Friday, September 10, 2010

A Tribute to My Salt-Water Roots

For those of you that live on the coast, rivers, creeks, marshes, etc that are constantly changed by the beauty of a salt-water will totally get this. Those that don't cannot even begin to understand. And, that is not saying anything bad about you, but if you haven't lived in the setting, you just have no clue the effect it has on you. The smell of the marsh, the salt in the air, the constant humidity and all the time need to know the tide...I miss it like every day. However, I am now land-locked in Jackson, MS and the only "water" that I have here is a man made lake that provides the city's water. Ummm, not my idea of water, but it is better than nothing. At least I can take a drive over the spillway and on the Trace every now and then to just look, and I happen to love the way the sun shines off it in the mornings.

Anyways, where am I going with this? I grew up in Savannah, GA one of the most gorgeous towns in all of America. Never been? Please go. It will take your breath away. Growing up in this town was amazing, there was ALWAYS something to do. I never thought twice about how easy it was to jump in my car and drive to the beach, or how I could go sit on a dock somewhere and watch the sunset and look for dolphins. I never really understood the awesomeness of fresh seafood and the endless supply of it. Crabbing was something you did in the hot, hot months of July and August and you would always find yourself on a boat covered in goo from chicken necks and backs and mud back in a creek that never seemed to have a breeze, but how great to go home that afternoon and pick (and eat) crabs. Yum. Or shrimping...timing the tides JUST right to ride up in the marshes to throw the net and dump on the bow of your boat then scramble to pick up all the hopping shrimp and hope you don't get poked too many times by those prickly things on their heads. Wow - back on focus please my mouth is watering and in dire need of some blue crab dipped in butter.

Anyways, I miss it. Lots. But, just recently a good friend of mine who also has a website that specializes in all sorts of things known to the coast came up with the brilliant idea to have a line of smocked children's clothing that features things from these wonderful memories. Don't you know I jumped at the chance to have that! If I cannot see it and live it everyday, why not be able to look at it on my fave tow-headed little fireball?

PS - check out the curled-in-top-lip-teeth-showing-smile on this one. This look showed up in like every photo I took, grrrr. This is her new smile. Great, especially when I have a photo shoot lined up on Sunday with Mary Moment Photography for brownie-goose Get Your Fall On, lovely.

I mean, love them...granted I never saw a mermaid in all my years growing up in Savannah...I knew that Lou would just want that one. :) But, she has tons more. Blue crabs and a sailfish are just to name a few.

BEST PART - if you order before midnight Sunday, and you order 2 or get free shipping. Yep, must get on it.

UPDATE - Kristen just added especially for you another discount code for $5 off your order. Discount code, enter FIVE at checkout. Wahoooies!

You also just might find some other cuteness you cannot live without whether or not you are in Savannah or land-locked like me. So, check her out at Savannah Jacks and get your hurry on if you want some of these cutie pie smocked goodies.

On another note...thank you to all that emailed me or commented in my reach out for some help with a toddler that is out of control. I have some great ideas from what everyone sent in. I am trying some new things, but finding it so hard to keep my patience. I really think it has a lot to do with the hormones and the pregnancy - but I am trying. We haven't had complete success, and last night I texted a friend to tell her I was one meltdown away from admittal at Whitfield, and this was probably true. But, a very wise pediatrician told me that this too shall pass...and it will, but whether I have hair on the top of my head when it passes is beyond me. :)

As for the pregnancy...we are trucking along just fine. The belly is starting to prove to be a challenge for my running which is never fun, but I am also starting to feel the little bean poke and kick around in there and that is one of my all-time most FAVORITE things in the world. We had another ultrasound yesterday, and I had the girl check...and yes, it is still a boy. I thought maybe it might have changed you know with all my fear and anxiety of the anatomy and all that comes with it. But, still a boy. Oh boy.

How about an update on my sweet post-op Lucy-Goose? Well, she is doing so well. Bless her, she is so OVER being confined, and I cannot say that I blame her, but doing well with her exercises and walks and bearing weight. I am so proud of her. :)

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Those smocks are just beyond!!!!! Cannot wait to see if she does so good with them, that she will add some bigger sizes. I just adore the nautical flags and mermaid. All your talk of seafood is making me hungry

Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

love how lou is holding out her nautical dress! that kid is sooo you!