Sunday, December 26, 2010


Okay, let me first start off by bragging on my super-awesome husband. He is by-far the best gift-giver. He always surprises me (even though he knows how much I CANNOT stand a surprise) and comes up with the best ideas. He might just be the method to some of my madness as well as he was the giver behind my sewing machine 4 years ago, my camera 3 years ago and then my fabulous new lens last year. So, what did he do this year?

Published. Can you even believe it? I have said from the get-go that this blog is my way of remembering things since I don't scrap-book, haven't printed pictures since Louisa was born, her baby book is still shrink-wrapped, etc. I am just not that kind of person. But, I have no qualms getting on here and pouring it all out for my memory and for the entertainment of some of you. :) Well, Mr. Awesomeness himself took it and made it into a book. Who knew that I had written a 430 page novel? Oh geeze. It was quite funny as we were sitting at the table for Thanksgiving my Aunt Penny said, "You should really write a book." Well, I guess I did.

But seriously, how amazing is this gift? I fought the urge to cry buckets. I wanted to, I really could have - but I held them back. By-far the best coffee table book ever in my opinion. :) Made me look real stoopid for giving him cash to buy new tires for his truck. I am such the romantic.

But Christmas wasn't just about me, of course...Louisa was the star. I don't think I ever realized how fun the holiday was until I had Louisa. Just watching her excitement and reactions make it all worth it. I mean, have you ever seen a 3-year old as excited as this to get the soundtrack to the musical Wicked?

There is also someone else in the house that loves Christmas. My brown dog. Mallard LOVES Christmas. He is all up on Louisa when she is opening present sniffing out what she has and looking over her shoulders. This is not taken well by Lou as she screams, "No Mawward, weave me alones!" the entire time.

But it is too cute. But this Christmas was scarred by a seizure of his. He has seizures randomly, and honestly hasn't had one in quite some time but as soon as we finished gifts, I noticed him walking stiffly to me with his head down and drooling and it started. These BREAK my heart in two. I love this dog more than I should and watching him seize is something that just doesn't sit well with me. Thankfully he came to fairly quickly and wasn't as out of it after like he usually is, but still - makes me so sad for him. Lucy, on the other hand - was steady guarding the popcorn box that I used to wrap one of Byron's presents in. This black dog loves her popcorn. She isn't kidding.

Murray, in the meantime could care LESS about what is going on. Imagine that. Typical cat, but she is quite excited that Santa brought her some "clean pipers"

(they are NOT to be called pipe cleaners in our house as you will be quickly corrected by a blond toddler). She loves to play with these in the middle of the night. Cheap date.

I am not much for writing today, maybe because I have the house to myself today. It is weird how quiet it is, I can actually process thoughts...but somehow am having a very difficult time in doing so. Ha, figures, kinda like when I go to the grocery store all by self and realize that I have no clue what I am doing there. Does that happen to any other moms out there? It is almost like my mind is sharper when I have someone screaming in my ear. Random, I know. Byron and Louisa ventured to Louisiana for the day to visit with family and the fat, pregnant girl turned down the opportunity to ride in the car for 7 hours. My back just didn't want to have anything to do with it. Since I had a dream last night that baby boy (still no name) came early, and I still really don't have anything done - I am thinking it might be wise to take this quiet time and get some things started in the nursery. When you have a panic attack in a dream, it just might be a sign for something. Right?? But, seeing as though it is 3 pm and I am still in my pajamas and enjoying every minute of it...I might just sit down in a comfy chair with my brown doggie and grab my new coffee table book and catch up on what I have been doing the last few years.

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and until next time, here is my cute little Monet in the making.


aubreymeryl said...

Well tell Byron I'm very impressed. Major points on a fab christmas present!

amanda said...

I am glad he published you, because you deserve it. I wait wait with bated breath for your next entry. it is my favorite part of the day.

Brad, Amy, and Bes said...

Ya, best gift EVER!! Way to go hubs!

Courtney.Edwards said...

I love your photographs. I have been looking into getting a new lens for my canon rebel. If you don't mind answering, what lens do you have?