Monday, February 1, 2010

Staining my Ears

So, to brighten up everyone’s Monday….I wanted to share just a few excerpts from my convos with Lou today. Or should I say excerpts from Lou’s ramblings today. Mind you, this has all occurred within a few hours. I can honestly say that my ears are stained. Seriously. Sometimes I just want to sit in a room with NO noise, my ears need a break. But, I will stain yours for a few, although I will have to say it isn’t NEAR as cute when it doesn’t come from my blonde chatterbox and her sweet little voice.

“Convo # 1”
This took place when she came in my room this morning to wake me up. Mind you, I am one of those people that simply CANNOT function until I have had my first cup of coffee. Seriously, don’t even think about talking to me because I cannot pull it through enough to answer. Louisa’s words are marked with “L” and mine are with “A,” fancy huh?

L – Mommy, its time to wake up now. Mommy, are you wake? (Poking my eyeballs with her fingers that are wet, why? I don’t know) Mommy, Mommy, wook at me pwease.
A – Lou, just climb up here and lay with me for a bit until I want to wake up okay?
L – Otay Mommy. Oops, its too twricky to get up dere by mysewf. Mommy, can you helps me pwease? Mommy, I need your helps.
A – Okay Lou, but when I put you up here you HAVE to be quiet okay, that means NO noise.
L – Otay Mommy. (Put her up in the bed and she hovers over my face and stares at me and I can feel this even with my eyes closed) Mommy, are you still sweeping? Why Mommy? Do you want to wake up to pway wif me? It’s light owtside; it’s time to get up. (The poking continues, this time in my ears)
A – Louisa, I said quiet. That means keep your mouth closed and your hands to yourself while mommy tries to wake up
L – But Mommy, to wake up you need to hab your eyes open, not cwosed silly. Mommy, why are you trying to wake up? Mommy why aren’t your eyes open? (This time trying to pry my eyes open with her still wet fingers) (Laughing) Mommy, I see your eyes silly. Wake up sweepy head! Why do you want qwiet? Mommy, I see you. It is time to wake up.
A – FINE. I am up. Please stop poking me in my eyes.
L – Why am I poking you in your eyes? Mommy, why are you up? Mommy is it morning time and time to wake up? (Oh my gosh are you even kidding me at this time?)

And so we get up. I go and sit on the couch with her and get her some milk and me some coffee.

L – Mommy, why do you dink your coffee? Can I dink your coffee? Can I have a banana? Are you wake now?
A – Louisa, let me finish my coffee and then I will get you a banana. (Drink one sip)
L – Ooooh, Mommy are you done wif your coffee? Can I have a banana now?
A – Not yet Lou, I will let you know when I am done. Drink you milk and let’s watch some cartoons.
L – Mommy, are you sure you’re not done wif your coffee? Can I hab a sip? What is dat in your coffee? Ummmm, it mells good. Is it hot Mommy? Why you dink your coffee? I dink my chocate milk. Umm, it is so yummy. Is dere chocate in my milk? Why is dere chocate in my milk? Is dere chocate in your coffee? Mommy, are you done wif your coffee so I can hab a banana? (Really, I have still only had 1 sip, and this entire convo has unfolded in that one sip)

This continued on until I just got up and got her a banana. Geeze. Remember the cartoon Jabber Jaws? I live it every day.

“Convo # 2”
I am trying to go tee-tee, for all of you moms out there; you know that even if you shut the door, you don’t get privacy. But, I shut the door anyways and think I have made an escape until….

