, ever seen paint do this before.

Doesn’t look like there is any primer in there to me. What do you think? So, still don’t know what to do about all the trim and such in the hall since it needs to be peeled and repainted. Gross, but the walls have just about the shoddiest paint job ever, and I’m not in love with the color, so put it on the list as well. I honestly think that HGTV should pick us up as a show. They really would benefit from us since Byron and I have a hard time sitting still, not doing things and we end up doing great work by ourselves and on a VERY small budget. People could SO learn from us. They could definitely learn from our mistakes that we still have yet to be able to laugh about. And, bonus for HGTV…if they picked us up now, they would have the pleasure of being with us on one of the bigger projects coming up. Drum roll please, our master bathroom. I will only give you teaser pics, but I know that everyone will be so sad that they don’t have a bathroom that looks like this. But, I can bet that many of you can honestly say that your grandparent’s bathroom looks JUST like this. :) So does mine. Hehe.

I know you are all drooling right now, or maybe you are just about to throw up, one of the two. Well, I think I have procrastinated enough with this post. Now to get to work with finding a place for all this hoop-la strewn throughout my house before it gets the better of me.

Until next time…


Nora said...

Love how Louisa's new room came out! Well as far as Behr is concerned I would be taking all of those paint cans, my receipt and photos in hand BACK to the Home Depot for a full refund since it didn't hold up to its end of the deal! LOL I can remember some doors at our old house on Brittlewood in Savannah doing the same thing with the paint....not sure what mom & dad did to correct it other than sanding everything down 1st then painting it again :-( Good Luck!!!

Elizabeth said...

Glad to know my house (condo) isn't the only one. Love your posts!

sassy seamstress said...

thanks for visiting my blog. i use to blog stalk alot more than i do now...two in school and one at home keeps me a little busy! i have not named my sewing machine or my was all i could do to name my kids. :) i know i probably should! maybe one day soon! btw, you will love EVERYTHING they've done. now I'm going to blog stalk you a little :)

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

I really like Louisa's room, did you do brown and white or black and white dust ruffle and drapes? I am so impressed you did a white coverlet on her bed! I really wanted to do that in the girls' room but too scared of white in there

Playing Sublimely said...

Alright you are just making me bitter! ORDERS CLOSED?!?!?!? What?!?! How can this be? This is dreadful, I am having a panic attack! I need 2 of those dresses that your little precious is wearing on the far left of your blog...a few pictures down. The one with the ruffled collar. i think its brown and blue maybe??? I mean, whats a girl to do, this vision I have of my two girls in those dresses for their upcoming portraits is nothing but a tease! Please oh please...okay I'm done. Actually, I'm about a pattern, at least share a pattern :)!

Playing Sublimely said...

Now this certainly has to be considered stalking on my part! Yep, I need a 5 and a knowing the pattern for sure (I'm ordering one to just have), but the fabric you made it in is divine too...are you sure you dont wont to make a 5 and 6?!?! I know I am pushing my luck, please tell me to leave you alone...their pics are in March.
I promise I'm done now:)!

Playing Sublimely said...

Am I really posting on this page Yes my friend, you need to get NC on your mind! You come on to that coffee bar, we will have the best time! And Louisa will love the playroom! If you choose GA, I'm cool with too, my sister is in Atlanta and we spend lots of time there...NC would be more conveient though ;)