Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holy Moles....I am a Slacker.

Okay...apologies up front it has been like a MONTH since I have blogged and honestly just thinking about updating you on everything just overwhelms the snot out of me. I mean, what in the crizzity have I been up to to neglect my blog? Let's just see. And I will put more pics than words (well, I say this but we all know I tend to run my mouth) just to help beg forgiveness. Oh yeah, I am not proofing either. Whoops. Will you still love me?

First let me appease you with a Lou story. We all love them. Of course there have been tons lately, but I have been slack about remembering. The one that still stands out is the day that I took her shopping with me for some clothes. She asked why I was buying new clothes, I mean - I get it...she is the only one that gets new frocks here. :) But I told her it was so that I could fit my big-ole belly in them. Well, I should have thought better on that one but we all know how the preggo-brain works so later on while we were in a different store and a larger lady that was beside us (since the stores so sweetly put the maternity next to the "big and talls") and I saw it coming. The look in her eyes...the wheels turning. But, thankfully this time she whispered to me (not her usual never-confused-with-inside-voice), "Mommy, do you fink dat lady is buying new clothes for her big-ole belly too?" And we were off. Then to explain the difference of being fat and being pregnant...let me just spare you the details that that one still gets me. Lawd.

So, here begins the picture-montage of where I have been in the last month.

While I have been slaving away at my sewing machines, not even kidding on this one...

Murray has been kitty-cat napping. Imagine that.

When not napping, she is being BFF with Louisa. Methinks she might rather be napping.

Mallard on the other hand is standing the look-out in the front of the house to make sure no one comes to get us. Or, more importantly...that no one comes in or near the house to see what a disaster it is since my maid has not shown up in months.

Wait, the maid DID show up one day. But, when she saw the jute rug get into a fight with the good-for-nothing vacuum cleaner,

she left. I cannot say that I blame her, I mean it was really loud and made this awful stench and I don't pay her anyways....Oh, and I really, really heart that picture of my brown boy. :)

The belly has continued to grow and Lou still really seems cool with the idea of inviting a baby brother into the house.

He is still without a name, which is completely against my usual Type A+ control-freak nature. But maybe this is a sign that I am going to get more and more laid back the crazier it all gets. We can all dream, right?

Remember Murphy? He is still hanging out. I don't see why. I don't treat him very well and I talk some serious shiz about him behind his back, but he is still here. Cracker. Well, after all the drama with my sewing machine that I blogged about last time I feel like I need to confess. I was so excited that I was able to "fix" my own machine (cannot remember if I blogged about that or not) until it started to make the same mess again. Remember, this is in absolute-crazar-fest at brownie-goose. I mean, the times that I am sewing 30 items a weekend to get stuff done. Not sleeping and not cleaning or anything other than sewing for that matter. Crazy sewing time. What better time for machines to mess up? Well, oh yeah...and since there seemed to be some confusion over the last post title "You Picked a Fine Time Lucille" I wasn't referring to my sweet black dog, it is a song. An old-school country song by good-old Kenny Rogers about a woman leaving a man at the worst possible times. Check it out here, it really is a good song. Anyways, point being....REALLY Thelma? You picked a fine time to screw up. Grrr. Back to story - sewing room gets crazy when I get crazy busy. Turns out I have a lot of crizzity to the right of my machine and when I was swapping out needles and thinking I was replacing the "bad" ones with good ones, I was just picking up the same one over again. Can you imagine that with what the side of my machine table looks like?

Ha, I know right. Anyways, I put a new needle (a REAL new needle) in there and the problem seemed to go away. Well, then it came back and went ka-plooey for reals. It was at that moment that I decided to use my motto, "Hey, I can make/do/fix that!" and started to unscrew my machine to take it all apart. I did so, put it back together and everything seemed to be okay. I had ordered a new bobbin case (when all else fails) and decided I would wait for that and be glad I took it apart and cleaned it. I then looked down and saw an extra screw. Bad words. Well, I figured it probably needed to be in the machine or else Murphy would take over so I took it all apart again only to find I had NO clue where the blasted screw was to go and then couldn't get the schnizzlefronded thing back together. Bad, bad words. I even threw my screwdriver. It wasn't pretty. So, on a Friday night of a weekend that I needed to bust my tail this is what I was looking at, minus all the goop - I cleaned that out.

Scary, right? Well, I bought a new machine and she is named Myrtle and she got baptised by fire over that weekend and Thelma, bless her still in 2 pieces on my sewing room floor. When things slow down here, I will take her to the doctor to get all fixed up nicely. Grrrrrr. Murphy needs a swift kick in the arse if you know what I mean.

Anyways, I am now slowly starting to lose my mind at the computer. You see, last week while we were in Georgia I went "unplugged" and loved it. Now, I am over the computer which is awesome since I run an online business. I want to go and take my doggies for a walk before it gets dark. So, in slacker fashion...I will just give you a bunch of pics of the tow-head to make you smile until the next time I sit back down!

That last one could be an ad for Oreo. :) Oh, and can you picked the one in which she had an off-day in dressing herself?

Oh, and are you as excited about the antique chicken crate I scored on eBay this morning? No worries...not planning on raising chickens, but I saw a picture in a magazine last week and my motto immediately set in. "I can SO make that." We shall see. If I can ever get out of my sewing room and into all of Byron's wood-working tools to get it done I will show you. You know you are curious. :) I cannot WAIT to start.

Until next time...

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Keri Sullivan Ninness said...

oh lord. that picture of the jute rug gave brought on the ptsd. when we got home from our honeymoon, we came in and realized that without the dog here, the fleas we did not even know were on him had no place to jump and we got INFESTED. (insert slapping husband for not giving pup his flea meds). anyway- we had a week of millions of fleas and had to vacuum multiple times a day. from the wedding I had new dyson and a new jute rug. Guess which one won. So sad!

oh- also- i want your shoes in the belly pic- sooo cute (and so not Dansko's- what's up ???)