L – (knocking on door) Mommy, are you in dere? Mommy, are you going potty? Mommy, why is da door shut? Mommy, can I come in dere? Mommy do you hear me? Mommy, are you wistening?
A – Lou, Mommy is going potty. I need my privacy.
L – Mommy, why you need your pribacy? Mommy, can I come in? Mommy, do you have siareah? Mommy, don’t forget to wipe. Mommy, what are you doing in dere?
A – Louisa, I am going potty. Please let me have my privacy. (I hear a chair being moved across the hardwoods and her grunting and then the doorknob moving and the door opens)
L - Hey Mommy. I just had to come in to see if you needed my helps. Mommy, why do you have witches on your pants? (My Halloween pj’s) Mommy, I don’t wike witches. Dey are so mean and ride on brooms and dey scare me. Mommy are you going potty? Mommy, why are you in da bafroom? Mommy, do you need to go potty? I don’t wike dos withces on your pants. Dey scare me. Mommy, why do you have witches on your pants?
A – Lou, I had the door shut for a reason. Do you need to go potty while we are in here?
L – Well, Mommy I had a weason to open da door. I don’t need to go potty. Are you finished Mommy? Did you forget to fwush it? Mommy, do you still hab da witches on your pants? Why Mommy? Mommy, did you fwush it? Mommy, don’t forget to pull up your panties silly.
A – Thanks Lou, I got it. Are you sure you don’t need to go potty?
L – Umm-hmmm. I sure. (We start walking to the den and she starts the potty dance and in desperation starts hollering) I do need to go potty Mommy. Mommy, I need to go potty.
A – Of course you do, why didn’t you tell me that you had to when we were in there?
L – Mommy, I didn’t hab to go den. Geeze. Mommy, I hab to go potty. I need my pribacy, pwease shut da door and don’t look at my pribates. Mommy, do I hab witches on my pants?
A – No Lou, I will shut the door and you go potty.
L – Mommy, why don’t I hab witches on my pants? Did you shut da door Mommy? Mommy, do I has siareah? Mommy, I need to go potty. (All the while on the toilet with me standing outside the door) Mommy, I see you peeking on me. Go way, otay? I got dis.

Although I realize I have only posted 2 of the choice convos from this morning, my fingers are tired of typing them. This goes on in my house. She doesn’t stop talking. The “why” has set in and I cannot even get away with “because I said so.” Because she comes back with “Mommy, why do you say so?” The other day I tried what came suggested from another friend, “because that is the way God made it.” “Well Mommy, why did God make it like dat?” My ears are so stained that it isn’t even funny. We were in Big Lots the other day and of course she ran her mouth the entire time, I just don’t even notice anymore because I can *kinda* tune her out. It doesn’t matter if I answer her or not, she just keeps on going. But, this lady in the check out line patted me on the shoulder and said, “Bless you. I have heard her the entire time I have been in here. I bet she does that all day, I have a girl that is now 20 but talked the same, and she still hasn’t stopped.” Oh yay, some inspiration and encouragement. Yikes. As I tell her oh-so often, “Louisa, it is a darn good thing you are so cute!”

Do your ears hurt yet? If not, you are welcome to come over anytime to experience the chattering. Mandy, I KNOW you know what I mean. :) PS - if you are wondering why she always has on the same thing in pictures, she likes to dress herself. And that usually entails pulling something out of the dirty clothes hamper. This is one of those battles that I let go, unless we are going somewhere. With this child, I have bigger fish to fry!

Until next time…


kosekcasa said...

Love it! I busted out laughing when you mentioned the chair scooting across the hard wood floor...SO FAMILIAR!!! There is literally a tiny chair in every room of our house that acts as Kate's personal ladder.

Yesterday I came into the kitchen and she was standing on top of the counter, reaching something on top of the refrigerator! Oh goodness...

Loved this blog! And coming from a speech therapist...GREAT LANGUAGE SKILLS!

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

LOVE THIS TOO!!!!!!! Why is the worst word ever

Sarah Broadus said...

hahahah love it! times that by 2 and you have my world! we have "no why wednesday". Madyson is not allowed to say why at all just to give me 1 day of peace! She does replace it why how....

Brandi Smith said...

That is HILARIOUS! How about we got to Pizza Hut and when I went to the restroom with my oldest to tee tee I went ahead and went (HATE public restrooms gag!)well all of a sudden he busts out...mommy did you poo poo in the potty! We have been doing the whole potty training thing so I guess he was gonna coach me, by the way TMI but I didn't "poo poo" HAHAHA!

Penny Ginn said...

Gee, I'm tired just reading this!

Gracie and Bryan Gaspard said...


Carol said...

The bathroom comment just reminded me about Louisa getting me at Katies wedding!!! "Yay- Aunt Carol went potty"- while clapping away!! We walked out & everyone was about to die laughing! :-)