Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh How the Times Have Changed

Long nights. Oh how the definition of what I consider this to be has changed. Rewind back 7-8 years (wow, it really has been that long) to college and a setting in the much-loved Athens, Ga. Here I was, a student at UGA living it up and having the best time. For those unfortunate enough to have never been to Athens, GO. NOW. But really, it is an amazing town. It doesn’t hold the beauty of my hometown Savannah, Ga….but it is beautiful in a whole other way. The culture, the restaurants, the nightlife with streets filled with bar after bar….and the BEST part, the music. Oh my gosh, the music. Which brings me to the point of this post, long nights. You remember college, waking up and rolling over in the bed only to realize that you are slightly spinning, slowly walking downstairs to grab any sort of liquid in the refrigerator to soothe your dry mouth all the while hearing your heartbeat in your ears and having your eyes pound. Then, you see it. The evidence of a long night. The beer cans stacked up, the wine and liquor bottles, evidence of a “late night at my house.” Something I loved all too much back in the day. Funny how things change, because just the mere thought of that sight to me today makes me cringe. I cannot even fathom a hangover. There is a time and a place, and Athens, Ga. was quite the place.

Now, present time. This is what the evidence of a long night now looks like to me.

Sad, in a number of ways. Let’s just talk about fever. Fever is that thing that sneaks uninvited into your baby’s room at night and turns their world upside down. It always comes in the wee hours, because it is sneaky like that. Upon one of the times going into Lou’s room last night when she was crying I could almost feel the heat radiating off of her when I walked in the door. So, first things first…..go and grab the “pink motrin” (my drug of choice) the teaspoon and note the time on the clock. Change her out of her pj’s since she is sweating bullets and lay down with her in the bed as she sweetly says, “Mommy, pwease don weave my beds, otay?” Not in a million years. However, lying next to a febrile child in a twin bed isn’t the most fun. I ended up sweating and being kicked and having all of the orifices on my face poked and such. But I wouldn’t “weave her.” Well, this started around midnight. As the “pink motrin” didn’t seem to do the trick, I added in the Tylenol. As a nurse, it used to chap my rear-end to no extent when a mom would call me and tell me their child had fever, but they didn’t know what it was since they didn’t check it. But I get it. I don’t have to grab the thermometer. When my child is sweating, red-cheeked, shaking and confused with both Tylenol and Motrin on board the amount of the fever matters none to me. So, until about 8 this morning, I alternated the two and gave her water and patted her sweaty head and finally saw the fever break. Is it weird that I feel victorious when I break a fever? I think it is the nurse in me, but I just think, “Haha stupid fever. Take that. See who’s boss?” Yes, I am a bit on the nerdy side, but whatev. She is resting on the couch right now indulging in some cartoons while I try and get as much caffeine in my system as possible to face the rest of the day. And, sadly as I just walked over to her to refill her water, I see the red cheeks are back, and so are the sweats. I place my hand on her forehead and realize that afore-mentioned fever apparently didn’t get the message. So, off to grab the Tylenol and hope I can find another bottle of Motrin so I don’t have to leave to go grab more since we drained the bottle last night.

We’ve had a rough go at our house as of late. I think it is just all the seasonal hoop-la but I cannot even begin to tell you how ready I am for the warm weather to come and kick out all the germs and bring the flowers and the pollen and all that fun stuff that messes with everyone’s allergies. I know that Lou is ready for it too. Cabin fever is atrocious and out of control at our house right now. I have it, the doggies have it bad and Lou has it too. So, winter….it’s been real, but your time has come and gone. We are in the South for goodness sakes, get on with it.

Until next time…


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

come to Georgia. It's a little warmer here. this state misses the Norrises!

kosekcasa said...

Oh a fever! Yuck! I love that Lou is also using the plural where it should be singular..."beds." Kate does that too. But for some reason she also adds an "a" sound. Girrafes = "giffafas"; neck = "neckas". Not really sure where this is coming from, but it's so cute!

Playing Sublimely said...

You are singing my song....winter has worn out its welcome. Sorry your little one is sick.

Ans yes, those were the dresses you think they are ;)...way fab!!!