Friday, August 27, 2010

Flirting with Murphy

WARNING: long, long post…very long.

Okay, finally found a moment to sit and catch the world up with the Norris family. It has been a whirl-wind here lately. A crazy roller coaster ride, and I don’t care for roller coasters. At one point, I was so overwhelmed with life that I seriously was short of breath. Daily expectations quickly became not just things on the to-do list…but simply making it through the day without anything else happening or a panic attack. Yes, I just admitted a huge weakness, something I am not known to do…but this last month has tried every ounce of my patience and character and I am glad to know I made it out alive. I know this will not be the last time that I find myself on a roller coaster like this, but hopefully I have learned a few things in the past few weeks.

Where to even start. Hmmm…

Well, since the first paragraph is kinda heavy, I will start with great news. Who am I kidding, it is wonderful news. The Norris family will be adding a baby boy to the mix in February! That is finally news for all of the people who have been suspecting for quite some time. Turns out I am a very predictable person, and turning down a bevo is apparently a humongo red flag. Oops. Then, shading out like no other and not going places is a big other flag. Well, the beer is self-explanatory…but the shadiness crept up on me. I was sick as a dog for about 8 weeks. When I say sick, I mean I couldn’t function. I went from my bed to the couch to the toilet Throwing up became just like going tee-tee to me. It was that often and that “normal.” I couldn’t move, I couldn’t function and bless Louisa’s sweet heart she was such a trooper through it all. I am embarrassed to admit the amount of television we watched. I didn’t cook, I didn’t go to the grocery, I couldn’t even fix Louisa lunch, so she ate a lot of fast food. It was just what we did to get through it all. I didn’t clean, I didn’t shower, I mean…I didn’t think I was going to make it through. I was not sick with Louisa, so this was all new to me and I am not a fan. Thankfully, it went away finally and we have a healthy baby boy growing in my slowly expanding belly. So, for anyone in the last few months that I have been short with, not nice or just shady…it is all his fault. Hehe. It certainly didn’t help that we were experiencing the hottest weather ever here in Jackson. I mean, I didn’t go outside at ALL.

I am feeling much better now, able to eat food without being repulsed, go outside and even hang with friends. Yay. We are super excited and thrilled, but I would not be completely honest if I told you I wasn’t scared to DEATH of having a boy. I am nervous as they come. Boys scare me for some reason. I know girls and pink and sparkles and drama and princess, etc. But boys, I mean…oh dear. Louisa is really excited as well. She wanted a girl for the longest time, then realized it might be fun to have a boy just like her friend Ella…and then she found out that it WAS a boy, and now she wants a girl. Go figure. I have a feeling she is going to be an amazing big sis. Granted, we will never hear a word from little boy as Lou will dominate every convo, but she will be great. Bossy, but great. :)

Now for all the hoop-la that has tried me (and Byron) in the last month. Mind you, on top of it all…here I am not feeling worth a toot. Gag.

It all started with Lucy limping. I blogged about this before as we took her for x-rays and turns out she had mild hip dysplasia that we were given some meds and strict instructions for weight loss. Okay, we can handle that. Didn’t much plan on that vet bill, but we made it. Well, a few days later Murray (the tabby cat) turns up with these awful raw hot spots all over the back of her near her tail. So, I call the vet…figure out I have changed her food in the last month and we decide we have a food allergy, get a good plan for the weekend and end with, “if she isn’t better by Monday, we need to see her.” So, of course you know Murphy, and how he just loves me…of course she ISN’T better and we have to go to the vet. And then, she since she never visits the vet…she is scared to death and acts violently and must be sedated for an exam. Geeze, Murray…come on. Anyways, we determine it is a contact dermatitis, and thank goodness for shots of steroids and antibiotics so that I don’t have to wrestle with her for weeks giving pills. So, as the bank account has taken a beating from unexpected vet bills and a recent new roof that had to be put on, we smile and move on and hope that things take a turn.

