Monday, January 25, 2010

Den Reno Done, Check.

I know that you all have just been on the edge of your seats waiting for the “after” pictures of my den. Haha. Okay, so really it is just one of those things that I kept meaning to do and then got side-tracked and then would sit back down at the computer and forget what I was doing. Or, I would get out the camera to take pics and realize there was a drill on the mantel, or a pile of sawdust still waiting to be picked up or a pneumatic nailer (not attached to the air compressor, mind you) lying on the coffee table, etc. Ever feel that way? With the exception of some pillows that I have to finish, the den is done and done. It is nice to finally be able to sit on the couch in the room that we are in the majority of the time and actually not get grossed out while looking at the walls or trim, etc. I mean, I LOVE it. It makes me happy and I am still in the “honeymoon” phase of the renovation in which I just want to keep it clean, always. This used to be my view from the kitchen sink…..not so pleasant if you know what I mean.

And now, this is what I see. Do you hear the chorus singing? Because I do….or maybe those are just the voices in my head. Oops.

Anyways, this was actually the first room we did when we moved into the house in May of 2007. Mind you, we moved from Georgia to a brand-new town in which we didn’t know anyone, had a 6 week old that didn’t eat, sleep or stop crying into a house that we *maybe* were quick to make a decision on that we still had not closed on. Yes, we moved into a house that we still had not closed on. It was a disaster. A complete disaster. The sale of the house was an estate deal since the people who had built and lived here before us has both passed away. It was quite sad, the “grantor” of the estate was kind of an estranged granddaughter (from what the neighbors tell me) that came in and hired an estate sale company to sell off ALL of her grandparents belongings, including nice silver, crystal, her art, their antique collection, etc. It makes me sick. She also sold a fireplace mantel that we had written into our contract to STAY with the house. Bitter? No, not me. But, hopefully this goes to show her character if you know what I mean and why she was so hell-bent and pressed not to let us close on the house. Disaster. So, we were a bit crazed from that experience and then we were also a bit looney (well, I don’t know about Byron…but I was) from a brand-new baby. So, needless to say we didn’t have the best of choices when painting the room. It was gross and drab and dull and made me feel boring every time I looked at it. No more. It is lovely and I like it. It isn’t my tall-ceilinged farmhouse with crooked floors and glass doorknobs that fall off and drafty windows, but it will do for the next 2.5 years. Byron and I were just talking yesterday about how strange it will be when we buy our next house. It will be our “forever” house, or maybe not our forever….but not temporary like our last two have been. I cannot wait. Here are just a BUNCH more pics just because I took them and like I said, I am still in honeymoon phase and this room can do no wrong.

On another note, things are crazy bonkers here again since I opened orders (and then closed them 2 days later since all my customers rock the house) on brownie-goose. My sewing room is back to hopping and messy and making me trail thread and serger “tails” all over the house. But my Spring/Summer fabrics are just so gorgeous and I looooove looking at them. Plus, it is kind of nice to have the craziness back. Idle time isn’t my friend, and although I enjoyed the last 2 months….it was a bit nuts since every time that I tried to tackle a project. It just went wrong. The renovations/cosmetic facelifts to the house were just disastrous and nothing went as planned. Oh well, I am hanging up the paint brush, sander, etc for a while and getting back to my fabrics. We still have the master bathroom (remember those pics, gosh…how could you forget?) and half the kitchen to finish and some rooms that I need to finish painting and maybe repaint, but then hopefully we can stop all that hoop-la for a while. Until the next house that hopefully will involve painting 12 foot ceilings, fat moldings, gorgeous untouched woodwork, etc. Can you tell I am excited?

Oh my, and another thing. Byron is going to be embarrassed that I put this, but as I said before, here at the Norris house…we aren’t perfect. We don’t live in a house that you can wear white gloves and wipe your fingers on every surface. Our house is clean, but lived in. You will get pet hair on your clothes; the hardwoods will leave your socks dirty, etc. But, this next subject is something that is unavoidable in any house. We have a mouse, and not the cute Mickey or Minnie version. It is alive and it is in OUR bedroom. The most ironic part of this and possibly why I am putting this out there for everyone to read….it is in the room in which we sleep. Not just Byron and I, but the 2 labs and kitty cat. So, makes me think the animals are not doing their jobs…I mean, seriously? I locked Murray (the tabby cat) in our bedroom all day yesterday to “catch” it. However, every time that I peeked in, she was sprawled out on the bed cat-napping. Great. I guess I should’ve known from this picture I had taken a while ago of her and her toy. Hmmmm. What a cat. :)Well, we will figure something out and get our little “squatter” back out of our house. Just another day in this life……..

Until next time...


Sarah Broadus said...

the day Madyson was born I was sitting on our couch in labor (didn't know it) and a black mouse ran across our den floor. I jumped to catch it and it ran out the back door...yes it squeezed between the door. The are the weirdest things but the best way to catch them is the mouse box. the sticky pads will hurt your heart when they are on there in pain and cant move and the traps get blood everywhere. Purchase a few boxes and you will be good to go! Love the pillows!

kosekcasa said...

Love the new living room. You found the perfect blue! There is the right blue, and the wrong blue in life, and your blue is so right. Cute!

We had a rat! Caught it with a trap, but only it's head fit in the trap...yuck!

SaraJane said...

I love the big black lab in the picture! It looks beautiful!

Nora said...

Girl the reno looks AWESOME!!!!!! I just LOVE how you have that huge window looking out over your back yard...makes me jealous. And even though I know you dreaded painting those built-in's they turned out GREAT!!! Can I borrow you for my house sometime????

Brad, Amy, and Bes said...

Yes ma'm! That's me! Ok so I am beyond flattered that you even blog stalked me! =) I mean come on... you are famous... I on the other hand am soooo not. Just a wife and stay at home mom... I do own a sewing machine and keep telling myself that I SO have it in me to do something really fab with it... but I haven't... 2 year olds keep you really busy... how do you do it? I'm jealous. Bes too was a cryer... she cried and cried and cried some more... then I cried and cried and cried some more... then I got medicated. =) I just love her to bits and pieces and each day she amazes me with her creativity, wonder and just plain cuteness! Still can't wait for that green light. Hope you have a great week!