Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

That's what little girls are made of. The poet left out the part about the sass, drama, eye-rolling, foot-stomping, meltdowns, Oscar-worthy moments, etc. But, I guess all that wouldn't fit the tempo.

I have a little girl that is 100% girl. I am slowly learning how to live with her. I "get" her, and am trying my best to learn to live with more estrogen in the house. Pretty soon we will have a nice little balance of boys and girls, and I am hoping that I can "learn" the girl before that little boy gets here. Whoa nelly, am I scared. It is no secret. I openly tell everyone. I am scared of the boy. I am sure I will learn it in time, but I don't know what to do without all the pink and frilly and fanciness. Testosterone and bugs and dinosaurs and trucks and cars and such just are not my for-tay. As long as there will be no bringing of snakes or alligators into the house, I *think* I will make it.

I mean, you know you are the Mom of a girl when your drying rack looks like this.

How many tutus does a girl need? Seriously. Sad part is, this isn't all of them. They were just the ones on the surface when I swept through her room earlier on a laundry rampage. And you would have thought I was breaking her arm with my bare hands when I gathered them all and put them in the wash. She screamed and squealed and cried and protested, etc. Geeze.

But, little girls can also be cute as can be in their girly-ness. One night, Louisa said she was gonna get "busy to cook you dinner." And while I was cooking, I could hear her back in her bedroom and was only imagining what sort of mess was being made as I heard banging, stomping, singing, etc. Well, this is the table she set us. I almost couldn't clean it off to put our "real" dinner on it. Too cute. She was so proud.

And another girly moment that I am relishing in. She loves sewing. Do you even know how proud that makes me? She loves to be right smack in the middle of everything in my sewing room. She wants nothing more than to sit on my lap while I sew. She watches me cut, iron, sew, serge and perfect. This has also taught me some as I have had to learn some G-rated versions of the 4-letters that sometimes accompany me in my sewing room. Schnizzle-fronds is my new fave. This is how she watches with amazement as I sew. Do you see the excitement in her eyes?

I am currently looking for a machine for her. I have been researching and all the "kid" sewing machines are apparently crap and not worth the money according to the reviews. So, I am looking for a "real" machine that maybe is a fun pink or purple or something child-like. It will work as a back-up for me in most times, but when I am there to supervise, she will actually get to sew. I think this will be right up her alley. So, if anyone out there sees a machine that is pink and sparkly - let me know! Check her out here with her iron, which apparently isn't hot enough

and her "fred" (thread) and "fabwic." I mean, the cutest thing ever. Man, if I can get her sewing... I could really bust out some brownie-goose. Ha, just kidding...I think. :) Also notice how she has gone through the trash and accessorized her dress with a piece from a brown top. Ha. I just noticed that. Oh, and the stickers all over her ironing board. I am certain Murray the striped-kitty put those there too.

Who wants a Cedric update? I know you are all just dying to know. Well, he did not escape before Byron sealed the garage. Just what I figured. But, as usual...he was sneaky. The first sighting after the "sealing of the garage" happened on Sunday afternoon. Of course Byron was in Boston by that point - Murphy. I had just gotten back from a run with Lou and the jogger (which is a whole other blog in itself, but I just can't go there right now) and got back to the house and thought that I needed to put the trash cans and recycle bins on the street before dark. I had to tinkle, but I wanted to go ahead and get it all done while outside. Guess where this is going??? So, I get the trash can out to the street and go to grab the recycle bins which are IN the garage. Well, I grab them, pick them up and immediately see Mr. Cedric who has been coiled up underneath staring at me. Holy JUNKERS, let's just say I dropped the bins and had a moment in which pregnancy-induced-incontinence was not on my side. That is all I will say about that. I then proceeded to grab the shovel and beat the recycle bins in hopes that I was squishing Cedric underneath. I then pushed the bins outside with the help of a shovel and slowly got my blood pressure back where it was supposed to be. The next day, I stalked the front windows for the recycle guys to come down the street. I ran outside when they got to the house and asked the guy to lift up the bin and let me look underneath. After he looked at me like I had lost my shiz-nit, he did so and don't you know there were NO remnants of a snake that had been beaten and smushed. Crap.

So, life goes on in our house and I dread each time I have to walk outside. Well, this morning I walk into the garage because I am about to go outside to photograph some inventory for brownie-goose. I push the button for the garage door to rise, and something on the door catches my eye. There he is, riding the door all the way up. I cannot stop it (since we have one of the original automatic garage door openers that wont stop mid-way or stop if there is something in the way, etc) so I watch in horror as he rides it all the way up, and then CLOMP falls onto the roof of my car. I think, perfect. I have him cornered. I am going to pull him off with the shovel and beat him to a pulp when he hits the ground. But first, I want to photograph him (of course, right?), so I turn to grab my camera which is right inside and by the time I walk back to garage (not even a minute) he is GONE. What the crap? Then, when telling my friend Summer about this only minutes later she asked if my windows were all up and then I had a momentary panic-attack when I realized that I couldn't remember if I had closed my sunroof. I was freaking out. Well, thankfully it was shut - but I still have NO clue where that dern fool is, and I am so scared he has somehow worked himself into my car so that when I leave in a few hours to go get Byron from the airport he will be along for the ride. I want to barf just thinking about it. I have searched my house up-side down looking for the spare keys to Byron's truck so I can take it instead. Hopefully - I will NOT be blogging tomorrow about a ride in the car with a snake. EEEEEEKKKKKKK!

Okay, as I am blogging...I have realized the toddler is quiet, but giggling. When she requests my attention (over her play microphone, not kidding) I turn around and thank my STARS that my camera is in hand. Man, I love this child. She just couldn't STAND to not have her tutus. I sure hope Broadway is ready for this one.

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Sarah Broadus said...

I have a cute blue one with jewels. I certainly don't use it! would be willing to trade for some cute ruffle pants ;)

Meg said...

Hey Amy! I found your blog through Keri's website and love reading about your fun adventures! My 4 year old niece got the Land of Nod sewing machine for Christmas last year - it says for kids 8 and up, and it definitely was not suited for her working by herself, but I think it might work for what you described. Here is the website -

Ashley said...

i just wanted to say that i love this post. it will be so great to have a hobby in common if she takes up the family "trade". i think it's amazing that she even "lets" you sew. i can't even read one sentence without being bugged or something happening that i have to go mediate. i am looking forward to a little girliness around here myself. you will love having a boy. i grew up with 2 sisters and no brothers and we liked it that way and loved our tutus, so the boy world was frightening to me too, BUT i am finding out that entering a new world is more exciting and adventurous than boring like i thought it would be.

Elizabeth said...


Elizabeth said...