Sunday, July 25, 2010

Louisa Kate, In Lights

There is no doubt in my mind that someday my child will do something big. She has a flare for the dramatic, and I almost choke when I say that...because a flare is an UNDER-statement.

Anyways, this week, she really is a star. She is in the front window of one of Jackson's newest frame shops. My neighbor, who is the owner had asked to get a picture of her to do a sort of "beachy-themed" window display, and since I sometimes take pictures of her, I had to oblige. Well, Dana let me know when it was up and I kept it a secret from Lou but told her that I had a surprise to show her at Dana's shop. Well, we pulled up...and she said, "Oh look Mommy, dat is me in dat store. Am I's a model?" And she said this in a tone that she would say the ordinary, and never skipped a beat and kept going. Well, then I got her out of the car and she got to look up close and that is when she turned to me with smile that I WISH I had captured on camera. I could barely see her eyes because her smile was so big and she yelled in her typical-Louisa-non-inside voice, "Ooooohhh my gawsh. Dat is me. I am such a mobie star."And, stardom was born.

Cute, isn't she? Well, if you are in really should stop by the store. It is called Peacock Alley and it is in Canton Mart right next to Lemongrass and across from Majestic Burger. They've got some great stuff in there, especially in the front window. :)

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Bees. But Not Really.

Wow...where have we been? Geeze, right. I have learned that I either crazy-psycho blog, or I take breaks. Usually when I have a lot going on, I get crazy-psycho updating...which sounds backwards, right? Well, come to think of it....we HAVE had a lot going on. Just you wait.

I mean, goodness...we FINALLY learned to chew some bubble gum properly. Not a big deal in your book, or maybe you are thinking "who lets their toddler chew gum?" I do. In fact. It is so nice now that she actually has grasped the concept so I am no longer wondering if the whole 7 years in your belly thing is a myth or not. Sometimes she can almost out-chew me too, which is a big deal because I can chew a piece of gum until the cows come home.

And I cannot leave out the bug stalking. I walked through the breakfast room this morning and thought, "I don't remember it being windy last night. Why is there a stick stuck on the window?" Up close, I realized....this was no stick. But, in fact a stick bug. This thing was HUMONGO. And he hung around until like 30 minutes ago. Lula was fascinated. And, well...I kinda was too.

And Murray, although she sleeps, she was fascinated too.

Which brings me to a subject that I have wanted to blog about for some time. But, I just never knew how to incorporate it. So, here we go. Every summer, we have these lizards (wizards if you are Louisa) that live around the windows and at night, they get on the windows and will eat the bugs and such that are attracted to the lights. They are actually kinda creepy looking, especially when they are hiding on a chair that you go to clean out and they jump on you or if you are watering your ferns and one unsuspectingly jumps on your arm, just saying. But, Murray LOVES these things. LOVES them. It is hilarious. She will run from one room to the next stalking the windows and jumping all over furniture and talking to them. It makes me smile. Seriously, this is about the most activity she gets. And of course, I took this one picture like 2 years ago that was perfect, I was just waiting for the perfect blog post and now I cannot find it. Murphy, stay away you fool. But, here are a few others and excuse the focus issues, my auto focus gets confused with more than one pane of glass and the camera operator gets confused with manual focus. :)

I mean, check out the ears in that last one. Ha! And while we are taking a break from bug and wizard watching, we just clown around.

Seriously, how stinking cute is she? I know, right? While we are talking about cute, I must tell yall about Byron's new ventures. He takes Louisa golfing with him. It is brilliant, a small break for me and daddy/daughter bonding time. Goodness knows her momma doesn't need to be teaching her sporting things and how to cheat, ahem how to win. But he says it is so cute. She sits in the golf cart and will cheer and clap for him when he hits a shot. Melts, just melts. Well, the other day he treated her to 2 pink golf balls when he went to buy a new club. I mean, if there is anything better than a pink golf ball, don't tell my child. Sadly, very sadly...we now only have one.

The story goes....I walked out the front door after the golfing event the other day to meet them in the yard to see how it went. Well, I could hear Lou screaming from the truck and when I saw Byron he didn't have the crazed "Lou has been awful bad" look in his eye, so I was confused. Well, she got out all splotchy-faced with the most humongo crocodile tears I have ever seen and proceeds to tell me "my pink ball is now in da riber wif da crocodiles and da turtles and Daddy went to sab it and didn't find it. Mommy dis is just tewwable." Bless her. She dropped it while they were driving and Byron went to retrieve it (once again, better I was not there...I would not be stepping FOOT off of a golf cart in a place that I knew there were alligators) and could.not.find the dern thing. So, sadly we are now down to only one pink ball, but I tried to tell her that the fishies in the "riber" were now playing with it and she just shook her head and said, "Mommy, fish don't hab hands siwwy." Oh dear, how did I forget?

In all this business (hahahahaha) around the house, Lucy-Goosie got so exhuasted that she just fell out.

