Friday, October 22, 2010

Cup of Java, Anyone?

We have honestly gone a stretch of some time without significant drama. I mean, Louisa is full of it - but it has been quite calm. Until the bird incident yesterday, and then it has continued to go down-hill. It gets quite exhausting.

Yesterday, after the whole bird incident - I needed some serious pep to my step so that I could continue to bust some booty in the sewing room into the afternoon and night. I really, really wanted a "designer coffee" but Lou was "napping" so I felt that I shouldn't get her out of bed, even though she wasn't sleeping to go to the coffee shop. So, I googled how to make my own frappuccino and viola - had success. Which was awesome for a number of reasons - mostly because I now can make this delicious treat with leftover coffee from the morning and not spend $4 every time I want to indulge. Score.

Anyways, I made my treat and was enjoying it along with a bowl of leftover dirty rice (who is pregnant again?) until I had to get up to do something, and I set it down. Well, I suddenly could no longer remember where I put it, and chalked it up to preggo brain and was sad since I really wanted to finish it. But, by that point...Louisa was continually getting out of her room and sneaking up on me and so I just gave up on her "nap" and just let her get out of bed.

I was sitting at the computer printing off some mailing labels when I realized that I heard Louisa and Mallard getting along. It was also kinda quiet - although I could hear some noise in the kitchen. I got up, and discovered that she was in the kitchen with the freezer open getting ice for her drink and sharing with Mallard. I crept back to the den to grab my camera because it was too cute. First of all - Louisa and Mallard fight She is constantly yelling at him and he is constantly egging her on. So, this was precious.

And then, priceless...she saw that I had walked in there and caught her.

She immediately started talking and telling me, "See, looks Mommy. I can get my ice for my water all by self jes like a big girl. I can do it and share it wif Mawward. I am sooooo sweets." This child is full of modesty.

Well, I thought all was cute and fun until I walked over and saw that she had a mess of melted ice and water all over the floor and decided to end this game. I fixed her ice water, told her to go play while I finished up a few things and then we would go play outside. She happily agreed.

Well, by this time I had totally forgotten about my frappe. I mean - it was done. UNTIL I walk into the den, see her laying on the couch with her feet propped up on a pillow slurping down the rest of my frappuccino. Mind you - this is not caffeine free. Oh dear me. By the time I got to her to take it away she had pretty much finished it off. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Mommy, dis coffee drink is the bestest! I jes lubs it and fink I need some more." As I walked to the kitchen I slowly began to prepare myself for the rest of the night and think of ways that we could burn off the energy that was soon to hit her.

It didn't take long. She was bouncing off the walls. At one point, I think she was hanging from the ceiling fan. Too bad I forgot to ask her to clean it while she was up there. She was running from one end of the house to the other, couldn't sit still and was just banshee-wild. I felt kinda bad for her because I unfortunately know the feeling of a bit too much java. Makes me anxious as crud. I then got on the phone and was talking with a friend when it dawned on me that the house was quiet. You know, silence is NEVER golden with a toddler - especially not Louisa, especially not when she is hyped up on caffeine. So, I start to go off to find her and see what she was into.

And then I found her. And I only WISH I had my camera. I was speechless. I wanted to die laughing, but was so shocked that I couldn't even talk. There she was, in the kitchen, in the freezer again...but this time, she was IN the freezer. I am talking about standing up in the freezer (I am still wondering how in the world she was standing barefoot in there) with the biggest grin on her face and her arms raised above her head like she was a ballerina. I asked her what in the world she was doing as I quickly removed her from the ice box and she casually said "Ohh, nuffing Mommy. Jes ice-skating. Aren't I so bootiful?" And this is the moment in which I tended to her feet to make sure that she didn't have frost-bite or whatever else you get from standing in the freezer and walked back to my bathroom, shut the door and laughed. I stood in there and giggled and wondered what in the WORLD possessed my child to think she could ice-skate in the freezer and have no idea that it was wrong. I just laughed. And then I marveled at a toddler's imagination. And then, I did what needed to be done...I dumped all of the ice from the bucket as it was covered in her feet goo.

The ice-skating did not slow her down. She was still 90 to nothing. At this time, I decided to fore-go trying to finish anything brownie-goose related (other than some photographs that needed to be done) and take the banshee outside. Poor Lucy got the brunt of it out there. She was not having any of Louisa's craziness.

And then, the cracker tried to "help" me photograph for BG. She was all over the place. Funny thing - for those that are BG fans on FB - you will see the same picture posted on there as you do below - MINUS the child with the skirt on her head. She was sitting in the chair the entire time, popping up sporadically and laughing hysterically as I got annoyed.

The chair even fell over when she was in it and she just popped up and went on running like it was her business, not missing a step. Craziness.

She FINALLY crashed around 10 or 10:30. Byron got home late, and put her to bed around 9 or so - and I could hear her still going strong over the monitor. My head was surely spinning and even more so this morning when she woke up and asked if I would make her "one of dose smoobie-frappashino thingies." Dear child, no mam. Not ever again.

So, yesterday was full of drama on Cowan Place. Today, she was back to her normal self in rare-form and driving me nutso. I decided to take a breather from the sewing room and have a day with her and spend some time outside the house before I went looney - and by the time we got home I thought my ears were ready to fall off. She talks non-stop. Especially in the car. This child is going to be a very, very interesting teenager.

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

The ice skating in freezer has got me tickled too!!!!!!!

Jenna said...

This is hilarious! I will think of Lou every time Emma wears that skirt! Too funny!

Carol said...

OMG!!! I have tears from laughing so hard!!! Ice skating??? How freakin hilarious!!!