Monday, August 9, 2010

Lula Got Her Groove Back

You know it has been a farty day in the sewing room when you decided that you suddenly need to vacuum and polish the hardwoods. For real. This is a chore that I really only do when the President comes to visit. Really, that often. It is hard work and it always smells and looks great for like 5 minutes afterward, but after that…the evidence is only your hurting back and shoulders. Boo. I cannot say that I blame it completely on the fart-day in the sewing room since I also was walking to put something in the trash earlier today when I stepped on something that kinda oozed and then made me slip a few inches. Gross. Anyways, floors are clean now. Feel free to walk barefoot and I am sure it is only a matter of moments before Mallard chews up a pinecone all over them and then Murray decides to puke a few times.

Anyways, back to the sewing room. Urrrggghhhhh. That is about how I sum it up. Actually, I’d like to share some nice words with you, but I will keep this PG. But, all in a matter of a few hours my toes barely escaped puncture wounds by my scissors that dropped to the floor and luckily didn’t bounce, but instead wedged themselves into the cork floor.

For those that read my brownie-goose blog as well, I am sure you remember the post in which my toes barely avoided amputation by my rotary cutter and the little twinkies were saved by the cork floors. If not, feel free to learn here. Thank goodness for those cork floors! But then, after I recovered from the almost-trauma, something that I have ALWAYS feared occurred. Louise, my serger, chomped through a piece of fabric like it was her business. For those not familiar with a serger, it is what is used to finish off seams and while it sews; it also has a razor blade to the right that will chop off any un-necessary fabric to make it look nice. It is also there just waiting for the operator to stop paying attention just long enough to lose a finger or piece of fabric like I did today. And remember Murphy? Yep, he paid me a visit today since of COURSE it was a piece of discontinued VINTAGE fabric that hasn’t been printed in years and I paid out the yazoo for it and searched forevs to find it. Can you even imagine the words that came out of my mouth when I took my fabric to the ironing board and made this discovery? Let me just sum it up for you, I was very proud at my ability to form sentences with only 4-letter words and words that I just made up out of anger. You know those words, like “freemilickin” and “stupid-sumanother” and such like that. I am sure the flies on the wall were in hysterics and wondering if they needed to get out dictionaries to translate the anger-clad-temper-tantrum that was unfolding in front of their eyes. Thankfully, the tot who would have LOVED to repeat these words was playing princess in her room. Phew. I did not take a picture of the wounds to the fabric; in fact…I threw it so far I am still not sure of where it landed in the sewing room.

Well, I took a breather and gained my sanity and ventured back to the sewing room for Round 3. ONLY to be scalded on my feet (that just hours earlier escaped the puncture wounds) by my iron. Well, not the iron itself, but all of the piping hot steam water it decided to empty out of the holes in the bottom and all over my feet. I mean, really? This iron is a work-horse. I mean, it is old-school but the BEST sewing iron a girl can have. However, I think it might be on the fritz, well….I am sure it is now after it survived (barely) the beating it took from my temper. Look how innocent.

So, as you can tell…I was uber productive in the sewing room today. Geeze. I finally decided to turn everyone off; well…Louise had been turned off way earlier after she took a verbal lashing from some crazed seamstress. But, I shut the door and quit for the day. I decided instead to take a nap with my little jitterbug and so we crawled up into my bed and snoozed the afternoon away. What a great idea.

Then, after the nap…I decided since I didn’t want to even look at my sewing room, I would polish the floors. Yeah, I was wondering about my sanity level as well, but didn’t question it for long as I knew this was something that should be done. So, I turned up the Pandora Sean Kingston and boogied down with the vacuum and mop. As I came into the den to vacuum/mop, I found this little thing GETTING IT to some Usher. She loves to dance!

Then she took a break to help me vacuum, this is a true action shot since the child RUNS with the vacuum. This pic is mostly for you Bec, she brings this out EVERY time I vacuum and follows behind me and will say, “Oops, nooks like you missed a spot siwwy!”

So, now my floors are cleaned and the dishwasher unloaded, hmmm…maybe I should think about cooking some dinner? Or, maybe I will just head outside to see if I can watch this storm roll in since it has been tempting me for quite some time.

Until next time…


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Your sewing supplies were giving you a time today. Sorry about the vintage fabric, that beyond stinks! I LOVE your curse words though!!!!

kosekcasa said...

Ugh about the fabric...that is why my sewing machine has been neatly tucked away in it's case for 5 months. The cussing and temper tantrums that ensued after the Christmas socks was enough to make me need a nice long break. Once it's put away, it's hard to get it back out, but I'm proud to say, I got it out again today. I bought some vintage hankies and some fun fabric and I'm going to attempt to make some pillows and I'm taking a "pattern sewing class" tomorrow, as I've never worked with a pattern before. Just easing back in, but looking forward to it!

ps- I want a serger...never really knew what one was until now. Sounds so helpful (for the most part).

Clint and Jeri Anne said...

Steel-toe shoes sound like a must for your sewing room. And you're not giving me any hope that this sewing madness will get any easier . . . I need hope and inspiration from you! A couple of nights ago I stayed up until 1 AM to finish a dress only to realize I had sewed the ruffle on backwards . . . and I was completely out of that fabric . . . cuss, cuss, cuss.