Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raindrop on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens...

What a good way to start the week….blogging in my best fashion, when I have a bazillion things to attend to in the sewing room, the dishes that are about to fall out of the sink, etc. You know the normal. However, I must say that other than all of that, my house is spotless (except for the master bedroom and bath, but we will get to all that later). I hosted a baby shower for a great friend yesterday, and sometimes there is nothing like having an event to kick your booty into gear to get your house clean. And by clean I mean the kind of clean for other people to come over, not just for you. You know, the baseboards, dusting, polishing our poor bare, non-sealed hardwoods. Bleaching the bathroom floors, moving the sofas to actually vacuum under them, what a novel idea, right? It is hard, hard work…but oh so worth it in the end. Although I know and am having a hard time accepting that my two days of cleaning will be null and void in a few hours. In fact, maybe already since the bathroom reno is still in process and that dust…oh it is everywhere. From sawdust to the super-fine, super-annoying sheet-rock dust, grrrrr.

But, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….things that made someone happy. I personally don’t like roses, but I happen to LOVE kittens (especially when they run sideways all crab-like) but I found some other things that make me happy and I though I’d share. I forgot how much I love fresh flowers in the house. They make me smile.

I found these branches/sticks/twigs on a tree that I loved (bare with me, I am a mom not an arborist…I have no clue what they are called) and I did something that would make my mom proud. I pulled the car over to the side of the road and stole some twigs/branches/sticks off of the trees to put in my house. Then later, when I realized how much I loved them…I got my sweet neighbor in cahoots with me and since she had this same tree in her backyard, I had her hang on the branch to weigh it down while I stole more to fill the house. Aren’t they so happy? I have NO clue what they are, but I love the purple color and how it contrasts with all my paint colors so well. Plus, they just make me smile.

Oh my, however did I almost forget….fresh fruit? This is something that is reserved for “special occasions” in our household due to the budget, but I felt Tori’s shower was the perfect occasion. LOVE some fresh fruit. It was one of my favorite (almost up there with the abundance of rum, white sand, sunshine and new hubby) things about Jamaica when we went on our honeymoon. It was everywhere. You could request a fresh fruit smoothie from one of the bars for bfast, and then a few hours later get the same thing with some rum. What a great idea. I think I need to go back there soon.

So, now that I have shared all my fun pictures of things that just make me happy (this gorgeous weather sure helps with the mood too) let me show you the everyday here on Cowan Place. The bathroom. Had you forgotten? Because I hadn’t. Our awesome plumber came out last week and got all the plumbing (well, the beginning parts) done and then the tile guy….remember him, the Crocs-wearing-tile guy that was gonna give us a quote?? Let’s just say what he quoted us was around the same amount I think my parent paid for my first car. And it was just labor. Asinine is what I say. So, we shall do the tiling ourselves. But, it is coming along and I will share some pics with you. Have no fear…we have not found more animal skeletons that I proceed to get too close to to get photos that make all my readers squirm, so these pics are all PG, in fact…they might even be G-rated since you certainly cannot hear the 4-letters that come from me when I realize this dust is going all over my uber-clean house.

Oh well, and then my super sweet Lucy, she makes me happy too. I am just too tired to put her back in the top of the post. So, here she is. Love this doggie/horse. She is the most loyal dog I have ever seen.

Wondering what the sassafras has been up to? Oh, just her usual. I did forget to mention how she helped me clean the other day by running her vacuum in nothing but her Dora panties and her dress up high-heel shoes. Of course my camera batteries were dead at the time, or else you would definitely be seeing those pics, but trust me…it was the cutest sight to see. Gotta love that girl!

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

branches look AH-mazing!!!!!!!!

kosekcasa said...

...and I was impressed with the fruit on a stick at the egg hunt today laying on a plate. Seeing them in the pineapple is WAY impressive.

What is it about a spick and span house? It just makes me smile, and it's so rare here at the Kosek house.

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

You are so the Darby of Mississippi!! Love it! Oh and thanks for the help with furniture painting. I decided just to let my sister do it for me ;)

SaraJane said...

I think those purple things are redbuds.