Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tooting One's Horn

So, I feel super-duper special today. Not only have I been rocking it out in the sewing room (something I have not done in quite some time) but I was featured on two different blogs. Wow. That makes me feel really, really cool. However, I want to brag about them...but I don't want to sound selfish. You know? So, if I put a picture of my super cute child playing a saxophone (which, honestly...the more I look at these pictures it looks like she has some sort of pipe in her mouth, geeze) symbolizing one "tooting their own horn" does it make it less selfish? :)

The first blog is authored by a girl that I went to St. Vincent's with. She is a funny and sweet girl. We ran in the same crowds in high school and college and she always had me cracking up. She started a blog about a year ago called "Moms Are Human" and it is a really, really good read. She is uber-honest about things that most people shy away from. I love the honesty. She also has so many great guest bloggers who share parts of their lives that I just love. She is married to a resident as well, and so we also click on that level. But, she is doing some posts (starting today) called "Into the Lives of Wives" and it goes into how it is to be married to medicine, the army and the church. Check her out, you will be so glad you did. She also puts lots of recipes up and always has the know-how on sales and such. There are not many times in which I don't feel the need to comment on her, or laugh or cry out loud. She does a great job. And her own stories about herself will have you crying due to laughing so hard.

The second blog is authored by a stay-at-home mom that is also a part-time minister in a Presbyterian church. Her blog is called "The MakeShift Revolution" and she focuses on the "real" lives and what goes on when trying to balance out from Suzie Homemaker went met with modern challenges. She does these features called "Moms of Invention" and she interviews moms that have some sort of a business on the side to see how they manage to divide their time between family and business. I have learned a lot by reading about some of the other moms and how they manage things in the house. Again, honesty plays a large part in her blog and I appreciate it all, as there are WAY too many blogs out there that can leave you feeling a little less than desired!

So, check these two blogs out. They are great stalking sites. Add them to your blog roll and enjoy! And, for more tooting of the "horn"......

Until next time...

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Elizabeth said...

haha! It does look like Louisa has a pipe in her mouth. Too funny! Thanks for sharing your life with us!