Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jello-O For "Breck-pist"

First of all, this is what we are dealing with at our house. No bueno.

Gag. I cannot stand a fever. They are so unpredictable and I can manage them in other people's chirrens, but not my own. Scares the pooeys out of me. So, imagine my surprise yesterday when I was cooking shrimp and grits (had been craving this for like a week and shrimp finally went on sale - frozen at that...but we can't be a seafood snob when we are land-locked) and a pale-faced toddler walked up to me in the kitchen clammy as can be, glassy-eyed and shaking. I immediately forgot about my cream sauce reducing on the stove and grabbed the meds. This was around 7 last night...and I have YET to break the sucker. Cracker. All I can say is thank goodness for the late cup of coffee I had yesterday (I did have a late night of sewing planned), Byron's laptop, Netflix that allows us to watch movies and shows on the computer and a snuggle bug that was burning up. She finally fell asleep around 2:30 this morning only to have the schnizzlefronds of a fever wake her at least hourly from then on. So, today I am glad for the rain and a lazy day filled with tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. She has no other symptoms, besides some delirium from the fever itself and tells me that her eyelashes are splinters and she has tangles in her throat. But, her throat looks fine - a pair of kissing tonsils...but she gets that from her Momma. :) So, maybe just nasty-old fever virus. I guess I can be looking for a rash shortly. Poor girl. She was just excited when I told her she could stay in her pj's for as long as she wanted and eat Jell-O for "breck-pist".

On to what I intended on blogging about in the first place. Halloween. I am not a huge fan. Not really sure why, but I just don't get that excited about it. It is fun though with a little one when they get excited about dressing up and getting candy, etc. Well, Lou decided she wanted to be a princess (again) and I didn't argue as I thought PERFECT I can use the same costume from last year. Great choice Lou. But the other day she was coming up with different things that she could be for Halloween instead of a princess and I would have her go back to her bedroom and pick and outfit and come show it to me. This was a lot of fun and served the purpose of keeping her entertained while forcing her to use that crazy imagination of hers while I got some sewing done. Well, one time she said she wanted to be me for Halloween. Of course, I was elated. And when she came to debut how she would portray me...I had to laugh. This is what she chose.

First of all - let me confess. I do not, and I repeat do NOT run around the house without pants on. Not quite sure about that aspect of the costume. :) But she got the Danskos, measuring tape and Blackberry down to a tee. Then I got sad as I was later looking at the picture and have made a mental note to unplug myself from Sambo my beloved Blackberry so that maybe if I asked her again she would maybe portray me without it as an accessory.

Back to the princess costume. Last year we had a cone hat that I covered in chiffon to match the tutu that she wore. It was highly un-functional and bugged the snot out of her. So, this year we went back to the drawing board and decided on a floral headdress and she loved the pictures I showed her on the internet. So, much to my better judgement...I showed my face in Michaels again, the first time we have been back to this one since this awful incident. I was some kind of nervous, but it all went down fine. We were picking out silk flowers to put on her headdress and you should have heard her squealing, "OOOOHHHHHHHHH dis one is soooo bootiful. OOOHHH and dis one, oh my is perfeck." And so on. Well, we get home and I get out the glue gun, the floral wire and scissors and go to work. I thought Lou would be more interested in helping, but instead, she did this.

Danced on the couch to Miley. Her "fabrite." Well, once I had successfully burned all of my fingertips and said bad words and managed to cover all near-by surfaces in the horrible stringy stuff that comes off of a glue gun - it was done. I showed it to Lou, she tilted her head to the side and said, "Ohhh. Dat's nice."And that was it. Grrrrr. So, I put it on her head and told her to go and look in the mirror to see how gorgeous she looked. Well, she came back about 5 minutes later, without the headdress and when I asked her what she did with it, she coolly responded, "Oh, well its not really my style, so I gaves it to Lucy." Eyes rolling, I finished clean up and then later found sweet Lucy sleeping on the couch looking like royalty.

But, she wore it to our first Halloween party of the week and looked adorable in it.

Now, depending on where we go with this fever, as to whether or not she wears again this week. Poor girl. :(

Until next time...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cup of Java, Anyone?

We have honestly gone a stretch of some time without significant drama. I mean, Louisa is full of it - but it has been quite calm. Until the bird incident yesterday, and then it has continued to go down-hill. It gets quite exhausting.

