Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Styling In My "Spenders"

Okay, warning...this post may make you incredibly jealous of my fashion sense. No, really. :)

There comes a time in a pregnant woman's pregnancy in which the belly gets really, really big. Depends on the woman as to when it happens, and there are some women who don't have it happen to them and I think bad things about those particular women. Whatever, blame it on the hormones. I usually do. Well, that time has come for me, at 30 weeks.

You know when it happens, you can almost tell the end of the day not by the clock or how dark it is outside, but by how your back feels. You cannot move around in the bed without grunting and groaning like a pig and there is just no position that makes it all better. You just have a really, really large belly. Your toes are no longer of your concern because frankly even if you could see them you certainly cannot reach them to take care of them. Putting on socks becomes an act of congress and quite frankly gets me out of breath. Forget shoes that need to be tied, because that clearly is not a priority. Your 3 year old reminds you to take your Zantac so you don't have dragon breath (I explained it to her that I feel like a fire-breathing dragon if I don't take it) but thankfully she doesn't mind at all when I ask her to grab things on the floor for me so I don't have to bend over. And the best part, you know it is only going to get larger.

And the worst part - according to me...pulling up my pants a bazillion times a day. As the belly grows, the pants continue to get pushed further and further down, and with elastic-banded maternity britches, they just continue to fall. So, I am constantly pulling at my britches to put them back where they are supposed to be. This drives me cuckoo. Now, my creative self came up with a solution back when I was pregnant with Louisa. All of my coworkers at The Children's Hospital laughed and made fun of me and my husband just rolled his eyes and probably tried to block the image, but works. I went to Wal-Mart and bought myself a pair of suspenders and I wear them under my shirts so no one can see and they hold up my pants just fine. The only problem so far with them is going to the potty. As you know, in the third trimester when your beloved child will use your bladder as a punching bag or a trampoline in my sideways-baby case, you will learn that when you feel like you have to go - do not stop to collect $200 at GO, you must get on in the bathroom, ASAP. The suspenders make these time-sensitive moments a bit difficult, but I feel this small issue is far out-weighed by the gloriousness of them holding up my pants. And other women understand the whole peeing in your pants when pregnant part.

So, this morning I went in search of my suspenders and I found them and of course I decided to model them on Louisa for you since she is MUCH cuter in them than I. She still doesn't comprehend the need for the "spenders" and told me that she thinks they are boring and I should "go to Target to get some pink sparkly ones." Maybe I should. Or, maybe I should invent that. Pink, sparkly spenders that you could wear on the outsides of your clothes to be cool. Hmmm, that is a thought. Or, is baby boy (still no name or nursery or clothes for that matter) just sitting on something that is blocking the oxygen from getting to my poor, pitiful preggo brain?

However, with all this said...I am very grateful for this large belly and the sweet, sideways little boy growing inside of it. :)

Until next time...


AlexaCrow said...

You just described my exact same situation. The only difference is that my son is four years old, and I'm only 20 weeks pregnant, but I already have a really big belly.

Thank you for sharing!!

kosekcasa said...

What a great idea! I might have to have a 4th just to give the spenders a try :)

Amanda Jones said...

You look adorable!!