Friday, October 15, 2010

Salon on Cowan

So, a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to have a "me" day. For all you moms out there reading, you know how precious these days are. I got to go and have my toes done thanks to a super-duper sweet brownie-goose customer that treated me with a gift card and then to have my hair done. I have had the same, exact hair-do since high school. It bothers me none. I am not into hair, or hair products or anything of the sort - mostly because I have such baby-fine hair that there honestly is NO point in bothering. So, I have my signature pony. And I am cool with that. Since it had been 6 months since I had had a cut, I decided that my dead-ends were about to eat me and it was time to get them taken care of. So, the "me" day was had and it was so nice.

Anyways, Byron had taken Louisa to the Viking Classic golf tourney for the day, and on the way home he stopped by the salon where I was to say hello. Louisa has never been to a hair salon and it just never dawned on me that she hadn't until I saw her face and amazement. I was having my hair washed when they came and she was so amazed and bewildered that I was having my hair washed in a sink that she just couldn't stand it. Of course, that is all she talked about forevs, I figured I might indulge in her cuteness.

So, today we had a salon day at the house. I am supposed to be having a sew-a-thon today but was graced by the presence of a migraine in the middle of the night last night - so needless to say, I am feeling a bit out of it. Hit by a train or mack truck just might be the best way to describe it - so I have yet to turn on the lights in the sewing room. So, instead I figured I would try and get some house things done and as I was watching Lou eat her cinnamon toast and her hair ending up in her mouth - I made up my mind. We were going to have a hair cut. When I told her this, one would have thought I told her we were going to Gatti-Town. She almost fell off the couch in excitement. Don't you love the energy that kiddos have?

So, we started with a picture of the long hair.

Then, we got to the fun part. Washing the hair in the sink. After I bonked her head on some coffee cups, I took a time out to actually clean out the sink first. I told you - my head is not functioning. We chose the kitchen sink to get the full salon-effect with the sprayer nozzle. Then, to the shampoo and head massage.

She told me that I was "hurting her front brain." Oh yeah, not to be confrused with the back brain. Geeze. It was okay, I don't enjoy the head massage either. So, once I finished hurting her brain, we were done with the "fun" part of washing hair in the sink...and of course, a bit too late I realized she may want to do this again and again and again, so - I may have started a bad trend. Whoops. Oh well. How do you resist this cuteness?

Then, outside. Because that is how we cut hair at this house. No clean-up involved. :) Umm...lovey this pic of her.

I was almost sad that with this hair cut she didn't tell me that the scissors were hurting her hair. Stop growing up child, please. :( When I was done I let her look at the old hair and she said (she must have heard me talking) "Ooooh. Mommy, look at all dese deadens." Hehe.

Off to the inside to blow her hair dry, which took all of a minute. Ha. Looks like my child will not be into products either as her hair doesn't have a chance. When I was picking all the stuff up I heard her in her bedroom and knew I needed to go with the camera. I was glad I did as I saw Hugh (note the appearance of the robe again, thanks Summer) admiring herself in the mirror and saying, "I means...I just so bootiful wif my new hairs." I love her. Too bad the maid hasn't cleaned the mirror so this photo could be half-way decent.

Until next time...


Russ, Anna, Pepper and Vesper said...

Awe her new hairs does look great!

lnichols said...

Ummm... Really? She looks like Amy junior with that hair! Hope all is well, esp with the pregnancy. So excited for you. 2 is out of control. But dont let me give you any advice today, as it has been a terrible 48 hours. I'll stop back by on a better day when things are peachy keen! hahhha

Penny Ginn said...

Your grandmother used to wash my hair in the kitchen sink because when it was long, I couldn't get all the shampoo out. I'm talking about until I was about 10 ....

Spoiled? Not much!