Yesterday, after the whole bird incident - I needed some serious pep to my step so that I could continue to bust some booty in the sewing room into the afternoon and night. I really, really wanted a "designer coffee" but Lou was "napping" so I felt that I shouldn't get her out of bed, even though she wasn't sleeping to go to the coffee shop. So, I googled how to make my own frappuccino and viola - had success. Which was awesome for a number of reasons - mostly because I now can make this delicious treat with leftover coffee from the morning and not spend $4 every time I want to indulge. Score.

Anyways, I made my treat and was enjoying it along with a bowl of leftover dirty rice (who is pregnant again?) until I had to get up to do something, and I set it down. Well, I suddenly could no longer remember where I put it, and chalked it up to preggo brain and was sad since I really wanted to finish it. But, by that point...Louisa was continually getting out of her room and sneaking up on me and so I just gave up on her "nap" and just let her get out of bed.

I was sitting at the computer printing off some mailing labels when I realized that I heard Louisa and Mallard getting along. It was also kinda quiet - although I could hear some noise in the kitchen. I got up, and discovered that she was in the kitchen with the freezer open getting ice for her drink and sharing with Mallard. I crept back to the den to grab my camera because it was too cute. First of all - Louisa and Mallard fight She is constantly yelling at him and he is constantly egging her on. So, this was precious.

And then, priceless...she saw that I had walked in there and caught her.

She immediately started talking and telling me, "See, looks Mommy. I can get my ice for my water all by self jes like a big girl. I can do it and share it wif Mawward. I am sooooo sweets." This child is full of modesty.

Well, I thought all was cute and fun until I walked over and saw that she had a mess of melted ice and water all over the floor and decided to end this game. I fixed her ice water, told her to go play while I finished up a few things and then we would go play outside. She happily agreed.

Well, by this time I had totally forgotten about my frappe. I mean - it was done. UNTIL I walk into the den, see her laying on the couch with her feet propped up on a pillow slurping down the rest of my frappuccino. Mind you - this is not caffeine free. Oh dear me. By the time I got to her to take it away she had pretty much finished it off. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Mommy, dis coffee drink is the bestest! I jes lubs it and fink I need some more." As I walked to the kitchen I slowly began to prepare myself for the rest of the night and think of ways that we could burn off the energy that was soon to hit her.

It didn't take long. She was bouncing off the walls. At one point, I think she was hanging from the ceiling fan. Too bad I forgot to ask her to clean it while she was up there. She was running from one end of the house to the other, couldn't sit still and was just banshee-wild. I felt kinda bad for her because I unfortunately know the feeling of a bit too much java. Makes me anxious as crud. I then got on the phone and was talking with a friend when it dawned on me that the house was quiet. You know, silence is NEVER golden with a toddler - especially not Louisa, especially not when she is hyped up on caffeine. So, I start to go off to find her and see what she was into.

And then I found her. And I only WISH I had my camera. I was speechless. I wanted to die laughing, but was so shocked that I couldn't even talk. There she was, in the kitchen, in the freezer again...but this time, she was IN the freezer. I am talking about standing up in the freezer (I am still wondering how in the world she was standing barefoot in there) with the biggest grin on her face and her arms raised above her head like she was a ballerina. I asked her what in the world she was doing as I quickly removed her from the ice box and she casually said "Ohh, nuffing Mommy. Jes ice-skating. Aren't I so bootiful?" And this is the moment in which I tended to her feet to make sure that she didn't have frost-bite or whatever else you get from standing in the freezer and walked back to my bathroom, shut the door and laughed. I stood in there and giggled and wondered what in the WORLD possessed my child to think she could ice-skate in the freezer and have no idea that it was wrong. I just laughed. And then I marveled at a toddler's imagination. And then, I did what needed to be done...I dumped all of the ice from the bucket as it was covered in her feet goo.

The ice-skating did not slow her down. She was still 90 to nothing. At this time, I decided to fore-go trying to finish anything brownie-goose related (other than some photographs that needed to be done) and take the banshee outside. Poor Lucy got the brunt of it out there. She was not having any of Louisa's craziness.

And then, the cracker tried to "help" me photograph for BG. She was all over the place. Funny thing - for those that are BG fans on FB - you will see the same picture posted on there as you do below - MINUS the child with the skirt on her head. She was sitting in the chair the entire time, popping up sporadically and laughing hysterically as I got annoyed.

The chair even fell over when she was in it and she just popped up and went on running like it was her business, not missing a step. Craziness.

