Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let the Craziness Begin

So, I am fairly predictable. I am not much for change, I like routines and I don't much care for surprises. So, therefore I am pretty easy to read. At least I think. And I think it is fair to say that you can learn a lot about me and my recent events by the way my sewing room looks. Isn't that sad? Just take a look at this one.

When the floor around my sewing chair is as cluttered as this - let me give you a hint. It means I have been working so hard that by the time I am "done" for the day in my sewing room I don't even have the energy to clean the floor. And this next one.

There is a cutting table somewhere in the mess, maybe hidden under the uber-dead hydrangeas. And since I have narrowly escaped losing digits numerous times from that cracker of a rotary cutter - he is usually blade in and hanging from a peg board. Well, not now. Because honestly - time is money. And since I have been so out of the loop from sewing while I was sick with baby boy, I had forgotten how to get my grove on in my sewing room. I am slowly trying to get back to the machine that I was in the past - and it needs to come sooner rather than later as the poo is about to hit the fan with what I have named "BG Get Your Fall On" otherwise known as my fall line. We had a photo shoot this past weekend with Katie of Mary Moment Photography who you all know I think hung the moon. Well, this was the first time that I had a professional shoot my clothes. Can I even begin to explain how nervous I was? I am not sure why, since I knew that Katie would make it the bees-knees, but I was nervous. And a busy bee trying to get things made and lined up so that each and every part of my line was shown and shown in a way that people would like to pair up an outfit, etc. I hadn't realized how I had fallen back on Louisa dressing herself (no matter how she looks) and hadn't had to worry about pulling looks together in a while. You see, I no longer have fashionable clothing for myself. I usually bust it out in an old ADPi t-shirt and running shorts that I have had since high school. The hair is always in a pony (not to mention I desperately need about 4 inches chopped off) and the bangs are usually pulled back with a clip. You will be lucky if you see me with the make-up on. Remember this post...when I promised to make myself more presentable? Well, I did really good for about a month or so. And now, I just give up. My clothes are tired, and yes...they don't fit anymore. When I was preggo with Louisa, I was working at The Children's Hospital, so I had no need for anything other than scrubs. I even went as far as wearing men's suspenders under my scrub tops to hold my pants up since they wouldn't fit over my belly. Wow, I was that girl. It always ended in disaster when I had to go potty, but at least my pants always stayed on. So, if you see me out and about in scrubs, no...I haven't gone back to work - but they fit. So, in a nutshell - I was just nervous about it all coming together and looking good. Well, let me just say - when I saw the first photo in a sneak peek, I started to cry. I was so amazed that it was my work that I was looking at that it just took words out of my mouth. I was so proud of all that BG was at that moment and how the genius Katie had captured it to a t, although I never had any doubt about her doing just that. So, all that worrying went out the window with one photo. Oh my gosh, and I will share with you the photo I am talking about.

And let me go on another note since I am not known for staying on one page with my blogs. To all of you readers out there...PLEASE, I beg of you - the next time you have a photo shoot set up with a photographer, THANK the mess out of them afterwards and appreciate all that they do. Let me just tell you. Katie blows my mind. Not only did she tote around a camera that weighed at least 25 lbs for 4 hours, but she was on the ground, laying on her stomach, running after kids, being sweet to children that were not cooperating (ahem, Louisa Kate) sitting and squating and then helping to accessorize and set up shots. Holy molies. This girl did it all, and THEN she left to go shoot more after that. I don't know how she did it. So, just for all of you out there - your photographers work their ARSES off to get those fantabulous pictures that you frame and put on walls and such. I know for my personal self, I have a much better appreciation of all that goes into it. Holy cow. I am still amazed and just speechless when I look at the photos.

But, hmmmm...where was I going with this post? I think I have forgotten completely by now. Shoot. Anyways, for the next couple of months since my maid just so happens to also be my seamstress and mother and wife - my house will be in disarray, the hardwoods will be covered in fur, the vacuum will be enjoying a vacay, laundry will be overflowing from the baskets and the sink will probably be overloaded with dishes. And not to mention what the sewing room will look like as it is turned into a sweat-shop complete with packing and shipping. But, would I have it any other way...I don't think so. I am so stinking excited about this fall line that I could burst.

