Friday, February 26, 2010

Move on Over Sammy Davis, Jr.

Okay, so first of all....yes another post. Can you tell I am procrastinating? If you admit it, it isn't bad. At least that is how I roll.

Today while killing some time in the thrift store (that is right next to the fabric store that I tend to live in) before we met Byron for lunch I had a momentary lack of oxygen to the brain. It happens, just more lately for some reason. But, Louisa picked a pair of tap shoes and HAD.TO.HAVE.THEM. And by this I mean that anyone in a few city blocks could hear her squeal in delight when she saw them and plopped down on the floor, threw off her shoes and found that "des fit me Mommy. Jus perfeckly. Ohhhh, can I habs dem?" I mean, oh the excitement. I cringed as I looked at them and somehow was able to block from my brain what was going to occur at the house when she had them. But, they were half off and I used them as bait. "Sure Lou, I just need you to be sweet in here and listen to Mommy and you can have them." "Oh boys, oh boys, oh boys. Mommy says I can hab dems. Oh my gosh, dis is da best eber. I luvs dem." And throughout the store she held them, showed them with pride to anyone that would look and talked to them the whole time. At one time (since I just kinda tune her out at some points) I looked up to see two ladies giggling and pointing at her and I turned to see what she was up to. She had the shoes in her hand and was almost petting them and telling them, "and yous gonna bes my shoes. Ima gonna be da best tap tapper when I haves you. Oh I can wait!" She is such an actress.

Well, I continued to use them as bait throughout the day and told her she had to take a good nap with no whining and fussing and carrying on like a baby. This tends to be her habit lately and I just cannot STAND the whining. It literally makes me cuckoo. Well, first thing up from her nap I swear she leaped out of bed and made it to my sewing room in record time and said, "oooooooooh Mommy don I get my tap shoes now? I was a reaw sweet girls and I wistened to you and I was a big girl and I was sweet." So, we go and get the shoes and the whole time I was just relishing in her excitement. She gets so excited over things and it just melts my heart! I had to snap some shots. She was loving it and thankfully, oh so thankfully.....the shoes aren't NEARLY as loud and obnoxious on the hardwoods. Ask me again in a week or so and you may get another answer. She has already asked me if she can take them to school and "show alls her frewnds." So cute. And for those that read the last post or are friends on Facebook....yes, she is feeling better. We dealt with fever a few more times yesterday and she threw-up right before her nap, but she is fine now. As for the throwing-up, get this, she told me it was because I gave her "a nasty wunch dat was so gross it mades me frow-up. Ewwww." Well, I had the same turkey sandwich and was just fine so spare me drama queen. Byron and I laugh, even though I don't find it funny how she always seems to "save the drama for her mama." :)

Until next time....


HollyBerry said...

oh how i LOVED some tap shoes, too! great choice, Louisa! amy, i swear you could have a second, or third, income writing a column for . any mom who reads who doesn't relate to everything you say just needs to, well, live a little longer. take care of your crew!

kosekcasa said...

When I first saw that picture at the top, I thought, "Those shoes are so cute...where did Amy find those?" I love that they are thrift store. Kate's favorite shoes are the cheapest and tackest shoes around. One being a sparkly pair of pink flip flops that came from a garage sale, the other are a red patent leather mary jane that used to be a friends and Kate inherited them, the third being her Princess Tennis Shoes from Walmart.

Kate please wear the $50 New Balances and not the hidious princess kicks. Please!

Sara said...

I could teach her a few basics if you were interested... shu-ffle-step and the like.

Megan said...

Louisa is so cute and the stories make me think about how my little girl will be in a year or so.

BTW..I am from Barnesville and found your blog through your Brownie Goose FB. You are very talented! I love all clothes you make! I attempt to make a few dress for my baby...hard work! Anyways, just wanted to say hey and that I love your blog. =)