She FINALLY crashed around 10 or 10:30. Byron got home late, and put her to bed around 9 or so - and I could hear her still going strong over the monitor. My head was surely spinning and even more so this morning when she woke up and asked if I would make her "one of dose smoobie-frappashino thingies." Dear child, no mam. Not ever again.

So, yesterday was full of drama on Cowan Place. Today, she was back to her normal self in rare-form and driving me nutso. I decided to take a breather from the sewing room and have a day with her and spend some time outside the house before I went looney - and by the time we got home I thought my ears were ready to fall off. She talks non-stop. Especially in the car. This child is going to be a very, very interesting teenager.

Until next time...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Bird, Fly Through My Window

Birds. Let me just say that while I am not afraid of them by any means - they just aren't my fave thing in the world. The event that occurred at the end of this post certainly didn't help me to be more bird-friendly for sure. Well, they are outside and while I love to listen to Murray carry on about them and fuss at them, I like for them to stay outside. I remember last year when I was working on the Christmas tree (just another reason for me to not want to decorate this year, call my crazy...but I just don't like to decorate a Christmas tree, or my house for holidays for that matter) and a bird flew out of it at me. I mean, who has this crap happen to them? Almost peed my pants. It scared me so. Well, I got over that and then the whole buzzard incident. But, then today....

It is gorgeous outside, and while I won't get to go play outside unless my mice-friends come to help me sew I have the door in my sewing room open so I can enjoy the weather and smells and such. Murray is in hog-heaven because she enjoys sitting in the doorway and watching the birds and squirrels and such. Well, I am over at my ironing board when it all began. First, I catch a glimpse of something flying in the door. Then, on instinct I guess I run and shut the door from my sewing room to the den. I made sure that I was on the other side of it so that I would not be in the way of the bird that was flapping around all over the place. So, I sit there and watch through the window panes on the door as Murray is doing back flips, jumping from one surface to another and crazy-moves while everything on my sewing table is quickly falling to the floor. I never really caught sight of the bird to know what it was, and I swear it all happened so quick - but it was over as soon as it happened. Leaving this in its wake.

I know it doesn't look awful, but I had just taken a 3o minute breather to organize and clean up the table - so it could have been much worse. But, these guys. My Gingher shears...

I have blogged about these crackers before. SCARED to pooey of them. I hardly EVER use them but I had JUST used them on a thicker fabric that I knew they could handle with no problem. I am just glad my toes weren't in the way. Ohhhh, and speaking of a cracker in the sewing room, I cannot go without talking about Gingher's friend Mr. Rotary cutter pictured in the background. I know that while he was falling he was just wishing he would land appropriately to amputate my pinky toe, because that is how evil he is. Oh, the beauty of a cork floor.

Anyways, on a humorous note - although the pin holders are magnetic...they lose their power when hitting the floor.

This was actually something that I knew already as I can recall many of times when this happened to my Mom's pin holder and hearing her holler, "Girls, be careful in the dining room, my pin holder fell and spewed my pins all over the place." And these colorful buttons.

Believe it or not, this is the second day in a row that I have picked buttons up off the floor. Yesterday, my beloved chocolate lab who has the worst case of PICA I have ever heard of got into my sewing room while I was gone and tore into my trash can, my gummies (I was FURIOUS on this one, I don't like to share my sour gummies) and then into my 3 Ziploc bags full of buttons. I am guessing he thought in all of their colorfulness that they were some sort of food??? He had drug them into the living room so I spent about 30 minutes picking up random size buttons from all over the floor. I feel like in a few months I need to holler, "Baby boy, be careful in the living room - there may still be buttons on the floor as I simply couldn't bend over all that well with you in my belly to pick them up, okay!" Lordy. He (Mallard) also, I think, consumed my size 16 denim needle that was my Grandmother's. Granted, I couldn't find it for a while - but I knew where it was before I left the house, and now I don't. Grrrrrr. But, I love him still and he will continue to eat all kinds of crap from all over the house and I will still love him the same.

Well, after I got it all cleaned up and shut the door to make sure that my birdy friend didn't come for another visit, I wanted to check on Murray to make sure she was okay and hadn't fallen victim to my dangerous flying sewing tools. Well, I think she is fine. Pooped out, but fine. This is how I found her, snug as a bug in Lou's sleeping bag. :) Sweet kitty.

