Friday, May 21, 2010

The Little Things in Life

So, ever had one of those days that you just want to stomp and scream and cuss and pull your hair out? Well, today started off as one, and I am making it stop as I have quit trying to do anything that resembles productivity. I just need to shut down for a few and take a breather and gain some perspective.

First of all, my child is 3. You may not understand unless you have a 3 year old drama queen at your house…then you totally get it. She is putting me through the ringer. It really doesn’t help that she hasn’t slept worth a crap the last 2 weeks. I will refrain from going into her sleep habits/disorder because I know most of you already know all about it. If you are new here, yay…welcome, you can catch a refresher course here. If I had a full night’s sleep on board, I might be a little better with handling the issues of a 3 year old. But I don’t. And, in her defense…I have a feeling (or at least I really, really want to believe) that most of her erratic behavior is because she is tired too. I just don’t have the patience right now because I am exhausted and it just is beating us both down. I really don’t want to complain about it any longer though because as I have said a bazillion times before, Dr. Smith always reminds me to be careful what I wish for, and it is so true. It is days like this that I am always struck straight in the face by a nice whooping dose of perspective. And I am very thankful for it. Always. I think perspective is just about fabulous. I cannot tell you how many parents out there probably wished that their only worry was whether or not their 3 year old would sleep through the night. And with that said, I just feel awful for even being annoyed by it. You know? I have a friend that I haven’t seen since middle school (but we caught up on Facebook) that this time last year was about to learn that her 5 month old needed a heart transplant. I mean, wow. This girl amazes me to this day in how well she handles so much that is thrown her way. And I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her, but sometimes I think of her when I want to have a pity party. I remind myself that this girl that shares my name is one of the strongest, bravest mothers I know…and I haven’t laid eyes on her in years. Weird, isn’t it? And you know what…you don’t hear her complain, at least I don’t. So, let me shut my trap on that note.

So, to avoid going with the flow of my rancid day, I decided to refocus my negative attitude on things that I love and that make me smile. So, I went outside for some dirt therapy. Funny how sometimes getting your hands dirty can bring you back to earth. Literally. So I planted some flowers in my pots on the porch that had over-due pansies still habitating in them. Immediately I felt better. So, I came back inside…put Miss Thing down for a nap and shut off all of my sewing machines, irons and light to my sewing room. Just cannot do that right now. Instead, I started emptying all the pics off of my camera onto the computer and uploading to Facebook and such so I can stay “plugged” in. Well, in doing so, my mood was improved again. I found pictures of the things that just make me smile and forget that I could honestly fall right asleep if I just blinked for one second too long. Without sounding all cheesy and gooby and mushy and all that hoop-la, I gained my perspective. For it is in the little things...the frog in the garden,

my cat taking a nap,

my brown dog being curious about all the flea medicines,

my child picking a wedgie and being caught on camera,

my husband watching the Masters in the garage so he can escape in a beach chair with his feet propped on my treadmill,


ice-cold strawberry Abitas,

that your good old-fashioned perspective is found. Well, at least for me. It is the small things in this life that make you happy and that matter most. Not the whole scheme of things. In 30 years will I look back and think about my bad mood and tiredness or will I remember laughing with my child having a tea party when she serves me toilet water? Well, I guess I could remember whichever I wanted to. But I think I know what I will choose. And on that note, pinkies up my dearest Lula Kate.

Until next time…


kosekcasa said...

Great always. You are right sometimes the little things bring it all down to earth. Thanks for that little reminder. Now, I'm leaving work and going home to see my "little things."

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Girl, Louisa and Pepper must have had a late night call last night, cause she was in rare form today too!!!!!! Bless your soul! Sleep deprivation gets the best of us. We all DO have so much to be thankful for and is so easy to get caught up in the crap of life. Thanks for the reminder dear friend!