Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Bird, Fly Through My Window

Birds. Let me just say that while I am not afraid of them by any means - they just aren't my fave thing in the world. The event that occurred at the end of this post certainly didn't help me to be more bird-friendly for sure. Well, they are outside and while I love to listen to Murray carry on about them and fuss at them, I like for them to stay outside. I remember last year when I was working on the Christmas tree (just another reason for me to not want to decorate this year, call my crazy...but I just don't like to decorate a Christmas tree, or my house for holidays for that matter) and a bird flew out of it at me. I mean, who has this crap happen to them? Almost peed my pants. It scared me so. Well, I got over that and then the whole buzzard incident. But, then today....

It is gorgeous outside, and while I won't get to go play outside unless my mice-friends come to help me sew I have the door in my sewing room open so I can enjoy the weather and smells and such. Murray is in hog-heaven because she enjoys sitting in the doorway and watching the birds and squirrels and such. Well, I am over at my ironing board when it all began. First, I catch a glimpse of something flying in the door. Then, on instinct I guess I run and shut the door from my sewing room to the den. I made sure that I was on the other side of it so that I would not be in the way of the bird that was flapping around all over the place. So, I sit there and watch through the window panes on the door as Murray is doing back flips, jumping from one surface to another and crazy-moves while everything on my sewing table is quickly falling to the floor. I never really caught sight of the bird to know what it was, and I swear it all happened so quick - but it was over as soon as it happened. Leaving this in its wake.

I know it doesn't look awful, but I had just taken a 3o minute breather to organize and clean up the table - so it could have been much worse. But, these guys. My Gingher shears...

I have blogged about these crackers before. SCARED to pooey of them. I hardly EVER use them but I had JUST used them on a thicker fabric that I knew they could handle with no problem. I am just glad my toes weren't in the way. Ohhhh, and speaking of a cracker in the sewing room, I cannot go without talking about Gingher's friend Mr. Rotary cutter pictured in the background. I know that while he was falling he was just wishing he would land appropriately to amputate my pinky toe, because that is how evil he is. Oh, the beauty of a cork floor.

Anyways, on a humorous note - although the pin holders are magnetic...they lose their power when hitting the floor.

This was actually something that I knew already as I can recall many of times when this happened to my Mom's pin holder and hearing her holler, "Girls, be careful in the dining room, my pin holder fell and spewed my pins all over the place." And these colorful buttons.

Believe it or not, this is the second day in a row that I have picked buttons up off the floor. Yesterday, my beloved chocolate lab who has the worst case of PICA I have ever heard of got into my sewing room while I was gone and tore into my trash can, my gummies (I was FURIOUS on this one, I don't like to share my sour gummies) and then into my 3 Ziploc bags full of buttons. I am guessing he thought in all of their colorfulness that they were some sort of food??? He had drug them into the living room so I spent about 30 minutes picking up random size buttons from all over the floor. I feel like in a few months I need to holler, "Baby boy, be careful in the living room - there may still be buttons on the floor as I simply couldn't bend over all that well with you in my belly to pick them up, okay!" Lordy. He (Mallard) also, I think, consumed my size 16 denim needle that was my Grandmother's. Granted, I couldn't find it for a while - but I knew where it was before I left the house, and now I don't. Grrrrrr. But, I love him still and he will continue to eat all kinds of crap from all over the house and I will still love him the same.

Well, after I got it all cleaned up and shut the door to make sure that my birdy friend didn't come for another visit, I wanted to check on Murray to make sure she was okay and hadn't fallen victim to my dangerous flying sewing tools. Well, I think she is fine. Pooped out, but fine. This is how I found her, snug as a bug in Lou's sleeping bag. :) Sweet kitty.

Until next time...

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We were going to go to the zoo tomorrow, but I think we'll save ourselves the money and just come visit you guys.