Well, as I am sitting at a supper club, I get a call from the husband who is on a date night with Louisa as they are picking out a life jacket and fishing rod for the upcoming mountain vacay. Rewind about 3 weeks…Lou fell out of bed (you know her awful sleeping habits, and being still in her sleep just doesn’t happen) and busted her lip. Byron thought she chipped her tooth as well, but we just kinda let it go since it didn’t seem to bother her and I couldn’t tell if there was a chip. So, the phone rings and Bryon says, “Was there anything wrong with Lou’s tooth today?” Ummm, no. I cannot think of anything, so he proceeds to tell me how it is completely grey and looks dead, mind you this is one of her front teeth. So, this ruins Byron’s night because he has more knowledge of teeth than I and he kinda has an idea of what is going on. Anyways, next day…get her in to a dentist for x-rays. Yep, Murphy still there…her tooth is dead. So, vanity comes into play. I know it is just a baby tooth, and it will fall out eventually…but I just cannot come to grips with Lou not having a front tooth for another 5-6 years. Well, we get referred over to a pediatric dentist and are told that she will not lose that tooth, but instead needs a root canal. At this point…I am slowly panicking. First because the word root canal makes my eyeballs want to fall out, I have never had one, but am scared of the word itself. Then, I see dollar signs and those add in with recent vet bills and I am looking for a place to crawl into the corner and just disappear. Luckily, Louisa did WONDERFUL for the root canal and made it through with flying colors and no need for sedation. Holy smacks. Earlier in the week my tabby cat had to be sedated just to get her out of her kennel to be examined and here my 3 year old drama queen just rocked the pants off of her root canal. Wow. I cannot even explain the pride that I felt at that moment. Well, pride was quickly replaced with more Murphy as Lucy was running and playing in the yard and suddenly yelped and stopped bearing weight on one of her back legs. A call in to the vet (who I am sure is SO over my voice at this point they could scream as I have been a frequent flier in the last few weeks) tells me that she has either sprained something or torn her cranial cruciate ligament (which is the same as an ACL in a human). Well, of course we cannot bring her to the vet as it is late in the afternoon Thursday, and we are leaving for a week and a half first thing in the morning. I am quickly spinning downward on this awful freak ride in which crap is just continuing to hit the fan. I just want to scream, “SERIOUSLY??? What next?” but then am scared to even attempt that question. Well, we continue on with our plans to head to the mountains and know that if by Monday morning, if Lucy still isn’t bearing weight we need to take her to the vet in Georgia as it is more than likely her cruciate ligament. Well, I have already figured out it is the latter…just a wild guess after the way our luck had been going.

Well, we make the haul to Ellijay, GA to a very secluded cabin in the woods for our weekend get-a-way with me, Byron, Lou and the doggies. I am so excited about the trip and a break that I just cannot stand it. Well, we get to secluded bliss, smell the mountain air, sigh because Lucy can barely make it up the steps and then venture out back down the treacherous 3 miles of dirt road to get to a main highway to take us back to town to get groceries for the weekend…and what else happens? Of course we blow a tire. In the pitch dark, in the middle of nowhere and with a 3 year old and 2 dogs in the back. At this point…I am seriously thinking of running into the woods and never coming out. I just cannot handle anymore. I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to throw something, I want to hit somebody, I want to pull out my hair, I want to disappear, I want to give up, I want to quit…I just want it to stop. But instead of losing my mind and making a bad situation worse, we decide to turn around in the middle of this secluded mountain dirt road and make it back up to the cabin for Byron to fix the flat. So, as we cover about 2 miles of hilly gravel road on 3 tires and a rim, I don’t think Byron and I breathe. We almost didn’t make it up one of the hills. But, at that moment…it dawned on me. You know, this sucks. Life is just kinda sucking right now. But, you know what…we could have been going 75 miles per hour down a highway and blown that tire and goodness only knows what would have happened to us. So, in that moment, I decide to thank my stars, put on my big girl panties and stop feeling sorry for myself and everything that is going on. Instead, I am thanking God for putting us on a dirt road only going about 35 mph and instead of facing danger…instead facing perspective. It is amazing the clarity that can sometimes be reached after such foggy weeks. Instead of burying my head in my hands and crying, I started to giggle and be glad that Byron suggested we stop for snacks only hours before to “improve morale” on the trip as it turns out that was our supper for the night. There would be no more ventures out tonight. We would hunker down in a cabin in the middle of the most beautiful scenery and count our blessings.

