Saturday, March 6, 2010

You are My Sunshine

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right…

I mean, I couldn’t have said it better. I love the sun. And it has been WAY too long since I have seen it. I mean, it can shine when it is cold outside, but that doesn’t really count, you know. I need the sunshine that warms my shoulders, makes the top of my head hot (and thankful that I have light hair) and makes my skin feel tight after a few hours in it. Although I have come a LONG way since my days of sitting on the beach with my girls tanning with baby-oil mixed with iodine (I know, I will pay for that later….but it was fun while it lasted) it just feels so good. I mean, it is like the most potent medicine EVER. If you could bottle some good old-fashion Vitamin D, I might try to overdose. Yikes, but really….I LOVE the sun. And since I am no longer just minutes from the beach, I have learned to become a redneck and enjoy it from the deck in my backyard. I guess I could always put my chair near Lou’s sandbox and pretend, but let’s not get that crazy.

Well, yesterday the sun shone and brought the temperatures up to a nice 60 degrees. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t stop smiling. Let me confess something real quick, sometimes I feel that when I “confess” things on here, that it makes them okay. :) The sunshine is the biggest un-motivator for me. Come Spring, I have the HARDEST time getting anything done except sitting in a lawn chair in the back with a book or magazine. I also confess I have a huge addiction to celebrity gossip. If anyone ever wants to get me a subscription to People magazine out of the sweetness of their hearts (I just cannot justify that kind of money with our meager budget) I would LOVE you. But poor Thelma and Louise (my sewing and serger) they get SO neglected when the sunshine shows its beautiful face. This isn’t such a good thing since my spring orders for brownie-goose are still bonkers and are not getting sewn by anyone other than me, myself and I. Usually makes for later nights with my old friend “Midnight Oil.” Oh well, oh the sun. So, when I realized the sun was going to be my friend, I went on outside with my toddler still in her pj’s and her hot pink patent loafers. I did say we were being rednecks, so just follow along here. :) And I sat, and she played and the dogs played and chased squirrels and each other and were chased by Lou. A good time had by all. Well, that is until Daddy came home. Lou and I still had a great time….but the sweet labbies soon realized it was bath time. Now, let me just say that you have never seen a more pitiful face until you see Lucy realize that she is about to be bathed. Outside, nonetheless. She loves to be bathed inside in the tub, mind you she is the size of a small horse….so this is always interesting. But outside is not her friend. You have to bathe her first or else she starts to have panic attacks. Once, she even scooted her way under my car in the garage, how in the world she managed that is beyond me…but oh trying to get her out from under it was a disaster! So, Lucy got to go first. How sad is this face?

I mean, she acts like she is being tortured.

But afterwards, a happy girl that spazes out all over the yard. Something my photography skills no nothing of being able to catch on film. Maybe I will learn from my awesome friend Katie one day.

Then it is my sweet brown boy’s turn. Now, he doesn’t like a bath, per say….but he doesn’t mind it.

He especially loves the part where you scrub him with the soap in the part that just collapses a lab at the knees…their backs right above their tails. Oh, it just makes him melt. It looks like he is snarling in this pic, but he is actually making his “happy growl” that makes me happy too. I always say that it translates into (insert my deep, slow Mallard voice here) “oh that feels so good, that is the spot.”

Oh, and this is his “bear face.” See how he has his head drooped and his ears out? This is the face that will greet us at the door when he has been bad. Like when he gets into the trash can and eats chicken carcasses and aluminum cans and glass Pyrex dishes. The dog severely suffers from PICA.

But, oh the best part!

And how about this little redneck in the middle of it all singing at the top of her lungs? Don’t you just love her?

And let me just say a quick thank you for all of you who either commented, emailed or commented on Facebook and helped me realize that I am not the only mother that goes through her little episode at school I honestly don’t know what I would do without the support of all of my internet/blogger friends. Thanks for being there for me always and letting me have my own mini-therapy sessions here. Yall are the best. Now, off to lose more motivation as I see the sun is up and slowly warming the temps. Wahooo!

Until next time...


Penny Ginn said...

Ahhhhh ...... sunshine. It does make me smile. :) I'd take 98 degrees with 100% humidity over freezing temps ANY day!

The Fab Five said...

LOVE her pink patent shoes!

randi said...

i love that spring is coming! the sunshine is wonderful!

those dogs look sparkling clean. cute pics!


kosekcasa said...

Great pictures! Love the one with pup shaking out! I love a sunny day too! Nothing beats it!