Seriously. A 130 lb dog that sleeps with all fours in the air. Gotta love her. Oh, and she has had a limp lately, say some sweet doggie thoughts that it is just something she has hurt recently and not some seriousness that requires x-rays and surgeries and all that hoop. She is my sweet girl. Speaking of animal issues, I think I need to take Murray to have her thyroid checked. Ballooning might be the word for it, oops. And while on the subject, I cannot leave out my sweet brown boy. Here he is passing the time away on the ottoman that he just barely fits on. Geeze, this is his way of pouting because I have the couch blocked from him getting on it.

And, I totally stole this picture off of Facebook...but since I was tagged, I have the rights, huh? But we went to VBS at St. Andrews last week. Let me just tell you, Louisa had THE MOST FUN. She still talks about it and still sings all of the songs. She loved it. I loved it. What a great time. Funny story though, as she learned the song "this little light of mine" on the first night we were driving home in the car and she was singing it in the backseat with her finger up and pointed just as the lady who taught her the song had done and she says, "You know whats Mommy, sombtimes dis little light of mine picks my nose." And then she laughed hysterically. And I did too, I just didn't let her see. What a nut, but look at the pure joy on this child's face here. She loved it!

So, do you feel caught up with the last week or so? I mean, with so much excitement going on, right? Well, we did have some excitement when Byron turned the big 3-0...but somehow I managed to take ZERO photos of the big sha-bang and fun party we had. What a great wife am I?

Oh yeah, I will now be doing comment moderating on the blog. I have been getting KILLED with SPAM comments lately which blows my mind since you have to enter word verification and such, turns out these spammers are way smarter than we think. Anyways, I LOVE comments, PLEASE leave them, but just note it wont publish ASAP. As I said on brownie-goose earlier...BOO for bad apples!

Until next time...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Driving Blind

Do you have something that just makes you happier than a bug? Something that is so simple and so small but that it is just like the best thing ever? I do. And it is simple as this: driving right before the sun goes down. Nothing beats it. I have asked myself many times why this is so special to me, and I cannot come up with an excuse, it just does. And, it always has. And it is one of those things that I never really think of until I get in my car and go.

I have always loved this. I remember when I was first able to drive and had my old blue Honda with the winking “eyes” named George. I was in high school and living on Wilmington Island, where I was born and raised. For those not fortunate enough to have grown up on what is known in Savannah as “the island,” it is hard to explain…but it was a great place to be. But back on track, I would get in George, hand-roll all the windows down (since there was no power to anything in this vehicle) find a CD that would make my day (Indigo Girls, Counting Crows and Natalie Merchant were usually my top picks back in the day) and put it in the portable CD player that was hooked into my cigarette lighter. Then, I would drive. Just drive. Mostly I drove along the back of the Island, all the way down Wilmington Island Road until it became Walthour. Sometimes I would make my way to Oelmer Loop, and sometimes I would venture down Tybee Road. It was the freedom and the pure bliss from the wind in my hair and my fave tunes. Instant happiness. This was a guarantee to change my mood, and we all know how moody it can be for a high school girl.

Then I lived in Athens. For those who are not fortunate enough to have ever graced their presence with a trip to this town, please go. Do yourself a favor ASAP. I no longer had George after he suffered bad fate driving down the highway to Statesboro one night, but I had Greta. My red Honda. She was a fave of mine. I had moved up in the world and now had power windows, so I would get in Greta, pop in the Stewart & Winfield and go. One of my fave routes in Athens was taking River Road by the Sigma Nu and ATO houses. I don’t think they are even there anymore, but the road was so peaceful to me. Then, sometimes I would head out to the Shoals. With the bluegrass music as my soundtrack and one of the most peaceful towns as my road ahead, I could instantly forget about whatever was getting me back in those college days.

After graduating, I moved back to Savannah. This time I moved to the most amazing little farmhouse on Norwood Avenue. I loved that house. That is where Byron and I started our relationship. It didn’t have central heat or air, and the water smelt like boiled eggs, but that house was home to me. Loved that little place. Greta had been replaced with Clary, my black Honda and this time I had moved up to the power windows and sunroof. A new-found favorite of mine and now a must-have in a car. Well, I would load up my brown doggie, pop in David Gray and go. My new route, the Bluff. One of the most breath-taking places in all of America. Sometimes I would drive across town to take a trek down Victory Drive to see all of the palm trees in the center and gorgeous homes of the sides. Sometimes I would even venture on back down to Tybee Road. With Mallard slobbering out the window and sweet David singing to me, I was on top of the world.

Once I moved to Macon, I didn’t really have a good drive. I drove 30 minutes to and from school and on the days I didn’t have school, I worked 12-hour shifts, so I didn’t have much stand-alone good driving. I didn’t realize this until just now. How sad.

