Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jello-O For "Breck-pist"

First of all, this is what we are dealing with at our house. No bueno.

Gag. I cannot stand a fever. They are so unpredictable and I can manage them in other people's chirrens, but not my own. Scares the pooeys out of me. So, imagine my surprise yesterday when I was cooking shrimp and grits (had been craving this for like a week and shrimp finally went on sale - frozen at that...but we can't be a seafood snob when we are land-locked) and a pale-faced toddler walked up to me in the kitchen clammy as can be, glassy-eyed and shaking. I immediately forgot about my cream sauce reducing on the stove and grabbed the meds. This was around 7 last night...and I have YET to break the sucker. Cracker. All I can say is thank goodness for the late cup of coffee I had yesterday (I did have a late night of sewing planned), Byron's laptop, Netflix that allows us to watch movies and shows on the computer and a snuggle bug that was burning up. She finally fell asleep around 2:30 this morning only to have the schnizzlefronds of a fever wake her at least hourly from then on. So, today I am glad for the rain and a lazy day filled with tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. She has no other symptoms, besides some delirium from the fever itself and tells me that her eyelashes are splinters and she has tangles in her throat. But, her throat looks fine - a pair of kissing tonsils...but she gets that from her Momma. :) So, maybe just nasty-old fever virus. I guess I can be looking for a rash shortly. Poor girl. She was just excited when I told her she could stay in her pj's for as long as she wanted and eat Jell-O for "breck-pist".

On to what I intended on blogging about in the first place. Halloween. I am not a huge fan. Not really sure why, but I just don't get that excited about it. It is fun though with a little one when they get excited about dressing up and getting candy, etc. Well, Lou decided she wanted to be a princess (again) and I didn't argue as I thought PERFECT I can use the same costume from last year. Great choice Lou. But the other day she was coming up with different things that she could be for Halloween instead of a princess and I would have her go back to her bedroom and pick and outfit and come show it to me. This was a lot of fun and served the purpose of keeping her entertained while forcing her to use that crazy imagination of hers while I got some sewing done. Well, one time she said she wanted to be me for Halloween. Of course, I was elated. And when she came to debut how she would portray me...I had to laugh. This is what she chose.

First of all - let me confess. I do not, and I repeat do NOT run around the house without pants on. Not quite sure about that aspect of the costume. :) But she got the Danskos, measuring tape and Blackberry down to a tee. Then I got sad as I was later looking at the picture and have made a mental note to unplug myself from Sambo my beloved Blackberry so that maybe if I asked her again she would maybe portray me without it as an accessory.

Back to the princess costume. Last year we had a cone hat that I covered in chiffon to match the tutu that she wore. It was highly un-functional and bugged the snot out of her. So, this year we went back to the drawing board and decided on a floral headdress and she loved the pictures I showed her on the internet. So, much to my better judgement...I showed my face in Michaels again, the first time we have been back to this one since this awful incident. I was some kind of nervous, but it all went down fine. We were picking out silk flowers to put on her headdress and you should have heard her squealing, "OOOOHHHHHHHHH dis one is soooo bootiful. OOOHHH and dis one, oh my is perfeck." And so on. Well, we get home and I get out the glue gun, the floral wire and scissors and go to work. I thought Lou would be more interested in helping, but instead, she did this.

Danced on the couch to Miley. Her "fabrite." Well, once I had successfully burned all of my fingertips and said bad words and managed to cover all near-by surfaces in the horrible stringy stuff that comes off of a glue gun - it was done. I showed it to Lou, she tilted her head to the side and said, "Ohhh. Dat's nice."And that was it. Grrrrr. So, I put it on her head and told her to go and look in the mirror to see how gorgeous she looked. Well, she came back about 5 minutes later, without the headdress and when I asked her what she did with it, she coolly responded, "Oh, well its not really my style, so I gaves it to Lucy." Eyes rolling, I finished clean up and then later found sweet Lucy sleeping on the couch looking like royalty.

But, she wore it to our first Halloween party of the week and looked adorable in it.

Now, depending on where we go with this fever, as to whether or not she wears again this week. Poor girl. :(

Until next time...


Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

Not for one minute am I believing your disclaimer about your outfits. I imagine Lou got it right the first time, panties and all :) Beyond hilarious. Hope she's on the mend (and napping!) soon!

Amanda Jones said...

I love the way she portrayed you....LOL! Chase just had his first illness this week....a fever virus that brought on a 104 temp, scared the bejesus out of me! I hope Lou feels better soon!