Monday, May 24, 2010

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms...

Here it is, 12:30 am and I have tried to lay in bed but have been awakened 3 times already by Lou, so I decided to just get up for a while. I am not really in the mood to sew, nothing, and I mean nothing is on TV, I have already stalked enough people on Facebook to know what everyone did today, so I guess I will sit down to blog.

Today I worked in the yard with Byron. This is something that we used to always do together at our house in Georgia. I mean, we were fierce in the yard. Sherri and Debbie, if you are reading...did you know it was like a competition to see who had the most yard trash on the street by Mondays? :) We always had some big project going on like building a picket fence from scratch or pulling up all the English ivy that covered our front yard all the while finding way to many snakes for this girl to handle. We even made this little back patio area after we got home from our honeymoon. No worries, Murphy and his Law has always been there right along side of us…even so in one project Byron was working on the roof of our guest house when out of NO WHERE the sky turned black, the winds picked up to like 125 miles per hour (not really, but I figured the drama was needed to get the point across) and while I was out weeding the front flower bed I heard him hollering for me to help. So I did…little did I know that in 5 minutes we would both be up on the roof (me in my gym shorts and flip flops) laying our weight on a large tarp over an un-shingled roof while a storm blew over and we were hailed upon, big-fat-rain dropped upon and escaped lightning strikes only by the luck of our britches. It was awful. We laugh about it now, sure…but that moment was awful. I honestly think it was tornado weather, but thankfully the twisters were not out that day. Phew. Could you imagine? Then, there was one time that we were working on the back patio (mind you RIGHT after we got home from honeymoon) and my sweet NEW husband used my work gloves to mess with some poison ivy. I had NEVER had a problem with the stuff before. Well, introduce Amy to a poison ivy allergy. Lovely. I got it bad. I mean, bad bad. I ended up getting on steroids…which for those fortunate enough NOT to know me on steroids…this little girl on roids is NO BUENO. I am quite the mad hatter. My poor, sweet, brand-new husband probably wanted to trade his new wife in for another…that is until the steroids wore off and I slowly got back to my only slightly crazed self. Phew. Close one. But, point being (as I tend to get off subject too easily) I just don’t work in the yard with him here anymore. I don’t know why. Maybe because the backyard here just overwhelms the patoobies out of me. I just don’t know where to start ever. Ever. I mean, we are getting there, and have a humongo work in the yard weekend planned for Memorial Day weekend, so I am trying to find my big-girl panties to put on for that weekend, oh wait…that reminds me, I have been meaning to do my laundry for a week now. Hmmm, wonder if the noise will wake anyone else up?

But, in preparation for about 2 football fields worth of pea-gravel that is probably going to be delivered and dumped in our driveway towards the end of the week, we had to get working. Down in the dirt and all dirty and sweaty. It was fun though, and at the end of the job for today I took a 2 hour nap (I NEVER take naps, ever…but this was fun and needed as the sleeping lately has been non-existent. Obviously, I am up at 1 am blogging) and then we grilled hot dogs while Louisa played in the sprinkler. I love days like this. I am sure my sewing room missed me, but I told it not to worry…it will get plenty of me this coming week.

So, most of my readers care about one thing. The toddler that usually graces the pages of this blog with her silly smiles and crazy ways. Well, she was there today. Full-force.

And thankfully, we have a backyard FULL of earthworms (not for long if I continue to decapitate with my shovel on fact, while it kept happening I was singing this to the Outkast tune "I'm sorry Mr. Worm, I cut off your heead" Yep, I just said that) that keep her occupied.

Then she decided to run all around the backyard and just smile. This was seen by a resting Mommy on the hammock and it brought me such joy that I cannot even explain. Made me forget I was sleepy as crap. Remember that blog on Friday? Yep. And, I had my trusty Sambo stuffed down into my sports-bra so that I could Pandora while I worked (no pockets on the gym shorts) and at this moment of pure bliss while watching said tot run around in circles I was listening to the sweet, sweet voice of Ingrid Michaelson. It was like a scene from a movie. Except I was sweaty and stinky, and my dog had just pooed right beside the hammock so that was stinky, and we were all sweaty and Lou finally stopped running around and came to me and started whining. Okay, so there was that lovely moment in which your toddler melts you and you are beyond words and then reality comes back and bites you in the booty. Quickly. But then, she actually asked me to take pictures of her. She NEVER does this. And you all see first-hand the number of pics I take of her. Well, this time she was willing. And of course you know I jumped.

Who cares that she started to eat dirt…what is that saying again, God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt?? I am sure there are some nutrients in there that simply cannot be found in chicken nuggets, French fries or PB & J’s.

Fast-forward to later when the sprinkler came out. I couldn’t get close enough without fear of the unpredictable flower sprinkler shooting water all over my camera to get a close up, but this next one says it all.

Then how about this one, she will KILL me one day for the double chins. But it captured the moment of her pure happiness in running around in the water. I remember that feeling as a child. Who wouldn’t want to go back there? I guess I could try. We have a very tall privacy fence on all sides. Who would ever know? Maybe the fat raccoons that live in the trees? Nah, they are my buds, they wouldn't tell or judge.

Okay, so as I am wrapping this up, it just now dawned on me that I sat down to blog about the new master bathroom. Wow, talk about getting off the subject. I don’t even think I hinted at it at all. Goodness. Oh well, that will be another blog another day. I am slowly starting to get tired again, and am keeping the fingers crossed I can get at least an hour straight of uninterrupted sleep. But, the way things are sounding back there in that sweet baby pink room, I doubt it. Bless her. And her sweet little dirt covered lips as she leaned in for a "supa smoochie."

Until next time…


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Guess we both blog on the same nights, in the middle of the night! Sorry Louisa is having another spell, poor thing. Ok, so the girls have that metallic polkie dot swimsuit too and flower sprinkler too, LOL

Amanda Jones said...

I've got to get me a good camera....your pics are fantastic!! What kind of camera do you have?

kosekcasa said...

The last time we were out in the yard doing yard work, Kate ran around "resucing the worms." She kept saying, "I saved the day!"

Louisa is precious! What a fun day in the yard!

TeenyTinyFashions said...

I love reading your blogs because you always capture what I believe is the essence of motherhood - that joy that only a mother can experience from the simplest litte things like watching your child play in the sprinkler.
They grow up so fast and in the blink of an eye, the little baby is gone and replaced by a chubby toddler, then before you know it you're staring at (in my case) a little boy shooting hoops in your driveway. It's bitter sweet ya know. Keep up the late night blogging for us mommies out here : )