Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two, Maybe Three of a Kind

Okay, first of all...let me just say how thankful I am to have woken up this morning with a roof over my head. Oh my gollies. Tornadoes. A word I no longer take with a grain of salt.

I grew up on the East coast in Savannah. I can remember having tornado drills at school in February but that was about it. Hurricanes were what we worried about. And I have very, very clear memories of packing up belongings, boarding up windows and doors and putting all furniture up on bricks almost annually on or around my birthday. And I can remember leaving the house to head inland to "evacuate" and hearing what I have always referred to as the hurricane sirens going off from the fire department down the street. But you know, there was always a warning...like a day or two notice.

Tornadoes on the other hand, not so much. I have only experienced one and I would love to keep it that way. I was very fortunate to have been in a house that the storm "skipped" as they are known to do. However, on that day I was given a new-found appreciation of a storm that was new to me. I no longer play with bad weather...especially not here in Mississippi. When you see the storm chasers on the interstate near your house earlier in the day, you better know that later you might just need to batten down the hatches.

Well, last night was one of those nights. Bad storms throwing off rotations left and right. And when you walk outside, you can feel it. It is the most eerie calm in the world with so much moisture and heat in the air and a stillness that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The animals are crazy because they know it too. The sirens going off with a sound that will forever make me feel sick to my stomach but also pumped with adrenaline. I have honestly inherited from my Grandmom Kay the ability to be able to sit in front of the radar and watch for hours to make sure that I am up to date on what is going on. And you know, last night as many people were getting ready for bed, I had my family bunked up in the hallway with flashlights, my Blackberry, dog beds and blankets to cover up with if the need be. My husband may say I am a bit over the top - but as you watch those weather guys and they immediately will stop in mid-sentence and say, "so and so area, if you hear this - take shelter immediately" you take them serious. Or, at least I do. And so we all snuggle in the hallway, and the dogs enjoy the snuggle time, the striped kitty is meowing as I have to kennel her in her crate as she is going more crazy than usual and Louisa just thinks it is the most fun. My adrenaline is running so fast that I wonder if I am even breathing. At one time I decide to show Louisa how to properly "duck and cover" in the hallway and quickly am reminded that at 7 months pregnant...that is not a good idea.

Have you done this before? It is not a fun feeling. When the "worst" of it was gone, I put my family to bed and tried to do the same myself. However, I don't know if it is being a Mom or just a paranoid-weather-nerd but I awaken an hour later to find it has gotten bad again. So, I leave my family sleeping and rush into the den and turn the radar on again to watch and wait for the moment if I need to grab everyone and dash to the hallway again.

This was last night. I am sleepy today, but thankful that Jackson-proper was un-fazed. And let me vent about something that really, really chaps my rear end. As I am watching the radar I am hearing the meteorologist say over and again about how they are sorry that the normal programming has been interrupted. WHAT? Excuse me? Are there seriously people out there that are complaining about not being able to watch their shows when the weather is churning and throwing off tornadoes in their backyards. Are you even kidding me? It was in this realization that I again was thankful that maybe I was a bit paranoid, but I was not the ignorant one that was so ungrateful to the meteorologist that were away from their families to be there to make sure that the public stay informed. My feathers were ruffled severely - and you know, maybe the weather didn't get bad in your area...but come on. My sister quickly revealed to me in a text when I vented to her that those would be the same people that would be blaming everyone else in the case that their homes were destroyed and not having proper warning. Sad, but true. Okay, enough of the soap box.

What I sat down to blog about, and quickly got sidetracked (imagine that) was baby boy. I had a doctors appointment and ultrasound yesterday and wanted to update everyone. He looks great. He is a still a boy. And you know, I told myself yesterday that now that I know for sure (you see, I just wasn't convinced as I swore this was a girl...and if you know me, I tend to make up my mind and don't like to be told otherwise) this is going to be fun. I am having a boy. You all may have known this for months, but I finally "get it." Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Best of all, my placenta previa has resolved enough not to warrant a c-section. Now, if I could just get baby boy to turn head-down. He was breech on the last scan at 16 weeks, but yesterday at 29 weeks he was transverse...meaning he is happily hanging out sideways with his head under my heart and his feet wedged under my gallbladder. No wonder this pregnancy has gotten uncomfortable quicker than the last. So, as of now - unless we get him to turn, I will still be going in for a section. I guess there could be worse things, but I really, really don't want to have a section. The funny part - well, I guess it is funny...is the way he was "sitting" all happy in my uterus. Let's just rewind real quick....

Louisa Kate. I carried this child up until the day before I was due. She didn't want to come out. And even when induced, she still didn't want to. So, after 40 extra pounds, 9 months of extra-largeness, 17.5 hours of labor (2.5 of those hours actively pushing), some vacuum assistance and a very, very worn out jaundiced MOTHER (yes, I was jaundiced and swollen after tons of fluids) - she came into this world. Looking JUST LIKE MY HUSBAND. Really? And she has stayed that way. The two of them are two of a kind. They look just alike. She is his clone. But you know, she did seem to get some things from me - you know those not-so-desirable qualities like patience-level (or lack there-of), temper, determination, spit-fire, ability to pout, perfectionism, etc. So, when she acts up - it is me. Otherwise, it is my husband. They even sit alike. Just look at this.

Two peas in a pod. Well, it is almost this SAME EXACT POSITION that little boy is sitting in the womb at the moment. The sonogram lady laughed and I had to as well as I explained to her that it seemed as though I was growing another Norris. Baby boy also has his arm propped up on his knee all cute-like. I would show you a picture, but let's face it...who can decipher those ultrasound pics anyways? Case in point - at one time yesterday I told Louisa to look up at the screen because her baby brother was waving to her. As we both looked, the sonographer said, "Oh no. That is his scrotum." To which, we all know what Louisa said...."his crotum, what's his crotum?" And so it begins. The anatomy lesson. Oh dear.

So as I continue to incubate another child that will probably resemble my husband and pick a few of my most un-flattering qualities to have I have to laugh. I just hope he has half the personality that my Lou does. As I am trying to get her out the door for school this morning I tell her we need to hurry or we will be late and I hear, "Wait jes a second Mommy! I am trying to get my babies prepared and safe." I pay no attention until just now when I walk into the bathroom and find this

her dolls ducking and covering on the bathroom floor all set with a flashlight. I love that little girl, no matter who she looks like. :)

Until next time...


Lindsey Buck said...

oh my goodness. amy, so funny! best wishes with baby boy rotating!

BDT said...

so glad you're back :))))

Carol said...

OMG!!! I love it!! I so needed the laugh today!! :-)