Friday, May 14, 2010

Methods to My Madness

So, warning…rando post. But my mind is racing a bazillion miles an hour and I just need to get it all out somewhere.

Do you ever have those moments in which you just have to do something right then and there? It is like something comes and bites me in the booty and I need to drop everything I am doing and go pursue this booty-biting thing. I am not talking about bugs or fleas or anything…it is that creative bug that comes out of nowhere. He is rough. Well, here I was taking a coffee break from brownie-goose and ordering prints from the photos that my amazing friend took of Lou a few months ago…I am really on the ball here. Anyways, I decided that I needed to stop right then and there and leave to go to an unspecified place (a girl has to have her secrets) to go get some stuff to do some fun creativeness for these pictures that probably wont come in the mail for another few weeks. I know this is sketchy, but I simply cannot reveal my ideas in case I don’t follow through with them and yall will have me feeling all bad because I told you about them and then went off on another tangent. Is this even healthy? Or is it some characteristic of a mental disorder? That is a rhetorical question, by the way.

So, here I am taking a coffee break and this is where my mind goes. Now, I can kind of see where Lou gets it from sometimes. Ordering pictures, ooohhhhh feel the need to go to unspecified store to get fun things. Must do NOW, but Lou is asleep. Crap. Call up place only to find they close in 30 minutes and that just wouldn’t be enough time for me to go in and figure out what I “need.” (This leads me to confess that I have a slightly deranged perceptive of need vs. want, so….I have come to terms with it and am just fine with it all, I believe if you admit to some madness sometimes, it is okay) Heavy sigh, maybe I can go tomorrow, but I won’t “need” to as bad then. So, I go off on another tangent. Mind you, I still have about 60 orders that need to be sewn in my sewing room, but I decide instead I am going to do the infamous walk around my house to see what needs to be redecorated or repainted. Oh my gosh, why am I so nutty? Please tell me I am not the only one that does this. So, I get all creative and then decide that I need to redo the curtains in the living room and then re-upholster the sofa. Come on now, Amy….are you even serious? I mean, I still have to make the shower curtain and window curtain for the newly finished master bath. So, off of that tangent…then onto another. But back to the pictures and framing and such. I decide where I need to move some pictures from where to where and where I need to hang the new ones that I just ordered. Then I get all excited again about going to said store to find some said things to take on a whole other project that I am not quite sure I have the skills or tools for. Which brings me to another thing. I have this awful habit of seeing something I like and saying, “Oh, I can do that.” And then my uber-determined self cannot be okay until I carry through with it, come hell or high water. Think that is Mrs. Type A coming through and showing her bossy self? Well, then I remember Lou is napping and I cannot do any of that fun stuff right now since I need to attend to my sewing and then my projects for the bathroom first. So, what do I do? Well, I sit down in front of the computer and decide I want to play around more with my new website that I am trying to create for brownie-goose. Are you following me here? Then, I get frustrated because I don’t know what certain words/html codes mean, so I Google them and then get fed up and my mind starts to wander to my Fall line for BG. I start thinking of my new fabrics and patterns and website that needs to be done, etc. And so…I begin to get overwhelmed because I then remember that I still have Spring/Summer to finish. Ughh. So, I sit down to blog because my mind is taking over at this point and I just picture it sprouting legs and running off with my body trying to keep up with it.

Does it sound to you like I am crazy? Once again, rhetorical. But this must happen to other people, right? And funny as it is….I don’t really think of myself as the creative type. I love to create though, I like to make things, I like to design things, I want to learn to paint, I want to learn more about woodworking, I love to sew, I really want to learn more about graphic design, and most of all – I LOVE to do it all myself. I love to say, “yes I did that” or “I made it” etc, all the while feeling super embarrassed by it all. The attention I mean. Goodness. Looney bin…

One of the girls whose blog I stalk (click here, she is great - and you should stalk her too) wrote a post before about how crafty people sometimes just have their hands in too many things. Maybe that is my illness. I just want to do it all. And then I think my mind is in over-drive since I went to Canton Flea Market yesterday and saw booth after booth of creativeness and then had a photography course last night which made me want to stay up all night and play with my camera. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I say, “Oh I can do that” but then again…deep down I know that I need (remember my definitions of need) to figure out how.

Well, in the mean-time of this rant and rave…Louisa woke up from her “booty seep.” And, I have sort-of calmed myself down off my creative pyschoness. It is funny, because if you ask my husband…I am the complete opposite of ADD. I get so into things and so determined to finish once I start something that the world could crash down around me and I would never know. But, it is on these crazy creative streaks that I question this lack of ADD. Make sense?

Just to entertain, I will include some pictures from my class last night. It was taught by Jeanelle Caraway (J. Caraway Photography) and Katie Stafford (of Mary Moment Photography). These girls can tear it up behind the lens. I can tear some things up, I am sure…but not in the same fashion. Anyways, this was me playing with my camera at the table. I put it on manual…and you know what, to my amazement – it didn’t blow up when I took pictures and I didn’t fall out. It took pictures. And even better…who knew the meter on there would help me out with my exposure. I was amazed at how smart my camera really was. I mean, rock on water bottle and mustard bottle! So, here we go playing around with ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Say what?? I know, maybe I know JUST enough to be dangerous, which is pretty much the case in all my creative hobbies. :)

Until next time (when I will try to promise to be more sane, *try* being key word)…


lnichols said...

learning how to "really" take pics is fun. difficult but fun!

Clint and Jeri Anne said...

Are you my long, lost twin sister? In my first drawing class in college, my teacher said that we were all probably right-brained and then spent the rest of the class explaining to us how and why we should be organized and controlled with our "creativeness." I just stared out the window. So I had a day last week where I did nothing but write down ideas for baby room, Mimi's room, den, sewing, writing, and photography . . . and I was totally supposed to be working!! Oops!