Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Catching up...

Two posts in one day. Holy moles. Shocking, isn't is?

I have slacked lately, I admit. But I also admit it has been an absolute crazar-fest here lately. I am at my busiest time right now with brownie-goose and so I am spending a ton of time in front of my machines and my email inbox. But, I am going to try and catch everyone up on what all has been going on outside of my sewing room/sweat shop.

First of all, Murray hasn't changed. Still up to her usual. Sleep all day, run crazy through the house at night. She makes those kitty noises too in the middle of the night. Anyone else have a cat that does this? It is like she is singing. But, I have come to learn when she makes these sounds, she usually has something. Whether it is a twisty-tie, or a q-tip (cat loves her some q-tips to chase around the house) or a bug of some sort - she just roams the house with it in her mouth and meows soooo loud and long. One night when I was sleeping on the couch in the office to keep Lucy company when she was post-op and still hurting, I awoke to the noises and then Murray coming to put a prized possession...a roach, on my chest. Gaaag. Thanks sweetie.

Wondering what has been up with Hugh Hefner?

Haha, couldn't resist. This is her newest get-up. My dearest friend Summer decided to pass down this lovely outfit. It even came with the robe. I am still thinking hard on the correct form of payback that I can give Summer to present to her little 3 year old. Just you wait my dear. But, Lou loves this get-up. And what not to love about blue camo mixed with sprarkly butterflies? And it really cracks us up because who else besides Hugh wears a robe? Hehe. When not pimping at the house, she is being so sweet and hanging out with me in my sewing room. Here she is intently watching Cinderella on VHS.

For those that may or may not know. I love me some Cinderella. It has always been my fave of the Disney movies. So, I never object when Lou wants to watch it again and again. And, here I go being all mushy like - but it reminds me of when I was little. I used to stay with my grandparents (I would swap off days at one and then the others) when I was young and Mom worked. When I stayed with my Grandmom Morgan, she would sew while I watched Cinderella. So, it is like deja-vu all over again and I can still hear her singing the songs like she used to. Sometimes it makes me teary (see next post about crazed hormones) and sometimes it just makes me smile and want to share the memory with Lou. Then, I open my mouth and sing and it just goes down-hill from there. :)

We had a picnic the other day to enjoy the gorgeous weather and both of the dogs enjoyed it as well. It was so nice to take time to sit down and just watch the clouds go by. Louisa thinks that eating outside is just about the coolest thing ever. Well, until this happens.

Then she melts. Oh, and heaven-forbid the ants that decided to join us. I think that people in China could have heard the squeals that happened over the little black sugar ants that joined us. When I told her it would be okay if she accidentally ate one (her biggest concern was that they would get in her cheetos and she would eat them) and that she would just have extra protein for the day, she looked at me, cocked her head to the side and said, "Wells, I don need more poteens." Well, fine then.

Cedric anyone? I haven't seen him since the incident with him riding the garage door. I got a text from Byron the other day when I was out and about saying "Cedric is dead." Do you know how excited I was!!! When I got home, I was like...let me see him! Well, this is what I saw.

Looks like Cedric, but like half the size. So, RIP Cedric's cousin or whatever...but I hope the word got out to the real guy and hope he has scooted on out. Byron insists it is Cedric and that he shrunk since we cut off his food supply. Maybe so, that would be spectacular. EEEEKKKK!

The doggies got blessed a few Sundays ago at St. Andrews. I absolutely love blessing of the pets. It makes me smile to see all the sweet, wagging tails. Mallard needs blessings for being so bad, and my Luce-Goose, well...she needs some healing blessings? Lou could use some too while we are at it. :)

Here is a some good-old-fashioned Louisa story from last week just to tide you over until she does something shocking that deems blog-worthy.

We were at Gap Outlet trying to find this churn some fall clothes and they had boxers on sale. So, she of course was busy going through them all looking for "da perfeck pair of panties for Daddy" (sorry Byron) and so was I until I heard, "Oooooh no! Mommy, look. Dis one has a hole in it. So sad!" Well, she had found a pair of boxer-briefs that had become unpackaged and had found a "hole" in where, well...I am not going to explain the anatomy of boy's underwear here. But, needless to say...when baby boy (who STILL has no name) gets here there will be some interesting discussions to say the least.

Okay, I must really, really get back to sewing...but I think I may have caught up for the last week or so. If you want some self-humor from crazy preggo hormones, scroll on down. I posted twice today. Also, just a few more belly pics. Before I get too large to want to share. :)

Until next time...

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Penny Ginn said...

OK, I'm thinking about you listening to Grandmom Morgan singing. Because I swannee, I thought all she ever sang was "deedle, deedle, deedle" instead of the actual words to most anything!