Thursday, December 2, 2010

Crazy Mode

Okay, first of all - I completely forgot to blog about Louisa's funny at the doctor's office the other day. Yes, other than the "crotum" comment.

Rewind back to Thanksgiving. The last day of school before the holidays when I picked Lou up her teacher grinned and said, "Make sure to ask Lou what she is thankful for!" Well, knowing my child you can probably only imagine the anxiety this caused me. But, as we pulled away I asked her, "Lou what are you thankful for?" To which she calmly replies, "Oh, for shooting fings."

Well, I am sitting in the car trying to imagine what in the world she is talking about. I am a very non-violent person and am not a hunter (unless it is a snake or an alligator and I would have no probs beating the shiz-nit out of either) and I brake for all animals (except previous mentioned monsters) and I am trying to figure out if maybe she has been watching hunting shows with Byron??? Then the humiliation sets in. Oh my gosh, she just told her PRESCHOOL teachers that she is thankful for shooting things. Crapola. So, I continue to question her - but I only get the response, "Oh and I am fankful for ice skates." Duh.

Well later in the day she decided to elaborate more. At a birthday party days before she played with a nerf bow and arrow. So, the "shooting fings" she was thankful for was in all actuality a noun versus a verb. I felt much better and tried to make a mental note to tell the teachers at her school and clear my poor child of any violent reputation she may be collecting. But, of course...I still haven't.

Anyways, fast forward to the doctor's office. The OB asks Lou how her thanksgiving was and such and knowing that there are all sorts of dead-stuffed animals in his office (I happened to be lucky enough to sit in there when I was right in the middle of The Green that came with first trimester, ugghhhh that was rough being stared at by a turkey with beady eyes when all I wanted to do was varmit all over the floor) I thought he would appreciate the humor of her being thankful for "shooting fings." So, she responded on cue of what she was thankful for, and while I explained to him what actually went down he laughed and said, "Well, what did you shoot at with the bow and arrow?" To which my precocious little tow-headed ball of delight smiles, bats her eyelashes and says, "Oh, jes Daddy's beer."

And the laughter continues. So, I told Byron that unless he is at my appointments (thanks UMC for not allowing him to come) he will be busted out. She quickly became humorous around the nurses desk when she told her story. But the best part was the look on my doctor's face when Louisa told her straight-up what she was shooting. Gotta love the honesty.

And here is that said little tow-head practicing being a Three Musketeer.

As my blog title suggests - crazy mode has set in here at the Norris house. I have gotten into one of my "crafty modes" in which I feel the need to create all sorts of things that I have no business doing. Point being, I made my to-do list yesterday of things I want to do when I finish these last few BG orders and then before baby boy comes. Well, topping the list just happens to be:

Slip-covering a sofa (I have never done this before, and methinks ear-muffs for everyone in a mile radius...)
Making nursery bedding (same comment as above, ear-muffs please)
Making a table (let's just hope that some of the wood-working skills taught to me by Dad and Grandfather have set in and the finicky miter saw that is broken doesn't cut off an appendage of mine)
Making new linens for the master bedroom
And various other things I wont bore you with now, but maybe later.

Oh, and decorating for Chrimma. A task I do not love, ever...but somehow it never fails that every year I swear I won't decorate, and then I get this bug that bites and I find myself scouring all craft stores with elaborate ideas in my head of things I am going to do. Point being today. As of last night, I was going to let Lou decorate the pink Christmas tree in her room and put up the outside decor from last year and be done with it. Then, I happen to pick up a magazine that has this woman's house that is immaculate and gorgeous and shiny and expensive and I see a tree-topper that you know I immediately say, "Oh, I can SO do that" and then the rest is history. I am scouring all Michaels, Wal-Marts, Hobby Lobbys, etc today looking for palmetto fronds. In a very non-coastal town might I add. What is wrong with me? Why do I have these moments?

Well, as you can imagine, my hunt was very unsuccessful. So, I reached out on Facebook and then called some neighbors to see who may have one of these palmetto scrubs in their yard that I can come and get some fronds. Well, Dana to the rescue. As usual. So, as I tromp in her yard with clippers and a high and giddiness that could only be understood by someone as crazy as I, I had flashbacks. I was seeing myself in my Mother's car growing up and being humiliated as she would pull her car to the side of the road, jump out with her clippers and drag feet of grapevine into the wood-paneled station wagon so that she could make baskets or wreaths or some other such craft. Oh lord. It has happened. I am that girl. I texted her the other day cursing her, my grandmother and my great-grandmother for this creative streak that bites and continues to bite until I have gotten my craft on. So, in my "crazy mode" this is what I scored.

Now, onto trying to figure out how to make what it was that I wanted to. Of course I will share photos when I finish...IF I am successful. Or, I won't, or these fronds will sit on the breakfast room floor for me to step over time and again while my mind wanders off to another craft that HAS to be done.

Oh geeze. I wonder if Lou will find herself in 30 years pulled over cutting down branches or sneaking into a neighbors yard to find plants for crafts. If so, I will gladly egg her on. :)

Until next time...

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Carol said...

OMG!!! The worst was when I was at Savannah Christian on the island & she would stop after picking me up!!! With all the other kids riding by!!!!!!!!!!!!