Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bring It On Summertime...

I know I blogged last summer about how much I loved summer. I think I will do it again, even though it isn't really summer, somehow the 90 degree weather fools me. But you know, my fave season...I will take it all. I loves it, as Lou would say.

To me, the signs of different seasons are great. Except winter, I am not much a fan of winter...but the signs of spring and summer are my absolute faves. I love when things begin to bloom. I love when the weather is so great all you want to do is open the doors and windows (unless you live in my house and all the windows are painted shut and then protected with inch thick storm windows, gripe). I love going to a nursery or farmer's market to buy new ferns for the urns (haha...ferns for my urns) on my front stoop (it simply cannot be confused with a porch). Setting the grill on fire. Wait, what? Apparently this is a new sign for me...but the second year in tradition. So, the setting of the grill on fire. Nothing like some char-grilled chicken. :)

You know who else likes it all? My kiddos. Not just Louisa but the doggies as well. Because this is the time I love to go outside. Aside from the mosquitoes the size of Murray, it is just some serious therapy. So, we all get to play outside. Tonight when we played outside, I, of course took my camera (be forewarned...I am taking a photog course next I might be about to get REALLY annoying with the pictures) to capture some of these signs.

Grass. Look at how green and fluffy this looks. I love it. I love it even more knowing that I PUT IN ON THE GROUND. Yep, this pic is from the third pallet that we layed last summer. I laid that 3rd one "all by self" to surprise Byron. He was surprised, so were my muscles. But, no gain.

And this grass is just ASKING to be twirled in by the cutest little tow-headed-firecracker I know.

And sweet Lucy, in her favorite spot in the backyard. The stick pile. Chasing the raccoons that weigh more than Lou that all hide in there. They are very large. But, I love them. And I am secretly hoping they will have babies and let me have one. I need one.

Mallard loves nothing more than for someone to throw something for him to fetch all.the.time. Bless him though, he has arthritis in his back hips, so we can't play too much...but he just doesn't understand. Sometimes when playing too much, he will still play fetch DRAGGING his back legs. It breaks my heart in two. He is my baby. A bit obsessive, but the apple never falls far.

I mean, just look how he is smiling! He loves it.

And oh my gosh. This guy is calling my name with some serious loudness. There isn't much better in this world than a Pawley's Island hammock. Tried and true. Funny story on this one. This is our second. The first one was a gift to Byron from an ex-girlfriend. It never bothered me, I sat and swung in it just the same. For the last 7 years. I loved it, and it loved me. I spent many of afternoons in it reading books. Wow, I love a hammock. But, just recently it did me wrong. I went to said hammock with a good book, my Blackberry and some Diet Coke and was SO stinking excited about sitting in the backyard in quiet and reading a book. Well, the dry-rot finally set it all over. Recently, the ropes started to pop one-by-one. Not this day, all the ropes went ka-plooey all at once and down to the ground I went with a thud. Not cool my friend. But then I thought, you know...that is probably sweet, sweet karma finally coming around and biting me in the booty for swinging so long in a hammock from an ex-girlfriend. Funny, huh?

Summertime usually brings a little silliness too. Wait, who am I kidding? This child is always silly. No matter the season.

Oh, and I simply CANNOT forget one of my summertime favorites. Beer in the backyard. I can just hear Buzz Ravenel from Shag asking me, "Bevo?" Yes please.

On a side note. Just a story I thought I'd share since if there was anyone in the woods along 25 today...I am sure I am videotaped and might already be on YouTube getting many laughs. I was driving back from Philadelphia from visiting Phoebe, and had just gotten on Lakeland/25 whatever that road is called. Mind you, I brake for animals. All of them, except snakes and alligators. In fact, I totaled my first car when I swerved to miss hitting a black lab. I know, it isn't safe...but it is just a reflex that I cannot control. Anyways, I hit a buzzard. The thing came out of NO where. Seriously, no where. It made such a thud that I was convinced my entire front bumper was gone. Well, I pulled over because I felt awful. I know it was just a buzzard, but I was still shaken up and felt like I would hurl. Plus, I needed to make sure my front end was still in one piece...miraculously it was, gotta LOVE a Honda. Anyways, I looked back and there was that poor buzzard just lying in the tire tracks. I felt terrible. I decided I needed to move it so that other cars wouldn't hit it. I'm still sane, just follow me through. I always keep plastic grocery bags in the car because when you travel with a toddler, you never know what you are in for. So, I grabbed the bags and was walking towards it (this part of 25 is deserted) and was thinking of how I would wrap the bags around it and pull it off to the side. About the time I got close enough to realize the joker was as big as I was, he jumped up fast as can be started hopping and then trying to fly....RIGHT AT ME. I do not know how I didn't wet my pants for real because it scared me so bad. He was just off-balance I guess, and he continued to hop off and seemed to be fine, but I think he had it out for me. I know for sure I screamed, because Lou asked me why I was "howwerin" when I got in the car. I know I jumped a few thousand feet and then ran, back to Remy. And as I said...if anyone was hanging out in the woods they got a nice little laugh. I know I would have. Crazy. Looney. Oh my gosh. Hope you enjoyed that. So, as a lesson...if you hit a buzzard, let it go. I know you are all saying in your head, "well...duh Amy." Whatev, you have to learn right? :)

Until next time...


Carol said...

OMG- whole office cracking up as usual!!!

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Again, LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!

The Fab Five said...

lol, we need to talk

K.S. said...

Hey sweet Amy!! It was so fun to discover your comment and to catch up on your beautiful family...your little girl is absolutely adorable. thanks for saying hello, and you will be in my prayers...with love, kelly

Sara said...

Your blog will be a book one day. And it will be a best seller. Seriously, go find an editor and a publisher.