Friday, August 27, 2010

Flirting with Murphy

WARNING: long, long post…very long.

Okay, finally found a moment to sit and catch the world up with the Norris family. It has been a whirl-wind here lately. A crazy roller coaster ride, and I don’t care for roller coasters. At one point, I was so overwhelmed with life that I seriously was short of breath. Daily expectations quickly became not just things on the to-do list…but simply making it through the day without anything else happening or a panic attack. Yes, I just admitted a huge weakness, something I am not known to do…but this last month has tried every ounce of my patience and character and I am glad to know I made it out alive. I know this will not be the last time that I find myself on a roller coaster like this, but hopefully I have learned a few things in the past few weeks.

Where to even start. Hmmm…

Well, since the first paragraph is kinda heavy, I will start with great news. Who am I kidding, it is wonderful news. The Norris family will be adding a baby boy to the mix in February! That is finally news for all of the people who have been suspecting for quite some time. Turns out I am a very predictable person, and turning down a bevo is apparently a humongo red flag. Oops. Then, shading out like no other and not going places is a big other flag. Well, the beer is self-explanatory…but the shadiness crept up on me. I was sick as a dog for about 8 weeks. When I say sick, I mean I couldn’t function. I went from my bed to the couch to the toilet Throwing up became just like going tee-tee to me. It was that often and that “normal.” I couldn’t move, I couldn’t function and bless Louisa’s sweet heart she was such a trooper through it all. I am embarrassed to admit the amount of television we watched. I didn’t cook, I didn’t go to the grocery, I couldn’t even fix Louisa lunch, so she ate a lot of fast food. It was just what we did to get through it all. I didn’t clean, I didn’t shower, I mean…I didn’t think I was going to make it through. I was not sick with Louisa, so this was all new to me and I am not a fan. Thankfully, it went away finally and we have a healthy baby boy growing in my slowly expanding belly. So, for anyone in the last few months that I have been short with, not nice or just shady…it is all his fault. Hehe. It certainly didn’t help that we were experiencing the hottest weather ever here in Jackson. I mean, I didn’t go outside at ALL.

I am feeling much better now, able to eat food without being repulsed, go outside and even hang with friends. Yay. We are super excited and thrilled, but I would not be completely honest if I told you I wasn’t scared to DEATH of having a boy. I am nervous as they come. Boys scare me for some reason. I know girls and pink and sparkles and drama and princess, etc. But boys, I mean…oh dear. Louisa is really excited as well. She wanted a girl for the longest time, then realized it might be fun to have a boy just like her friend Ella…and then she found out that it WAS a boy, and now she wants a girl. Go figure. I have a feeling she is going to be an amazing big sis. Granted, we will never hear a word from little boy as Lou will dominate every convo, but she will be great. Bossy, but great. :)

Now for all the hoop-la that has tried me (and Byron) in the last month. Mind you, on top of it all…here I am not feeling worth a toot. Gag.

It all started with Lucy limping. I blogged about this before as we took her for x-rays and turns out she had mild hip dysplasia that we were given some meds and strict instructions for weight loss. Okay, we can handle that. Didn’t much plan on that vet bill, but we made it. Well, a few days later Murray (the tabby cat) turns up with these awful raw hot spots all over the back of her near her tail. So, I call the vet…figure out I have changed her food in the last month and we decide we have a food allergy, get a good plan for the weekend and end with, “if she isn’t better by Monday, we need to see her.” So, of course you know Murphy, and how he just loves me…of course she ISN’T better and we have to go to the vet. And then, she since she never visits the vet…she is scared to death and acts violently and must be sedated for an exam. Geeze, Murray…come on. Anyways, we determine it is a contact dermatitis, and thank goodness for shots of steroids and antibiotics so that I don’t have to wrestle with her for weeks giving pills. So, as the bank account has taken a beating from unexpected vet bills and a recent new roof that had to be put on, we smile and move on and hope that things take a turn.

