Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preparing my Nest

First of all....confession. I am fighting with all of my might today to not go to my fave salvage place. I don't know why - but I woke up with the urge that I needed to go, as in right now. However, I am trying to exhibit some self control and stay far, far away from the place for a few reasons. Mainly - I don't have any money in which to spend there. Story of my life - and I can't ever seem to leave there empty-handed. That place sings to me. Kinda like Target. Not having money puts a damper on things, but honestly - I think most importantly...the LAST thing I need right now is another project. For reals. I mean, I have got to get to work on some of the things that are on my to-do list for now. But, I am having a hard time staying focused. Maybe if I stay in my j's for the day I wont feel tempted to go.......

On to nesting. Goodness. Let me just say that pretty soon you might find me sprouting some tail feathers and wings and taking off. I have been nesting like it is my business lately. The rule in my house right now is that if you stay stationery for a certain amount of time, you have two fates. One, you will be thrown away. The other, you will be put into a plastic bin that has things of your like in it and labeled neatly. Geeze. It all started with the need to clean out and organize Louisa's room before Santa came and "blessed" her with more crizzity. Well, once I got going...I built up steam and was full-force. By the time I stopped for a lunch break I had like 5 trash bags full of crap. Gag. How in the world did I get so junky? So, I made a decision. NO MORE CRAP IN THIS HOUSE. For reals. Notice this is not a reason as to why I haven't ventured to the salvage store today. Much to everyone's surprise...I do not bring home crap from there. :) It is all relative people. I also decided that when we move back to Georgia in a few I may look for a house with no closet storage space or built-ins to avoid the levels of crap that acquire. Modern, stream I come. Nothing to dust, nothing to clean out and nothing to accumulate. I also think that when we start packing to move we will do two things. One, get a POD. Park in right smack in the driveway so that I can take my time packing. Next, right next to the POD, park a dumpster. I am almost positive the dumpster would drive a certain neighbor to croak, but methinks that the POD would have her close enough anyways, so what is the additional croak-ness factor? Rules would be, if it isn't in a box and put in the POD, it goes in the dumpster. NO ONE from the house is allowed to dumpster dive, but neighbors and others may feel free. I might even charge a cover to "dive" to cover the expense of the dumpster. Man, this is sounding even better the more I think about it. Or, is the oxygen failing to reach the brain again? Also, when packing...if I come upon a box that has yet to be opened from the last move - STRAIGHT to the dumpster without collecting $200 when passing GO. Unless of course, it is items from childhood that are all sentimental and stay up in the attic. You know those boxes, they never get unpacked, but you just cannot throw them out. Who knows. I also plan on carrying on the tradition of leaving a bunch of crap in the attic for the next owner of this house. Unless, of come bearing a full-price offer with no strings attached. The more strings attached, the more treasures you will find in the attic. :) For, 'tis far better to give than to receive. :)

Back to nesting. I don't really remember nesting when I was pregnant with Louisa. However, our house was on the market then so it had to stay clean at all times. And back then, it always was...neither of us was ever home to dirty it. But slowly, we are getting ready for baby boy. Goodness he needs a name. Don't you agree? I mean, I think we might have a first name, but no middle and honestly - I am over it. Just done thinking about it. I have this book that is titled 50,001 Baby Names and one would think that by that I would have come up with something. But, no. I had another dream the other night that baby came early, and when it was time for me to be discharged home the nurse said, "Amy, you cannot leave with this baby until he has a name - but you have to go home now because we are about to be on diversion and we need the room." Well, I was panicked because Byron had already had the big ONE day off that he is allowed for the baby and he was currently in the OR and I couldn't consult him for help. The nurse then chided me and said, "Well, this is something that you should have discussed prior to having the baby." UGGGHHHH, I know. But why can't we come up with anything???? Gag. But, we are on the look-out for 2-syllable names for a middle. Can be 3-syllable. Help is much appreciated.

How about this guy?

Well, he has 2 friends that live with him. Imagine the joys of getting 3 goldfish to smile pretty for the camera. Byron and Lou got them on Christmas Eve because all houses must have some goldfish hanging out in the kitchen. It is like tradition at ours. :) They came home with 4. One of which scared the phooeys out of me because he was white with red eyes (Byron said Lou was giving the "fish-getting-guy" a hard time saying, "OOOh, I want that one, wait no....that one" etc and Byron told the guy just to give him whatever wound up in the net and instead of 3, 4 were in there so the guy threw one in for free) and is just spooky looking. Well, he is all of a sudden MIA. Seriously. Like, he was there one night, and the next morning, vanished. There is no evidence of him hopping ship on the counters and Murray slept at my feet all night (I know this because I am up literally every 30 minutes going potty, the joys of 3rd trimester...and when not going potty, trying to get comfortable and dealing with charlie-horses in my legs and toes) so she didn't have anything to do with it. Crazy, right? Byron thinks the one pictured had something to do with it, but really....$0.21 goldfish cannibals? I have never heard of such. Oh well, learn something new everyday.

Although I think I could ramble all day to avoid getting up and getting dressed to talk myself out of afore-mentioned salvage store, I am now listening to Louisa and Mallard fight about something in the front room. Usually this doesn't concern me, but Murray just ran in here with ears down and tail poofed and Lucy just went the other way too. Drama. Saving it for her Momma. Gotta love her.


Sara said...

The boy names we had leftover were: Elliot, Curtis, Oiver, Nolan and Caspian but I also like Finn, Liam, Whitaker (Whit), Rueben, Harrison, Gray, Bennet, Orrin and ok I'll stop.

Lindsey Buck said...

oh my gosh amy, i'm cracking up. love the nesting stories - and the POD and dumpster idea. we could be moving in june and i'm due in april. that calls for some serious nesting.