Other than sharing the cabin with scorpions, spiders galore, no A/C and snakes…the rest of the trip was wonderful. We had the most fun. I got new tires (can you even guess how those weren’t in the budget) that I am thankful for as the next weekend we braved some baaaad weather on the interstate on the way back to Mississippi that I am sure I would have hydroplaned into oncoming traffic had I not had tread on my tires. So, the clarity started to make itself evident and I tried to take a new attitude to things.

It was no surprise that Lucy was still limping when Monday morning rolled around. It was also no surprise that her cranial cruciate was ruptured. It was par for the course at that point. But she had surgery this past Monday and as Byron and I both choked on the amount that we had to pay upfront, we realized…what else do you do? As I am sure some of you are reading and thinking I am a quack for spending money and time worrying this much about my animals, and that is fine. Not everyone loves animals as I do. We don’t all see eye to eye, but I wouldn’t change a thing. So, as we are now looking at 8 weeks at least of a recovery in which therapy and confinement is involved, I am trying to look at this not as overwhelming, but as a learning point. Not to mention, in the last few weeks we have met the most amazing vets, pediatric dentist and hygienists and also veterinary surgeons. I cannot express my gratitude more for those sweet, sweet people along the way.

I am scared to say that things have calmed down for now, I just don’t want to tempt fate that way…but I am lucky to say that we are all alive, healthy and happy. We have a sweet little baby boy growing and just waiting to show us more adventures. We may not have spending money right now, or for the next few months for that matter…but we are in one piece.

So, while I am tempted to name this baby boy Murphy to maybe end my flirtation with him and his dumb-old Law, I think I might know better. One day I will learn to live with him, and we will be friends…but not yet. I think he still has more teaching for me.

At this point, I am exhausted and cannot fathom proof-reading through the last 4 pages. If you are even still reading at this point, excuse the typos. I am now going to indulge you with fun pictures over the last few weeks. And hopefully we will get back to some crazy Lou stories and photos and events more fun-filled soon. I can just feel it. But, in the mean time…thanks for the therapy session. Time to get off the couch for now.

ps - that picture above was NOT the cabin we stayed in, ha!

Until next time…

Monday, August 23, 2010

down in the boon-docks

geeze....disappear from the blog much?

we are finally home, in one piece much to the chagrin of murphy. but, i have tons to write....just not right now, so i will appease you with some photos of the trip. sound good? details later.

in meantime...special positive thoughts for my sweet Lucy-Goose who is having surgery today to repair her ruptured ACL. :(

until next time when i have the energy to write about all the hoop that has gone down in the last few weeks. no worries....we are all fine!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lula Got Her Groove Back

You know it has been a farty day in the sewing room when you decided that you suddenly need to vacuum and polish the hardwoods. For real. This is a chore that I really only do when the President comes to visit. Really, that often. It is hard work and it always smells and looks great for like 5 minutes afterward, but after that…the evidence is only your hurting back and shoulders. Boo. I cannot say that I blame it completely on the fart-day in the sewing room since I also was walking to put something in the trash earlier today when I stepped on something that kinda oozed and then made me slip a few inches. Gross. Anyways, floors are clean now. Feel free to walk barefoot and I am sure it is only a matter of moments before Mallard chews up a pinecone all over them and then Murray decides to puke a few times.

Anyways, back to the sewing room. Urrrggghhhhh. That is about how I sum it up. Actually, I’d like to share some nice words with you, but I will keep this PG. But, all in a matter of a few hours my toes barely escaped puncture wounds by my scissors that dropped to the floor and luckily didn’t bounce, but instead wedged themselves into the cork floor.

