Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living Through a Reno. Boo.

I looked up the definition of “living through a renovation” in the dictionary in my brain just for toots and giggles to make myself feel better and this is what it said:

Dust. Dirt. Toilet in my bedroom. 3 people sharing a small guest bathroom that isn’t really set up for a shower (no wonder we don’t ever have guests). A hole in the bathroom floor that leads to under the house that I know my sneaky-striped kitty is wanting to go down. Did I mention dust?

So, I know I have griped about it before…and I really and truly am not ungrateful that I am getting a new bathroom and that my husband is super wonderful and talented and knows how to do all these carpentry things, but it just gets hard. Especially at a time when my business is off-the-chain nutty as well. It is like I need something in my life/house to be organized and clean and nice. When brownie-goose gets nuts (as it usually is) I try my hardest to keep the house clean. But it gets hard. The dishes pile up, the toilets don’t get cleaned every week, the floors and all of the animal fur get looked over, the random clutter that just is in a house with a toddler begins to take over…and let’s not even talk about my sewing room. But, add in a full-fledged reno in which everything is out of the bathroom (floor, sinks, cabinet, toilet, tub, tile, etc) to get it ready for a superb re-do…add in a little more craziness. Like the dust. Oh my, it is everywhere. No one can make a clean get-a-way in this house. Just take a look at my bedroom floor.

Now, check out the living room and the route to the front door. Caught you Mr. Crocs-wearing tile guy.

Did I just say tile-guy? Why yes I did. We are really hoping to be able to hire out the tile. Hoping is the key-word here. It will probably be out of our price range, and silly since we can do it ourselves, but well, you know…never hurts to ask. And what was that I just saw…a toilet, on the hearth in the master bedroom? Quite convenient, you think?

And sharing Lou’s bathroom. It just isn’t fun. This is a great guest/hall bathroom that is really JUST that. It is on the small side for a family. And this is a pic with all the hoop-la picked up off the very small counter space. Byron and I are not clean bathroom people. We leave our stuff out. That is how we roll. It is easier and more efficient. But, just not pretty.

And that hole in the floor…here it is.

I am psycho about making sure the bathroom door is shut so that sneaky-sly Murray doesn’t decide she needs to scope out what is underneath. Since the only doors that actually SHUT in our house are the exteriors and then my sewing room, this makes it hard.

But…just a sneak peek of a small bit of the lovely that will be. Here is a piece of the marble for the floor. I love it. My toes cannot wait to walk on it. Don’t you love it too?

And while we are talking about sneak peeks…check out this one.

Just divine, don’t you think? We went on Sunday and had my brilliant friend Katie at Mary Moment Photography take Lou’s pics. Katie has a very hard job. She is absolutely awesome at what she does, but I was fed up with Louisa and her lack of cooperation after a bit. I don’t know how she does it. But she takes the most beautiful pictures I have EVER seen. Ever. I think I might even venture back to Mississippi after we move in 2 years just to have her take pics. Yes, my friends…she is THAT good. Like I don't think I will be able to pic just one from her shots. Brilliant, I tell you.

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Keep yo head up girl!!!!! Hoping this reno goes quickly and you discover some extra hours in the day to take care of brownie-goose, oh and then take care of Louisa too. Bless YOU!

Sarah Broadus said...

atleast the rats are gone? and a toilet by the fireplace is so in! Saw it on HGTV the other day!

The Fab Five said...

i can't wait to see more reno!!! may be since we will NEVER get started on any of ours, I can just live through yours... oh and that reminds me... I need to replenish my Sheer Blonde shampoo :)