Until next time...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Salon on Cowan

So, a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have a "me" day. For all you moms out there reading, you know how precious these days are. I got to go and have my toes done thanks to a super-duper sweet brownie-goose customer that treated me with a gift card and then to have my hair done. I have had the same, exact hair-do since high school. It bothers me none. I am not into hair, or hair products or anything of the sort - mostly because I have such baby-fine hair that there honestly is NO point in bothering. So, I have my signature pony. And I am cool with that. Since it had been 6 months since I had had a cut, I decided that my dead-ends were about to eat me and it was time to get them taken care of. So, the "me" day was had and it was so nice.

Anyways, Byron had taken Louisa to the Viking Classic golf tourney for the day, and on the way home he stopped by the salon where I was to say hello. Louisa has never been to a hair salon and it just never dawned on me that she hadn't until I saw her face and amazement. I was having my hair washed when they came and she was so amazed and bewildered that I was having my hair washed in a sink that she just couldn't stand it. Of course, that is all she talked about forevs, I figured I might indulge in her cuteness.

So, today we had a salon day at the house. I am supposed to be having a sew-a-thon today but was graced by the presence of a migraine in the middle of the night last night - so needless to say, I am feeling a bit out of it. Hit by a train or mack truck just might be the best way to describe it - so I have yet to turn on the lights in the sewing room. So, instead I figured I would try and get some house things done and as I was watching Lou eat her cinnamon toast and her hair ending up in her mouth - I made up my mind. We were going to have a hair cut. When I told her this, one would have thought I told her we were going to Gatti-Town. She almost fell off the couch in excitement. Don't you love the energy that kiddos have?

So, we started with a picture of the long hair.

Then, we got to the fun part. Washing the hair in the sink. After I bonked her head on some coffee cups, I took a time out to actually clean out the sink first. I told you - my head is not functioning. We chose the kitchen sink to get the full salon-effect with the sprayer nozzle. Then, to the shampoo and head massage.

She told me that I was "hurting her front brain." Oh yeah, not to be confrused with the back brain. Geeze. It was okay, I don't enjoy the head massage either. So, once I finished hurting her brain, we were done with the "fun" part of washing hair in the sink...and of course, a bit too late I realized she may want to do this again and again and again, so - I may have started a bad trend. Whoops. Oh well. How do you resist this cuteness?

Then, outside. Because that is how we cut hair at this house. No clean-up involved. :) Umm...lovey this pic of her.

I was almost sad that with this hair cut she didn't tell me that the scissors were hurting her hair. Stop growing up child, please. :( When I was done I let her look at the old hair and she said (she must have heard me talking) "Ooooh. Mommy, look at all dese deadens." Hehe.

Off to the inside to blow her hair dry, which took all of a minute. Ha. Looks like my child will not be into products either as her hair doesn't have a chance. When I was picking all the stuff up I heard her in her bedroom and knew I needed to go with the camera. I was glad I did as I saw Hugh (note the appearance of the robe again, thanks Summer) admiring herself in the mirror and saying, "I means...I just so bootiful wif my new hairs." I love her. Too bad the maid hasn't cleaned the mirror so this photo could be half-way decent.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catching up...

Two posts in one day. Holy moles. Shocking, isn't is?

I have slacked lately, I admit. But I also admit it has been an absolute crazar-fest here lately. I am at my busiest time right now with brownie-goose and so I am spending a ton of time in front of my machines and my email inbox. But, I am going to try and catch everyone up on what all has been going on outside of my sewing room/sweat shop.

First of all, Murray hasn't changed. Still up to her usual. Sleep all day, run crazy through the house at night. She makes those kitty noises too in the middle of the night. Anyone else have a cat that does this? It is like she is singing. But, I have come to learn when she makes these sounds, she usually has something. Whether it is a twisty-tie, or a q-tip (cat loves her some q-tips to chase around the house) or a bug of some sort - she just roams the house with it in her mouth and meows soooo loud and long. One night when I was sleeping on the couch in the office to keep Lucy company when she was post-op and still hurting, I awoke to the noises and then Murray coming to put a prized possession...a roach, on my chest. Gaaag. Thanks sweetie.

Wondering what has been up with Hugh Hefner?