For those that read my brownie-goose blog as well, I am sure you remember the post in which my toes barely avoided amputation by my rotary cutter and the little twinkies were saved by the cork floors. If not, feel free to learn here. Thank goodness for those cork floors! But then, after I recovered from the almost-trauma, something that I have ALWAYS feared occurred. Louise, my serger, chomped through a piece of fabric like it was her business. For those not familiar with a serger, it is what is used to finish off seams and while it sews; it also has a razor blade to the right that will chop off any un-necessary fabric to make it look nice. It is also there just waiting for the operator to stop paying attention just long enough to lose a finger or piece of fabric like I did today. And remember Murphy? Yep, he paid me a visit today since of COURSE it was a piece of discontinued VINTAGE fabric that hasn’t been printed in years and I paid out the yazoo for it and searched forevs to find it. Can you even imagine the words that came out of my mouth when I took my fabric to the ironing board and made this discovery? Let me just sum it up for you, I was very proud at my ability to form sentences with only 4-letter words and words that I just made up out of anger. You know those words, like “freemilickin” and “stupid-sumanother” and such like that. I am sure the flies on the wall were in hysterics and wondering if they needed to get out dictionaries to translate the anger-clad-temper-tantrum that was unfolding in front of their eyes. Thankfully, the tot who would have LOVED to repeat these words was playing princess in her room. Phew. I did not take a picture of the wounds to the fabric; in fact…I threw it so far I am still not sure of where it landed in the sewing room.

Well, I took a breather and gained my sanity and ventured back to the sewing room for Round 3. ONLY to be scalded on my feet (that just hours earlier escaped the puncture wounds) by my iron. Well, not the iron itself, but all of the piping hot steam water it decided to empty out of the holes in the bottom and all over my feet. I mean, really? This iron is a work-horse. I mean, it is old-school but the BEST sewing iron a girl can have. However, I think it might be on the fritz, well….I am sure it is now after it survived (barely) the beating it took from my temper. Look how innocent.

So, as you can tell…I was uber productive in the sewing room today. Geeze. I finally decided to turn everyone off; well…Louise had been turned off way earlier after she took a verbal lashing from some crazed seamstress. But, I shut the door and quit for the day. I decided instead to take a nap with my little jitterbug and so we crawled up into my bed and snoozed the afternoon away. What a great idea.

Then, after the nap…I decided since I didn’t want to even look at my sewing room, I would polish the floors. Yeah, I was wondering about my sanity level as well, but didn’t question it for long as I knew this was something that should be done. So, I turned up the Pandora Sean Kingston and boogied down with the vacuum and mop. As I came into the den to vacuum/mop, I found this little thing GETTING IT to some Usher. She loves to dance!

Then she took a break to help me vacuum, this is a true action shot since the child RUNS with the vacuum. This pic is mostly for you Bec, she brings this out EVERY time I vacuum and follows behind me and will say, “Oops, nooks like you missed a spot siwwy!”

So, now my floors are cleaned and the dishwasher unloaded, hmmm…maybe I should think about cooking some dinner? Or, maybe I will just head outside to see if I can watch this storm roll in since it has been tempting me for quite some time.

Until next time…

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Day, Another Drama...

There once was a girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

This is my child. But, there is no curl in the middle of her forehead. In fact, there will never be a curl anywhere on her head even if she uses hot rollers or a curling iron, that is…if she continues to have her mama’s hair. But oh dear. This child, she wears me out. See how cute and innocent she looks in this picture?

Please, and I mean PLEASE don’t let her fool you. Let me just share some recent Louisa moments with you. And, I don’t know how long this will take as my child who is supposed to be napping I can hear over the monitor saying, “Otay Mommy, I frew wif my naps. I’m done now, otay?” No mam. I JUST put you down. In fact, I think I will turn off the monitor so my ears can recover from today.