Wondering about the little tow-headed fireball? Well, she is still out in full effect. She is at the moment chasing Murray around the house and I think I just caught a glimpse of her pulling her by her tail. Goodness. Don't feel pity for Murray - she won't run away from Louisa...instead she just takes it. I keep telling her she needs to run or growl or scratch Louisa to teach her a lesson, but it still hasn't happened. Meanwhile, Mallard is over in the corner being as still as he can in hopes that Lou doesn't catch sight of him and I think this is ONE time that Lucy doesn't mind being confined. :) Last night before we went to bed I asked Louisa if she wanted to sleep in this morning, and she was so excited. And, so was I since I can honestly sleep for about 15 hours straight and then still need more sleep. Well, I heard Byron leaving around 6 this morning and was glad to know I got to stretch out over the entire bed and go back to sleep. And then I hear it....the footsteps hitting the hardwoods and then the squeak of her door. Cringe. Maybe if I lay really still she will just go back to bed. The footsteps get closer, and I can tell by the way she is clomping that she is trying to "sneak" up on me which has the complete opposite effect as she is louder when she is sneaking than usual. Then it happens, the finger in the eyeball. Well, I continue to lay still and hope she goes away. Finger in the other eyeball. Stay still....and the finger in the ear and giggling to follow. Grrrrrrr. So, I open my poked eyeball and say, "Lou, Mommy wants to sleep in. It is still dark outside therefore we do not need to be awake." More giggling, "Otay Mommy, wells I am not tired anymores. I fink I want to wake up." "No mam, go back to your bed and shut the door and don't come back until it is light outside, Mommy is tired." So, I hear the footsteps retreating back to her room and then I hear the door shut. So, I smile and snuggle back in the bed and invite Mallard to jump up there with me. Ahhhh, pure happiness. So, I begin to drift back off to slumber land until I hear bam-bam-bam-bam in her room. Crap. I continue to lay there and think that if she needs me certainly she will cry or come and get me. Nothing, so I figure she is just playing instead of sleeping and try to drift back off. No passing judgements here...we know we have all been there before. As I am starting to slip back into dream land, I begin to hear what can only be jumping on the bed. Crap. So, I get out of bed as Mallard growls in annoyance (I know, right?) and walk to her room only to catch her mid-jump as she sits quickly on the bed and then lays and pretends to be asleep. Oh my gosh - are you kidding me? "Louisa do not jump on your bed. I have told you before and remember you will fall off and hurt yourself big-time. You need to go back to sleep, understand me?" "Oh, otays Mommy. I wasn't jumping I was just looking at the fan." And then I stumble back to my room only to find that Mallard has now stretched out across the bed so there is a small space for me if I lay sideways. Whatevs, I crawl back in bed, Mallard growls and I try to drift back off. And then, the door squeaks and footsteps on the floors. Heavy sigh. "Mommy, I jes can't seep in my bed right nows because my room is so messy." "Fine, get in my bed and DO NOT make a sound or move or anything, Mommy is tired Louisa and all I want to do is sleep until the sun comes up." Well, she crawls up in the bed and proceeds to whisper-sing the monkeys jumping on the bed song, then she starts to irritate Mallard, then she starts to kick me in the back, then she jumbles around in the bed, etc. I mean, you know the drill. I peek out of my eyes and look at the clock and it says 7. Well, I guess we could get up now but my body is screaming for more sleep - too bad both of my children don't agree. So, I roll over and face Louisa and open my eyes and don't even have a second to breathe before this comes out, "OOOOOhhhhhh Mommy you are wake! Yippee, I so happy. I sept so good last night and was ready to wake up dis morning and wanted to come and suprise you and den get in your bed but Mawward was bothering me and I couldn't seep so I was trying to sing him a song to get him to seep too, and den he was tickling me so I couldn't sit still and den..." and I just help up my hand and said, "Lou, let me drink one cup of coffee and then we can talk okay?" Well, I am sure you can imagine how that went as I had BARELY even swallowed my first sip when she comes running from the den to find me hiding in the office with Lucy, "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH Mommy, are you finished wif your coffee. Oh yay, what are we going to dos today? Oh I am so cited." Sigh. Guess I will go ahead and get up and start the day.

So get I am sitting down to the disaster also known as my email inbox, she comes to me and lays her head in my lap and says, "Oh Mommy, I so tired." I just roll my eyes, run my hand through her hair and just laugh. Is there really anything else you can do? Oh, life with a toddler. She has now moved on from Murray and is running full-speed in the house pushing TWO baby stroller and squealing at the top of her lungs, "Hurry, hurry we are in a hurry, its an mamergency." Wonder how I can get confinement like Lucy. Hmmmm.....but as I said, she is just so cute. Good thing.

Until next time...


Gracie and Bryan Gaspard said...

Love the Stella & Dot Little Girls necklace in this picture! If anyone wants some accessories feel free to send them my way!

Amanda Jones said...

You sound just like me....go back to bed Colby until you see a bright light through your window.

I just ordered the Teach Me Time Clock and it lights up green to let an early bird know when it's okay to get out of bed. Google it girl....I will let you know how it works on Colby!!