Haha, couldn't resist. This is her newest get-up. My dearest friend Summer decided to pass down this lovely outfit. It even came with the robe. I am still thinking hard on the correct form of payback that I can give Summer to present to her little 3 year old. Just you wait my dear. But, Lou loves this get-up. And what not to love about blue camo mixed with sprarkly butterflies? And it really cracks us up because who else besides Hugh wears a robe? Hehe. When not pimping at the house, she is being so sweet and hanging out with me in my sewing room. Here she is intently watching Cinderella on VHS.

For those that may or may not know. I love me some Cinderella. It has always been my fave of the Disney movies. So, I never object when Lou wants to watch it again and again. And, here I go being all mushy like - but it reminds me of when I was little. I used to stay with my grandparents (I would swap off days at one and then the others) when I was young and Mom worked. When I stayed with my Grandmom Morgan, she would sew while I watched Cinderella. So, it is like deja-vu all over again and I can still hear her singing the songs like she used to. Sometimes it makes me teary (see next post about crazed hormones) and sometimes it just makes me smile and want to share the memory with Lou. Then, I open my mouth and sing and it just goes down-hill from there. :)

We had a picnic the other day to enjoy the gorgeous weather and both of the dogs enjoyed it as well. It was so nice to take time to sit down and just watch the clouds go by. Louisa thinks that eating outside is just about the coolest thing ever. Well, until this happens.

Then she melts. Oh, and heaven-forbid the ants that decided to join us. I think that people in China could have heard the squeals that happened over the little black sugar ants that joined us. When I told her it would be okay if she accidentally ate one (her biggest concern was that they would get in her cheetos and she would eat them) and that she would just have extra protein for the day, she looked at me, cocked her head to the side and said, "Wells, I don need more poteens." Well, fine then.

Cedric anyone? I haven't seen him since the incident with him riding the garage door. I got a text from Byron the other day when I was out and about saying "Cedric is dead." Do you know how excited I was!!! When I got home, I was like...let me see him! Well, this is what I saw.

Looks like Cedric, but like half the size. So, RIP Cedric's cousin or whatever...but I hope the word got out to the real guy and hope he has scooted on out. Byron insists it is Cedric and that he shrunk since we cut off his food supply. Maybe so, that would be spectacular. EEEEKKKK!

The doggies got blessed a few Sundays ago at St. Andrews. I absolutely love blessing of the pets. It makes me smile to see all the sweet, wagging tails. Mallard needs blessings for being so bad, and my Luce-Goose, well...she needs some healing blessings? Lou could use some too while we are at it. :)

Here is a some good-old-fashioned Louisa story from last week just to tide you over until she does something shocking that deems blog-worthy.

We were at Gap Outlet trying to find this churn some fall clothes and they had boxers on sale. So, she of course was busy going through them all looking for "da perfeck pair of panties for Daddy" (sorry Byron) and so was I until I heard, "Oooooh no! Mommy, look. Dis one has a hole in it. So sad!" Well, she had found a pair of boxer-briefs that had become unpackaged and had found a "hole" in where, well...I am not going to explain the anatomy of boy's underwear here. But, needless to say...when baby boy (who STILL has no name) gets here there will be some interesting discussions to say the least.

Okay, I must really, really get back to sewing...but I think I may have caught up for the last week or so. If you want some self-humor from crazy preggo hormones, scroll on down. I posted twice today. Also, just a few more belly pics. Before I get too large to want to share. :)

Until next time...

a first on here...tutorial

So, I am going to try a little something new. Crazy, right? I doubt that many people will really want to read this - or even bother going through the trouble. But I figured, what the hey...why not? Also, I am not all fancy-like and know how to link a tutorial and always make it available and if you think you may need this in the future, maybe bookmark it??

Pregnancy. Let's just stop and talk about this. I really had no clue how easy Louisa's pregnancy was. No clue. I was as big as a house and couldn't really sleep - but other than that - I was fine. This one, on the other hand...has been a roller coaster. From puking my brains out for months to migraines to cramping to fatigue, etc and to the much nastier side effect - CRAZINESS. Yep, I admit it...this little boy has me certifiably looney tunes. Straight up bipolar sometimes, manic the next, you name it. It brings me back to psychiatric nursing, and I slowly recognize the "symptoms" in myself on a daily basis and it is scary. Oh, and the tears. Geeze. Look at me wrong and I will cry. This is so embarrassing, the crying and the craziness. But, I am thinking that maybe if I am having all these hormone-mishaps WHILE pregnant that when the baby comes I will be good. Right? I had a hard time after Louisa was born - and would love not to have to travel down that path again. Ha.