But rewind to yesterday first, I was feeling good. One of the first days in 7 weeks. I HAD, and I mean had to get out of the house. Granted, it was a bazillion degrees outside, but we ran to some consignment stores and then into Kohl’s since I had heard they had clearanced some kids stuff. Warning, don’t go…not worth it. Well, I must have muttered something to the effect that they didn’t have anything good or something like that for as we were leaving the store, Louisa smiled her great big-ole sweet smile, waved her pageant wave and told the lady at the register, “Thanks, but dis store is tewwable. It didn’t hab anyfing dat I needed. Geeze!” Oh dear. How had I forgotten what it was like to be in public with this sassafras?

Then today. First of all, I forewent the shower for a tub since I had put a call into the vet (this time about the cat who has a humongo hot spot on her tail, we are all slowly becoming sickly here and it is driving me cuckoo) and you know they would call as soon as I got in the shower. Before I worked at Children’s Medical Group, I didn’t understand the importance of being available when someone needed to call back, but oh dear….three days into the seat of a pediatric clinic nurse and I felt the wrath for people who called me and then made themselves unavailable and told myself I would NEVER do that. So, here I am in the tub and I hear a major, MAJOR meltdown occurring in Louisa’s room. I ask her what is wrong and she cannot answer me because of the severe dramatics that are taking place. I mean, she is screaming and throwing such a fit, I finally grab my towel and wash off a half-shaved leg to go and make sure that she isn’t hurt only to find that she cannot get her plastic princess’s foot into a slipper that is about 40 sizes smaller than the princess foot. I look at her and ask if she is serious and she looks at me, bats her eyes and says, “Of corse Mommy. Dis is just awful. Whatever should I do?” Gag, I mean gagaroons. So, I go back to the tub after explaining to a sobbing 3 year old that the big, oversized Little People Princess foot will not fit into small Barbie’s high heel. WHO even makes high heels for Barbies anyways? Geeze.

So, I attempt to continue shaving my other leg when I notice that her room is quiet, but I convince myself that she is just playing nicely with her princess castle. Well, then the vet calls….see, I told you and I talk to one of the most fantabulous vet techs ever (besides you Nora, you haven’t given me your cell yet smart girl, haha) for about 15 minutes while Murray sits in the corner of the bathroom giving me evil stares that say, “If you try anything that girl is telling you I will tee all over you when you go to sleep tonight.” Anyways, I get off the phone, try to finish up the bath and then hear Lou padding into my room and when she gets in there she just stares at me. So, I say, “Yes, what you doing Poo?” Well, she still looks at me with this almost eerie look (it is almost the same as the look she gets right before she pukes, so I get nervous) and then she grasps her hands together all angelically at her waist, smiles, bats her eyes and says, “Mommy, I fink you might need to gib me a spanking and den put me in time out but don’t go in my room, otay?” Crap. Really? So, I ask her what she has done and she sweetly replies, “Oh Mommy, don worry about dats, lets just get a spanking and time out and den lets go see Miss Summer and Mordan Tate for lunch, otay?” So, finally I just give up on the bath. I don’t even know which leg is shaved or not, or if I have washed the shampoo out of my hair, but I’m obviously finished here. So, I walk to Louisa’s room with her in front of me waving me off the entire time telling me, “Don be siwwy Mommy, don go in my rooms, otay??” and then I see it. My makeup bag on the floor, Bare Minerals spilled all over the hardwoods and a baby doll that looks like it has been tragically attacked by a mascara wand. Louisa is dancing all around her room at this point in the most pathetic pity-me dance I have ever seen and I just walk back into my room, shut the door and try to get dressed and count to 10 before I loose my marbles. Why are toddlers so tiring? And why is mine soooo predictable?

Anyways, we get over the hurdle and then head and meet friends from lunch and then head to Target to get Murray different cat food as I have convinced myself for the time-being that it isn’t thyroid issues and instead food allergy since I changed up her food about a month ago. I am in Target for maybe 15 minutes because THANKFULLY they don’t have any new clothes or shoes out. And Lou’s mouth is running the ENTIRE time. Let me just give you an excerpt:

L – Mommy, do you wan to buy me some new toofpaste? Oooh, I lub the Dora toofpaste. Oooooh, Mommy did you see dat lady and her funny hair? Oh my gawsh, she looks so siwwy!

