Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snakes and Snails...

Okay, so while she may not be her Momma's child in the cleaning department (see previous post), she is definitely mine when it comes to being prepared. I am a goob, a nerd, a name it. I have to be prepared when I am going somewhere. I like to know where it is I am going, what kind of place, I need to make sure I have directions that I have looked over a few times, etc. That is me. Love me or hate me. But, today we had a ballerina birthday party to go to and when I finished blow-drying my hair - I went to the tot's room to check on her as it was mighty quiet. And we all know Louisa + Quiet = BAD. But, she surprised me. Instead, this is what I found.

She told me she was studying for her ballerina party. Yes, that is a ballet book in front of her. Melted me instantly. What a doll. Well, then I sat down in the chair in her room and watched/photographed her studying. Notice her holding her mouth JUST right in most pictures as she is a true Morgan lady.

It amazes me how a child can go from driving you cuckoo to where you want to pull out all of your hair and bang your bald head against a wall to absolutely having your heart in all she can. Granted, her sleep last night was AWFUL and I mean AWFUL (to the extent she was subdued at the birthday friend Katie even said - wow, Lou looks almost sedated) but this just made up for it. Two nights ago I decided I wanted to rock her to sleep. Not sure where the idea came from, and I knew I was probably starting a very bad trend, but there was nothing more I wanted than to sit in the chair in her room and snuggle with her. She actually obliged, which won my heart since she never, ever snuggles with me. It was great. After about 15 minutes she informed me that she needed "her own space" but I had my moment and my fill. Well, last night she came to me and asked if I would do it again. Granted, I knew she was probably just putting off her bedtime, but it meant the world to me, so of course...I obliged. We rocked and she told me, "Mommy, I jes lubs you. You are my most fabritest Mom eber." Oh dear me. She could have torn her room from one side to the other after that and I wouldn't have cared. Sweet thing. Good thing too, since we were getting ready for a night of about 2 hours of sleep. Grrrrrrrr.

Anyways, enough gush and mush for me. I have spoken enough mush that I am giving away these crazy hormones that have surged me. Oh well, speaking of....I spy a rubber band that is struggling for his life. Can you spy it?

Yikes. Baby boy is making his way out there and pushing my pants to the limits. :) I will give photos of belly now, and take your ganders...because once the face starts to be pregnant and all the fun swelling and such occurs, I doubt I will be in the sharing mood.

Changing the subject completely. Let's talk about Cedric. Who is Cedric? Well, he is the ribbon snake (I guess that is what he is, that is what he resembles the most on the internet) that has taken up home in my garage. Cracker. I DO NOT DO SNAKES. Repeat, I DO NOT DO SNAKES. I don't care if it is a "good" snake or what, they are all bad to me. I found him on Monday. I was walking to my car to get something out of the back and when I turned to make it back into the house, there he was. Between me and the door - just staring at me. I swear he was like 2-3 feet long. Black, shiny and striped. And my heart started to slowly begin the rise up my esophagus and the hairs on my body started to stand on end. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity while I racked my brain of what I could grab to bludgeon the nasty thing before he slithered off all quick-like. Let's just talk about how freaked out I was. Mostly because just hours earlier Louisa and I had BOTH been in the garage while I was running on treadmill. Seriously, I was freaking out and losing my shiz-nit. So, I did what all girls that don't "do" snakes do, I screamed bloody murder and ran inside and slammed the door shut. Well, of course I couldn't locate a shovel - so I grabbed a broom and a rake and headed back out to the garage to beat the phooey out of this thing. So, I opened the door, raised both garage doors and went to bludgeoning everything in sight and screaming and running with a rake in one hand and broom in the other. As I made my way from door to the driveway, I stopped to look and of course there is a neighbor staring at me like I had lost my mind. Great. So, I explained myself and he kindly came to relieve me of this slitherer. Of course, Cedric didn't show himself. And, so I looked like a loony tune with my "weapons." Whatev. So, I still had to go I prepared all my things I needed in car, grabbed Louisa and did the hopping from kitchen to car that you do as a child when you think monsters are under bed. You know. you start off at your bedroom door and then make the largest leaps possible to have as little contact with the ground and then leap like a giselle onto the bed. Phew. Made it to the car. But then, I had visions of Cedric crawling out from under my seat while I drove. I want to barf just recalling it.

So, anyways...on to sighting numero dos. I walk out into the garage to grab a water out of the beer fridge and there he is...just staring again. Grrrrrr. He only shows himself when I am unarmed. Because of course I turn real quick-like and grabbed the broom I have set by the door and turn back to the garage and he is gone. Gag. So, Byron comes home and don't you know how Cedric and Murphy have paired up and now he is not showing himself to Byron. So, Byron is convinced that the snake is gone. I think otherwise.

Cedric sighting numero tres. I am pulling in the driveway from taking Lucy to her one month post-op follow-up. Well, I am on the phone so I sit in the drive and push the button to open garage door. There he is. In the middle of the garage just staring. I honestly put thought into ramming it in drive and taking him out...but knowing how Murphy and I are buds I knew I would certainly be in the paper the next day for driving into my house, literally. So - I just shut the door again and continued my conversation. Nasty. And you know when I opened the door again he was gone. Gag.

Well, today I go to the car to put the birthday present in my front seat so I don't forget it. It has been a few days since I have seen Cedric, so I figure he is gone. Well, I hear rustling. And stupid me goes over to inspect and I see it....his long snakey tail. Well, I think - you know...we've got him, Byron is home and he is gonna get him. Well, I scream bloody murder for Byron and by the time he comes into garage...Cedric is not to be found. Cracker. So, I leave for birthday party and I get a text from Byron later saying he spotted Cedric and that he has the garage sealed. Now, what I need to know is...did he seal it AFTER he got Cedric out?? Since he said he got away before he could do him in, I am wondering. And I haven't had a chance to talk to him as he is en-route to the UGA game in Starkville. Heebeegeebees.

I don't do snakes. Snakes or alligators. I hate them. Why are they so sneaky and nasty? Ewwww. For all of our sakes, I don't have a picture of Cedric for you to get chill-bumps. I won't be photographing him...unless I know for SURE he wont be moving any time soon. And if that is the case from my hands - he will probably be in a few thousand pieces. Eeeeeeeek.

Until next time...


Mrs.Puckett said...

She is so stinking cute "studying" her ballet book. I <3 it! I hope you catch Cedric very soon! It would scare me too!!

Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

I just saw this post and those belly pics are A-dorable!!!!! You are just too cute

sashyjane said...

She looks so much like a little Katie in that 4th picture!