Anyways - on to the craziness and point of this post. I was sitting in my sewing room this morning in a pair of jeans that were not buttoned or zipped (granted I just organized a ton of maternity clothes yesterday...I decided to put these on, don't ask). Next thing I knew...the manic part took over and I was sitting in my sewing chair in my undies while ripping off the waistband of my jeans determined to turn them into maternity jeans. What in the world? Yeah, I was asking myself the same thing. I have a few pairs of maternity jeans, but I do LIVE in blue I figured might as well have another pair, right? Sure crazy lady, just nod your head and smile. :) These are not my favorite pairs, and I have hemmed them so I cannot really consign I figured if I messed them up, no big deal. I found them on consignment for like $12.

I had read tutorials before when I had considered converting some of my jeans, but the idea slowly left as soon as I sat down long enough to try and locate my size 16 needle. But this time...I just went. And it was easy. I didn't use anything but a belly band and a pair of jeans. It worked out quite nice. You can do this too...and I am going to share pictures. Just see.

Items Needed:
belly band
sewing machine
seam ripper
size 16 needle
bottle of wine. haha, just kidding. just seeing if my students were paying attention.

First - I ripped up the bottom seam of all of the belt loops.

Then, I started to rip off the waistband. I don't really know if this is necessary, you can probably just cut it off - but I was too afraid of what digits I may remove with thick denim and my Ginghers. You all know my history with them. This way, I saved my digits and only poked myself twice with the seam ripper.

So, I took off waistband and was then left with this.

Next step - I sewed the top of the zipper part shut. Once again, don't know if this is necessary, but I did it.

Okay, now I grabbed my belly band - I used one of my black ones since I have a few. Girls - if you do not have these in your maternity seriously need to get a few. As my husband says, "Wow, those things are pretty indispensable aren't they?" YES. Go get you some. And you put right side of belly band to right side of jeans (I don't really think there is a proper top or bottom of the have your fun) and pin it to the jeans. Now, since the belly band has stretch, it will be smaller in diameter than your jeans. That is fine, you just have to keep stretching it some while you sew it together. Here is what it looks like pinned. Messy, huh?

Now, this next part is where I thought I would lose my religion at my sewing machine...but I didn't. I was very amazed. I was however holding my mouth just right the entire time and sweating and getting ready for my newest G-rated 4-letter: Gargamels. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SIZE 16 NEEDLE. I repeat, size 16 needle. If not, your needle will break and you will say bad words. I used a zig-zag stitch so that it would still have some give and sewed the belly band to the waistband of the jeans. As you can see, my stitch isn't straight. I went back over again to reinforce and did it lower so that the first row of stitches really didn't matter that much. Make sense?

Next, I scooted on over to the serger to make it all pretty-like. You don't have to do this, so if you don't have a serger...not a huge deal. I just like my seams finished.

Then, I over-achieved and grabbed some of the belt loops and put "handles" in the front and back so that I would have a place to pull up my britches.


Now, I have another pair of jeans that will expand with the belly and I can either fold the band in half...

Or use full coverage. This picture makes me laugh...look at how hard I am squinting. Ha. Oh, and pay no attention to the dirty mirror - my maid hasn't showed her face in a few weeks.

How 'bout them apples? I figure if I am gonna be crazy, I might as well have some fun blue jeans in the process, huh? Speaking of - this reminds me to talk about some slight craziness from the first pregnancy. This was not nearly as bad, but I found this lady on ebay when I was first pregnant with Lou that would convert your jeans to maternity jeans for you. Since I didn't have my rocking sewing machine at that point (I was working with a hand-me-down that brought out the worst of 4-letters) I wasn't even thinking of attempting this. So, the oxygen didn't flow properly to the brain one day and I packaged up all of my nice, designer jeans and sent them off. You see, this was before chirrens, and I worked as a RN in the hospital and was making nice money that I didn't have to share - so I had indulged on denim. Well, it was great during my pregnancy...but in the short time afterwards in which I was having a bit of a hard time, I decided that I wasn't going going to be having more chirrens, and I tossed it all. Oh my gosh, my heart skips a beat when I think about it. I mean, I guess that is what I did since I still cannot located any of those blue jeans. Only one pair that I kept because they were my faves. I mean, are you kidding?

So, as I have gotten off topic and I really need to get back to the sewing room for other items, let me close this "tutorial." Likey?