– Louisa, please do not talk about other people and their hair. It is not nice, remember how I told you we are all different and that doesn’t make us silly?

– Yeah, but I forgots. Oh wells. Ooooooh, Mommy look at dat pink aisle. Let’s go dere. Oh gosh, I need to see dat. Mommy, did you hears me? (obviously I have pushed the buggy past the pink aisle whatever that is) MOOOOOOMMMYYY I NEEEEED TO SEE DAT PINK AISLE, turn rounds right dis second madam!

– Louisa, I am getting so close to taking you into the bathroom and spanking your hiney if you don’t stop talking to me that way.

– Otay, but den could we go to the pink aisle?

And then about 5 minutes later….

L – Mommy, Mommy I fink I need some tennis shoes like Ewwa has, remembers? We need to go look at shoes otay? Wait, Mommy did you hear me? I said I NEEEED some tennis shoes, wets go find the shoes otay? Ooooooh dear, Mommy look at dat man and how silly his clothes are, oooh my gawsh!

A – Louisa, I am not kidding, you have GOT to stop talking about other people, it hurts their feelings.

L – (directed to the man she just picked on that may not have noticed at all) Excuse me man, I din mean to hurt your feewings. It is jes your clothes look funny!

A – (in my head) Oh shiz.

L – Otay, Mommy how bout da shoes? Did you remembers? Oh, why do we hab to get Murray some food? (Now laughing hysterically) MOMMY, did you hear dat toot? Oh my gosh, it was so loud and it tickled my hiney and I hope it doesn’t smell like bad poo poo!

Do you catch my drift here yet? I am dying. My ears are stained and I am just worn out. I love her to death and she cracks me up, but I swear I need a muzzle when I take her out in public. This one lady in the line looked at me and laughed and said, “Does she do this all day?” And I looked at her with complete shock and innocence and said, “Do what?” The look of horror on the lady’s face was all the grown-up humor I needed for the moment and just the moment of insanity that any other mother could appreciate. Then, she finally figured out what I was doing and started laughing hysterically. Then I said to her, “Exactly, you have to laugh….or else I’d cry my eyes out all day.” I think one of the Indigo Girls said that and I couldn’t be truer.

So, I finally hear some quiet from the sassafras’s room and although my better instincts tell me she is up to no good, I just can’t go there right now. I need a breather. :)

Until next time…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tooting One's Horn

So, I feel super-duper special today. Not only have I been rocking it out in the sewing room (something I have not done in quite some time) but I was featured on two different blogs. Wow. That makes me feel really, really cool. However, I want to brag about them...but I don't want to sound selfish. You know? So, if I put a picture of my super cute child playing a saxophone (which, honestly...the more I look at these pictures it looks like she has some sort of pipe in her mouth, geeze) symbolizing one "tooting their own horn" does it make it less selfish? :)

The first blog is authored by a girl that I went to St. Vincent's with. She is a funny and sweet girl. We ran in the same crowds in high school and college and she always had me cracking up. She started a blog about a year ago called "Moms Are Human" and it is a really, really good read. She is uber-honest about things that most people shy away from. I love the honesty. She also has so many great guest bloggers who share parts of their lives that I just love. She is married to a resident as well, and so we also click on that level. But, she is doing some posts (starting today) called "Into the Lives of Wives" and it goes into how it is to be married to medicine, the army and the church. Check her out, you will be so glad you did. She also puts lots of recipes up and always has the know-how on sales and such. There are not many times in which I don't feel the need to comment on her, or laugh or cry out loud. She does a great job. And her own stories about herself will have you crying due to laughing so hard.

The second blog is authored by a stay-at-home mom that is also a part-time minister in a Presbyterian church. Her blog is called "The MakeShift Revolution" and she focuses on the "real" lives and what goes on when trying to balance out from Suzie Homemaker went met with modern challenges. She does these features called "Moms of Invention" and she interviews moms that have some sort of a business on the side to see how they manage to divide their time between family and business. I have learned a lot by reading about some of the other moms and how they manage things in the house. Again, honesty plays a large part in her blog and I appreciate it all, as there are WAY too many blogs out there that can leave you feeling a little less than desired!

