Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Bees. But Not Really.

Wow...where have we been? Geeze, right. I have learned that I either crazy-psycho blog, or I take breaks. Usually when I have a lot going on, I get crazy-psycho updating...which sounds backwards, right? Well, come to think of it....we HAVE had a lot going on. Just you wait.

I mean, goodness...we FINALLY learned to chew some bubble gum properly. Not a big deal in your book, or maybe you are thinking "who lets their toddler chew gum?" I do. In fact. It is so nice now that she actually has grasped the concept so I am no longer wondering if the whole 7 years in your belly thing is a myth or not. Sometimes she can almost out-chew me too, which is a big deal because I can chew a piece of gum until the cows come home.

And I cannot leave out the bug stalking. I walked through the breakfast room this morning and thought, "I don't remember it being windy last night. Why is there a stick stuck on the window?" Up close, I realized....this was no stick. But, in fact a stick bug. This thing was HUMONGO. And he hung around until like 30 minutes ago. Lula was fascinated. And, well...I kinda was too.

And Murray, although she sleeps, she was fascinated too.

Which brings me to a subject that I have wanted to blog about for some time. But, I just never knew how to incorporate it. So, here we go. Every summer, we have these lizards (wizards if you are Louisa) that live around the windows and at night, they get on the windows and will eat the bugs and such that are attracted to the lights. They are actually kinda creepy looking, especially when they are hiding on a chair that you go to clean out and they jump on you or if you are watering your ferns and one unsuspectingly jumps on your arm, just saying. But, Murray LOVES these things. LOVES them. It is hilarious. She will run from one room to the next stalking the windows and jumping all over furniture and talking to them. It makes me smile. Seriously, this is about the most activity she gets. And of course, I took this one picture like 2 years ago that was perfect, I was just waiting for the perfect blog post and now I cannot find it. Murphy, stay away you fool. But, here are a few others and excuse the focus issues, my auto focus gets confused with more than one pane of glass and the camera operator gets confused with manual focus. :)

I mean, check out the ears in that last one. Ha! And while we are taking a break from bug and wizard watching, we just clown around.

Seriously, how stinking cute is she? I know, right? While we are talking about cute, I must tell yall about Byron's new ventures. He takes Louisa golfing with him. It is brilliant, a small break for me and daddy/daughter bonding time. Goodness knows her momma doesn't need to be teaching her sporting things and how to cheat, ahem how to win. But he says it is so cute. She sits in the golf cart and will cheer and clap for him when he hits a shot. Melts, just melts. Well, the other day he treated her to 2 pink golf balls when he went to buy a new club. I mean, if there is anything better than a pink golf ball, don't tell my child. Sadly, very sadly...we now only have one.

The story goes....I walked out the front door after the golfing event the other day to meet them in the yard to see how it went. Well, I could hear Lou screaming from the truck and when I saw Byron he didn't have the crazed "Lou has been awful bad" look in his eye, so I was confused. Well, she got out all splotchy-faced with the most humongo crocodile tears I have ever seen and proceeds to tell me "my pink ball is now in da riber wif da crocodiles and da turtles and Daddy went to sab it and didn't find it. Mommy dis is just tewwable." Bless her. She dropped it while they were driving and Byron went to retrieve it (once again, better I was not there...I would not be stepping FOOT off of a golf cart in a place that I knew there were alligators) and could.not.find the dern thing. So, sadly we are now down to only one pink ball, but I tried to tell her that the fishies in the "riber" were now playing with it and she just shook her head and said, "Mommy, fish don't hab hands siwwy." Oh dear, how did I forget?

In all this business (hahahahaha) around the house, Lucy-Goosie got so exhuasted that she just fell out.

Seriously. A 130 lb dog that sleeps with all fours in the air. Gotta love her. Oh, and she has had a limp lately, say some sweet doggie thoughts that it is just something she has hurt recently and not some seriousness that requires x-rays and surgeries and all that hoop. She is my sweet girl. Speaking of animal issues, I think I need to take Murray to have her thyroid checked. Ballooning might be the word for it, oops. And while on the subject, I cannot leave out my sweet brown boy. Here he is passing the time away on the ottoman that he just barely fits on. Geeze, this is his way of pouting because I have the couch blocked from him getting on it.

And, I totally stole this picture off of Facebook...but since I was tagged, I have the rights, huh? But we went to VBS at St. Andrews last week. Let me just tell you, Louisa had THE MOST FUN. She still talks about it and still sings all of the songs. She loved it. I loved it. What a great time. Funny story though, as she learned the song "this little light of mine" on the first night we were driving home in the car and she was singing it in the backseat with her finger up and pointed just as the lady who taught her the song had done and she says, "You know whats Mommy, sombtimes dis little light of mine picks my nose." And then she laughed hysterically. And I did too, I just didn't let her see. What a nut, but look at the pure joy on this child's face here. She loved it!

So, do you feel caught up with the last week or so? I mean, with so much excitement going on, right? Well, we did have some excitement when Byron turned the big 3-0...but somehow I managed to take ZERO photos of the big sha-bang and fun party we had. What a great wife am I?

Oh yeah, I will now be doing comment moderating on the blog. I have been getting KILLED with SPAM comments lately which blows my mind since you have to enter word verification and such, turns out these spammers are way smarter than we think. Anyways, I LOVE comments, PLEASE leave them, but just note it wont publish ASAP. As I said on brownie-goose earlier...BOO for bad apples!

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

I am soooo happy you guys came to VBS and Louisa had lots of fun. She was a HIT at chuch, EVERYBODY knew who sweet Louisa was!!!!! I am so enjoying getting to know you much better, you my breezy

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

okay- i tried to sing this little light of mine to mary kate today and realized I only know one verse. Please send Lou ASAP to teach me the rest because my two week old totally got bored with me. And that pic is so freaking cute!! now the dogs, Ames, do they have support groups for people like you? I love my dog but you take it to a new level ;)

Nora said...

Haha! LOVE Murray's ears in the pics she is so in hunt mode LOL!! Keeping Lucy girl in my thoughts and hoping it isn't a ruptured cruciate ligament :-( and as far as Murray goes I doubt she is a hypo-thyroid kitty (cats generally are always hyper-thyroid) Maybe she just needs to chase around some more critters ;-) Message me if ya got any questions!

Meagan said...

i ABSOLUTELY love reading your blog, Aunt Amy! And that last picture of Louisa at VBS is just precious. Probably one of my faves. :)