Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing Seeds for Haiti

Okay, so this blog post will carry a serious tone…..since sometimes I can be taken seriously.

We all know about the recent horrific devastation in Haiti. I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes when faced with a tragedy of such great deal like this one, I just kind of shut down. I cannot look at the pictures of the devastation, mostly for fear of the sadness and loss that I see in the pictures of the people and the children. Mostly the children, and the animals. Goodness knows I have such a HUGE part in my heart for the animals. But then the guilt sets in and I realize I need to be grown up about this and put on my big girl panties and realize that I am not above any of this. Something to this nature could happen to me (or any of us for that reason) and I would want to know that complete strangers out there would want to help me, or at least feel some compassion and hurt for me as well. I know that not everyone takes the “easy” way out and turns their heads. So, when I clicked on one of my favorite blogs the other week and saw that there was something that I could do to help, it just felt right. Meet Randi, she is wonderful and has one of my favorite Etsy fabric stores (Fresh Squeezed Fabrics) and she hosts a project known as Sewing Seeds. She calls to all of us tailors out there when there is a need somewhere and she organizes and puts together a sort of clothing drive for the children in need. Did I tell you that I think she is wonderful? Well, I signed up and got excited and decided that I wanted to post this for all of my readers out there. Here is a direct link to the post with all the info regarding this Sewing Seeds project. Most importantly, the deadline for all skirts is March 5th.

She has included tutorials for skirts on her site, but let me just say……skirts are easy. You can make it as simple as a hem, a side seam and a waistband if you want. So, please….if this is somehow speaking to you and you want to get involved, please email me at browniegoose@hotmail.com and write “Sewing Seeds” in the subject line. Since she has requested knee-length skirts, what I plan to do is make skirts in Louisa’s size and make sure they are long enough. I had wanted to do almost like a “party” in which everyone gathered here and we could have snacks and sew these much-needed skirts, but I just couldn’t seem to get everything together. I also have no idea where I could put a bunch of people in my house with needs for electrical outlets. I thought about the garage, but it doesn’t seem to want to warm up anytime soon, so that might be a disaster….and with the electrical “issues” in our house, I am afraid we would have to turn off all lights and unplug everything but the refrigerator to be able to power all the machines.

Just let me know, and feel free to pass this along!


Elizabeth said...

Amy, so glad you're doing this. I cry every night when we watch the news...whenever I see children suffering there, etc. So I am so happy that you're going to do this. I wish I could sew and I'd be right there with you. Good for you for using your talents and creative energy to help the children of Haiti.

kosekcasa said...

I think I could do this...but I've never made skirt. Maybe we should have the sewing party at my house? I think I could recruit two other people to do this with your expert assistance!

Blog me and let me know what you think? Maybe we could talk Kevin into babysitting?