So, check these two blogs out. They are great stalking sites. Add them to your blog roll and enjoy! And, for more tooting of the "horn"......

Until next time...

Monday, August 2, 2010

R.I.P. "Boobewwies"

Okay, you may notice that every now and then I like to bring myself back down to the ground and remember the little things that really matter in life. I don't blog every time that perspective gets me, if I did...I'd blog a whole lot more. But sometimes moments just get you, and when they get me, I like to share. So, as of has been hot as blue blazes. I mean, I don't even step foot outside which is huge for me. I'd rather be outside more often than not, but not lately. This is one of the VERY few things about summertime that I do not like. Otherwise, I really love summer more than anything. But as I am starting to get cabin fever and tired of feeling so bleh, I just start to get the funk. You know what I mean? When daily life is almost just the same ole routine day in-day out. Thankfully I have some amazing friends that have ventured out in the heat with me lately to get out of the old rut, but it just starts to get you. And then today, as I wrote a check to the veterinarian for the amount of $279 the whole while my stomach turning knowing that was money that I had saved for Louisa's tuition for Mother's Morning Out...I just got the funk, big time. I mean, it is hot as freaking get-out, I don't want to go outside, I am bored in the house, we are having a new roof put on that means CONSTANT banging added to a headache that doesn't seem to want to go away, and I am now not only broke but hoping that there will be money left over in the main account (yes, we still have separate finances) to pay for Lou's school (since I try to pay it out of brownie-goose money), you know.....poor pitiful me. Can you just hear my small little violin? PS - this is NOT a cry for monetary help, I am simply venting here.

So, in this funk-da-fied state I knew that I needed a new grasp of reality before I invited anyone else to my pity-party. So, I refocused and remembered the little things. Those little things that make me so happy. And, in the simplest of ways...cutting up some produce made me smile. The smell of watermelon and strawberries grounded me into remembering, is summertime, this is a fun time. Get over it. And I did. And the little tot down the hall surely smelt the same thing as she came running and grinning for a bowl of strawberries and blueberries. I did, however frown for one moment when she correctly pronounced blueberries instead of calling them "boobewwies." Sigh.

And then on another note, as I walked to the front room to figure out what sort of commotion was going on for the dogs to be barking up a seeeerious storm, I saw this sweet, sweet face and I melted.

Suddenly, it didn't matter that I spent almost $300 at the vet today. Because, if I had to....I would have spent more. This sweet little face means so much to me. She scared us there with a limp that wouldn't get better. For all of those people that know my hypochondriac and sometimes pessimistic side, you know that I was convinced it was something awful like bone cancer or something. But to hear the vet tell me today that it is just mild dysplasia that is probably caused by some excessive weight, I breathed easier. That $300 is well worth each penny. And at the end of the day, I will have money to pay for Lou's school...but it is hard not to stress about it. Had I had my rear-end in gear and all the fall stuff for brownie-goose ready already, I wouldn't be sweating it for a moment. But, things work out. They always do...much to the dismay of certain control-freaks like me. But, in the mean-time, we have 6 weeks to get Lucy back down to 120 lbs. She is now at 134. So, wish us luck here.

As I am typing, I hear thunder in the distance. This makes me smile. I love me some thunder. Although I know deep down that there will be no rain dumped (I am hoping for reverse psychology here) it doesn't matter, I love the sound. It grounds me. So, how's that for my dose of perspective for the day. Ever have those moments? I sometimes wish that I could always remember that it is the small, simple things that matter the most, but then...I don't know. I love the feeling of being grounded. It is refreshing. It gives an all-new look. I don't think I'd appreciate it half as much if I thought that way all the time. So, to end this all-over-pity-party-turned-dose of perspective post....I will try and take Murray's point of view. Seriously? This cat....

Until next time...