Now, here in Jackson, I have Remy. My SUV that puts up with a lot. 2 dogs, one of which is 130 lbs and a toddler. Poor Remy. But every now and then, Remy and I get some alone time. Like tonight, heading home from the grocery. Louisa was at Lowes with Byron, so it was just me. All the windows (except the one next to Lou’s seat since it has a stick-on sun protector, geeze) are down and the sunroof is open and I chose Damien Rice to serenade me down Lakeland Drive. With the wind blowing my hair, my smile is from ear to ear. But, I realize I don’t really have a good driving route here. Any suggestions?

What is this post about? You know, I am not sure. But I had such an urge sitting in my car on cloud 9 to share this small happiness that I was experiencing. I wanted everyone to know just one small thing about me that makes my day. As I sat at a red light listening to Damien ask if it was alright to give his gun away when it’s loaded while drinking a fountain Dr. Pepper from McDonalds (the best Dr. Pepper ever in my opinion) I wanted to freeze this moment in time. Is that strange?

I love when perspective is handed to me. I mean, it is humbling. I like to be reminded that it is the small things in life that are the most important. I sometimes am embarrassed that I have to be reminded of this, but sometimes life just gets crazy. I also love that although my family is the center of my life, it is nice to be able to find such happiness in the peace and quiet with just me. So, if you ever see me driving before the sun sets with my windows down and my music up, don’t think I am crazy if you see me grinning ear to ear. This is my “me time” and I am just loving life at the moment.

So, here’s to the small things and to driving blind. Which just so happens to be the title of my most favorite Stewart and Winfield song in the entire world. It is the BEST song to drive to. You should try it.

PS - ironically, as I was just about to post this...Louisa spilt an entire cup of milk all over the sofa and floor I just cleaned hours earlier. I am wondering if I can rewind time and be back in the drivers seat happy as a bug before I attempt to clean this mess. Grrrrr.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Makeover... do we likey? I had gotten some comments saying that my blog was hard to read due to all the hoop-la going on in the background and how the text sometimes would fade into it and also I have seen on a few computers how all my hard work and HTML editing did no good - so now that blogger has gotten all fancy, I decided to streamline the old blog a bit more to hopefully make it more appealing to the eyes. We hope, right....

Now, here's to hoping I don't go to pull it up on hubby's laptop only to find that it doesn't mesh well with that screen because then I will use some of my all-time-fave 4-letters and throw a temper-tantrum. Don't happens to the best of us.

Now for a disclaimer....the kitty in the new header image is not Murray. Most of you could probably tell this since pictured kitty is about 10 lbs lighter than my sweet Murr-bell. That kitty is Bit, and he belongs to my brother and sister-in-law in Georgia. I heart Bit. Byron hearts Bit, and it looks like Lula Kate hearts Bit too. Now, after seeing this sweet picture, you will heart Bit as well.

Isn't he handsome? The only person I know that doesn't like Bit is my Mallard Brown. No, on their first meeting...Bit smacked the pooey out of Mallard and this was his first run-in with a kitty that had claws. Poor Brownie didn't know what to think. It is okay Bit, you're still my bud.

Okay, now scroll on down because I posted another blog earlier today!

Memory Lane and a Tow-Headed MESS

Wow....wondering where I have been? Goodness. Wish I had some fun and exciting things to tell you to explain my absence, but....

Instead, I will rewind to 5 years ago tonight. It started off with this....only after a mini-panic attack in which I will forever be in debt to my BFF Becca for her ability to stick by my side in a not-so-desirable situation. Ha!

Then on down the aisle with my Daddy and my brown boy.

Only to end up as this, I love to see the joy in Byron's face. I mean, oh wow.

And this, I will remember this moment forever.

And this one just makes me laugh. Ha!

Well, happy 5th anniversary to the best husband ever. One that never ceases to amaze me and keeps me on my toes. He puts up with all of my crazies and quarks and still says he loves me. But that is just about enough mush for me today. :) I just wish we were leaving in 2 days for Jamaica like we did 5 years ago. Who would have thought that 5 years down the road we would have a mess on our hands AKA Lula Kate. NEVER would have guessed. I mean, we definitely imagined kids...but we didn't know what we were in for!

Fast on back forward to the present. Back to what has been keeping me from the blog. Well, I really don't have any excuses, so instead I will tickle your fancies with what Louisa has been up to, since we all know she is way more fun anyways.

First of all, she put on a concert for me one night as a princess. Complete with a crown that kept falling off of her head which would usually result in a total meltdown, but thankfully for the audience, as soon as she got back up on the stage/ottoman, she was all better. Phew.

And what is better than panties on the head? This has her laughing hysterically EVERY time. I mean, every time. Awesome.

Oh, and while we are half-neked...why don't we eat some princess spaghettios?

And the most recent, she has gotten into what we call "booty-dance-party-USA" in this house. We had one the other morning after a run on the treadmill, and now this little one is hooked. Here she is in her finest busting out some moves to Hannah Montana. Gotta love her.

Until next time...