Well, as I am sitting at a supper club, I get a call from the husband who is on a date night with Louisa as they are picking out a life jacket and fishing rod for the upcoming mountain vacay. Rewind about 3 weeks…Lou fell out of bed (you know her awful sleeping habits, and being still in her sleep just doesn’t happen) and busted her lip. Byron thought she chipped her tooth as well, but we just kinda let it go since it didn’t seem to bother her and I couldn’t tell if there was a chip. So, the phone rings and Bryon says, “Was there anything wrong with Lou’s tooth today?” Ummm, no. I cannot think of anything, so he proceeds to tell me how it is completely grey and looks dead, mind you this is one of her front teeth. So, this ruins Byron’s night because he has more knowledge of teeth than I and he kinda has an idea of what is going on. Anyways, next day…get her in to a dentist for x-rays. Yep, Murphy still there…her tooth is dead. So, vanity comes into play. I know it is just a baby tooth, and it will fall out eventually…but I just cannot come to grips with Lou not having a front tooth for another 5-6 years. Well, we get referred over to a pediatric dentist and are told that she will not lose that tooth, but instead needs a root canal. At this point…I am slowly panicking. First because the word root canal makes my eyeballs want to fall out, I have never had one, but am scared of the word itself. Then, I see dollar signs and those add in with recent vet bills and I am looking for a place to crawl into the corner and just disappear. Luckily, Louisa did WONDERFUL for the root canal and made it through with flying colors and no need for sedation. Holy smacks. Earlier in the week my tabby cat had to be sedated just to get her out of her kennel to be examined and here my 3 year old drama queen just rocked the pants off of her root canal. Wow. I cannot even explain the pride that I felt at that moment. Well, pride was quickly replaced with more Murphy as Lucy was running and playing in the yard and suddenly yelped and stopped bearing weight on one of her back legs. A call in to the vet (who I am sure is SO over my voice at this point they could scream as I have been a frequent flier in the last few weeks) tells me that she has either sprained something or torn her cranial cruciate ligament (which is the same as an ACL in a human). Well, of course we cannot bring her to the vet as it is late in the afternoon Thursday, and we are leaving for a week and a half first thing in the morning. I am quickly spinning downward on this awful freak ride in which crap is just continuing to hit the fan. I just want to scream, “SERIOUSLY??? What next?” but then am scared to even attempt that question. Well, we continue on with our plans to head to the mountains and know that if by Monday morning, if Lucy still isn’t bearing weight we need to take her to the vet in Georgia as it is more than likely her cruciate ligament. Well, I have already figured out it is the latter…just a wild guess after the way our luck had been going.

Well, we make the haul to Ellijay, GA to a very secluded cabin in the woods for our weekend get-a-way with me, Byron, Lou and the doggies. I am so excited about the trip and a break that I just cannot stand it. Well, we get to secluded bliss, smell the mountain air, sigh because Lucy can barely make it up the steps and then venture out back down the treacherous 3 miles of dirt road to get to a main highway to take us back to town to get groceries for the weekend…and what else happens? Of course we blow a tire. In the pitch dark, in the middle of nowhere and with a 3 year old and 2 dogs in the back. At this point…I am seriously thinking of running into the woods and never coming out. I just cannot handle anymore. I want to scream, I want to cry, I want to throw something, I want to hit somebody, I want to pull out my hair, I want to disappear, I want to give up, I want to quit…I just want it to stop. But instead of losing my mind and making a bad situation worse, we decide to turn around in the middle of this secluded mountain dirt road and make it back up to the cabin for Byron to fix the flat. So, as we cover about 2 miles of hilly gravel road on 3 tires and a rim, I don’t think Byron and I breathe. We almost didn’t make it up one of the hills. But, at that moment…it dawned on me. You know, this sucks. Life is just kinda sucking right now. But, you know what…we could have been going 75 miles per hour down a highway and blown that tire and goodness only knows what would have happened to us. So, in that moment, I decide to thank my stars, put on my big girl panties and stop feeling sorry for myself and everything that is going on. Instead, I am thanking God for putting us on a dirt road only going about 35 mph and instead of facing danger…instead facing perspective. It is amazing the clarity that can sometimes be reached after such foggy weeks. Instead of burying my head in my hands and crying, I started to giggle and be glad that Byron suggested we stop for snacks only hours before to “improve morale” on the trip as it turns out that was our supper for the night. There would be no more ventures out tonight. We would hunker down in a cabin in the middle of the most beautiful scenery and count our blessings.

Other than sharing the cabin with scorpions, spiders galore, no A/C and snakes…the rest of the trip was wonderful. We had the most fun. I got new tires (can you even guess how those weren’t in the budget) that I am thankful for as the next weekend we braved some baaaad weather on the interstate on the way back to Mississippi that I am sure I would have hydroplaned into oncoming traffic had I not had tread on my tires. So, the clarity started to make itself evident and I tried to take a new attitude to things.

It was no surprise that Lucy was still limping when Monday morning rolled around. It was also no surprise that her cranial cruciate was ruptured. It was par for the course at that point. But she had surgery this past Monday and as Byron and I both choked on the amount that we had to pay upfront, we realized…what else do you do? As I am sure some of you are reading and thinking I am a quack for spending money and time worrying this much about my animals, and that is fine. Not everyone loves animals as I do. We don’t all see eye to eye, but I wouldn’t change a thing. So, as we are now looking at 8 weeks at least of a recovery in which therapy and confinement is involved, I am trying to look at this not as overwhelming, but as a learning point. Not to mention, in the last few weeks we have met the most amazing vets, pediatric dentist and hygienists and also veterinary surgeons. I cannot express my gratitude more for those sweet, sweet people along the way.

I am scared to say that things have calmed down for now, I just don’t want to tempt fate that way…but I am lucky to say that we are all alive, healthy and happy. We have a sweet little baby boy growing and just waiting to show us more adventures. We may not have spending money right now, or for the next few months for that matter…but we are in one piece.

So, while I am tempted to name this baby boy Murphy to maybe end my flirtation with him and his dumb-old Law, I think I might know better. One day I will learn to live with him, and we will be friends…but not yet. I think he still has more teaching for me.

At this point, I am exhausted and cannot fathom proof-reading through the last 4 pages. If you are even still reading at this point, excuse the typos. I am now going to indulge you with fun pictures over the last few weeks. And hopefully we will get back to some crazy Lou stories and photos and events more fun-filled soon. I can just feel it. But, in the mean time…thanks for the therapy session. Time to get off the couch for now.

ps - that picture above was NOT the cabin we stayed in, ha!

Until next time…


Jennifer said...

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE YOU????????? I am beyond happy for yall and could not wish nothing better for a long lost friend. BOYS are the best. You will have a great life and a precious vibrant girl and baby boy will make it better. You are the best and I can only hope to meet little "Murphy" one day like Lou! You have a gift for writing and I can only hope that you do not give it up in your bust hectic life ! (BTW, I am student teaching with Francie Browne, our K teacher, and she asked about you the other day" How cool is that??

TeenyTinyFashions said...

If you ever go to north Georgia again, let me know...Jeremy's family lives there and we'll put them on the alert for possible tire problems : ) Sorry you went through all this.
Congrats on Baby Boy "Murphy"!

Jessa said...

Hey. I'm a recent lurker from over on the Make Shift Revolution blog, and I must say that since the first post I read mentioned you not feeling well for a while, I was waiting for the pregnancy announcement! And I don't even know you!

Super duper congrats! I have 5 sisters. I know pink and bows too. But I have two sweet boys - 3 and 1 - and it is the. most. fun.

Congrats! Deep breaths! I hope things simmer down!

Anonymous said...

Tater (Mama & Daddy's dog) had that same surgery and she came through it like a champ. She's about 4 months out and she is running and playing like nothing ever happened. But it was so sad to see her poor little leg shaved and limp. Her fur grew back in no time and she was caught jumping on the sofa just a few weeks after surgery.

Congratulations on the baby!